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November 22, 2017
High Art [Lisa Cholodenko, 1998, United States] Solid, sexy, crafted characters. a psychological rollercoaster. 6/10
April 2, 2017
I didnt see the ending coming, i was kind of frustrated. But the movie itself is nothing crazy, just a nice 90's plot.
April 26, 2015
Just a beautiful film.
½ April 2, 2015
The film's exceedingly slow, mildly pretentious trappings are limiting, but strong performances, an interesting premise, and several intelligent ideas about artificiality/authenticity make it a mildly rewarding sit.
½ March 24, 2014
strong performances and it keeps you interested in the story even though it is somewhat dull..and it has a good ending.
February 24, 2014
One of the best films I've seen. It's deeply absorbing and mesmerising, with a great deal of wit. It's beautifully written and has you obsessed from the start. Ally Sheedy's performance was nothing short of incredible.
½ January 13, 2014
A small gem from Clarkson and Sheedy. The plot leaves a lot to be desired, but it portrays an interesting artist community and ultimately an enjoyable watch, if not actually a happy ending.
December 28, 2013
A rather dark and dreary film without a character to really connect with. Everyone is seemingly so flawed and disconnected that they are hard to relate to. But there's still an interesting look at relationships, sexuality, art, and ambition. The pacing of the film is slow and monotonous, much like the character of Gretchen. You wait for it to wake up like she does for just a moment. But it rarely does if at all. Good cinematography and production design, but Cholodenko's talent really came to life in Laurel Canyon.
September 23, 2013
Awesome movie. Freaking intense.
September 21, 2013
This is a romantic drama featuring a love triangle with 3 women. It ably shows the dissolution of one relationship built on drug-addition and co-dependency and the building of a new relationship built on burgeoning feelings of awakening love. The acting is top notch. The story is interesting but moves very slowly and depicts too much of the spaced-out results of heroin abuse. Many scenes are focused on characters sitting around staring into space.
½ June 13, 2013
The cinematography recalls the work of Nan Goldin - the obvious inspiration for Lucy. Sadly, High Art devolves into melodrama as soon as the plot kicks into high gear. Not nearly the kind if gritty, realistic look at the inner world of the artist that it could have been.
April 11, 2013
Pretty good, sad ending, but still a good film.
March 14, 2013
i dislike the ending!
Super Reviewer
½ February 2, 2013
Absorbing psychological tug-of-war ensues for the attentions of fragile, reclusive photographer Lucy (Ally Sheedy) between her current girlfriend, junkie German former actress Greta (Patricia Clarkson) and her newly introduced downstairs neighbor, assistant magazine layout editor Syd (Radha Mitchell) who can get her vocation back on the fast track. The title has a double meaning as Lucy is torn, she can choose to remain in her current situation of privacy locked in a world of drug-fueled parties and a debilitatingly dependent Greta, or gain the strength to get clean and join Syd which also means facing the pressures that drove her away from the photography business in the first place. This trio of actresses is equally excellent in showing each character's vulnerabilities and makes the film worth watching, even if it seems to end with a chapter missing.
January 19, 2013
Anything with Patricia Clarkson in it is OK with me. She is like a chameleon, she played a very should I venture to say bi personalities in her one character.
½ January 13, 2013
Hard one to rate... I watched it twice, it turns out, and hadn't remembered watching it the first time through 'til nearly the end... but enjoyed it in both cases. Exploration of the complexity of life, relationships (business and personal) and love... with specific themes around how unpredictable we become when removed from our comfort zone (whatever that may be), how significantly our choices about whom we opt to interact with impact our lives - for better or worse - and then tendency to have to lose (or give up) something to win (or gain) something.
December 11, 2012
Cholodeno busca poner a un publico interesado en la sexualidad de sus personajes, lamentablemente no la logra explotar en su favor.
December 7, 2012
Sexual experiments yum! will see!
½ November 20, 2012
First-rate indie character drama with a welcome return for Ally Sheedy in probably the best role of her career. Radha Mitchell is effective as the naive 20-something who moves into her building.
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