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March 15, 2015
Good fun movie... I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting just a plain old good story....
July 18, 2013
Kill Speed est un ersatz DTV de Fast & Furious 4 avec des avions en lieu et place des voitures, des acteurs (avec quelques stars qui se sont perdues) en roue libre, un budget famelique, une realisation clinquante et toc, une musique representative du reste du film. Pourtant, le film est tellement abruti de maniere assumee qu'il en devient sympathique et par moments divertissants. Mais c'est tellement long et paresseux qu'on ne peut meme pas le conseiller pour une soiree nanar.
½ May 14, 2013
Pretty predictable, but entertaining with the flying scenes.
½ January 13, 2013
Just average. It had a different theme from typical movies as it centered around the drug trafficking from an aviation standpoint. But still had some typical plot twists and some cheesy lines that bring it back down to an average rating.
½ November 25, 2012
This has no right to be compared to either Top Gun or Fast & Furious, this is kind of weak all the way and very obvious, well the "kind of" good guys prevale at the end.

There are some very good aviation scenes, where they fly around in mountains, valleys, cities and more, and a few scenes with a very laid back co-pilot, those are good, but all-in-all the film has no believable story and the acting is so and so.
½ September 3, 2012
it was okay... maybe if it had a little more plot and character building in it.....
June 17, 2012
Kill Speed is one of those movies that would have been much better had the studio who funded production had the foresight to have hired a different director, casting manager, writer, producer and virtually anyone else who was even distantly involved in this movie. The movie begins, ends, and continues on with a predictably stupid plot that will have even the staunchest of straight-to-dvd fans shaking their head.
January 13, 2012
Decent movie. maybe it was to long? could of been shorter. Not a bad storyline. Maybe some more action could of been nice but for a movie like this. it's a pretty good watch.
½ January 2, 2012
park a fost traileru la need for speed numa k era cu avioane
December 10, 2011
Far-fetched story, but some of the action scenes would be worthy of big-budget sequences.
August 13, 2011
A good movie Kill Speed.
Great story.
Great cast.
Very goos action scene's.
Well one thing that's not so good, is that when a saw the name Bill Goldberg a was hopeing and he was also in a action scene.
But no.
Robert Patrick play a good rol as persident.
Not the best movie with hem, but a did't a good job.
August 9, 2011
So definitive a B-Movie, but a wery entertaining one.
June 15, 2011
even posting this is to much No Star!
½ May 24, 2011
Like the plot of the story.. Not a fan of the casting and acting......
April 7, 2011
Si quelqu'un peut me raconter la fin, j'ai pas tenu jusque là..........
February 9, 2011
Decent movie. maybe it was to long? could of been shorter. Not a bad storyline. Maybe some more action could of been nice but for a movie like this. it's a pretty good watch.
January 24, 2011
gd looking cast, terrible acting by nick carter.. plot wasn't too bad but some parts were really lame...
½ January 18, 2011
It is actually a good film, I hope fans of Ace Combat game may like it. Despite low budget I think the film is good and worth the time to watch. Acting was also decent compared to most low budget movies. But the female lead acting/dub were quite poor at certain times.. This film is also better than the high budget "Stealth".
January 3, 2011
Absolutely loved it
some speed in the air, some hot guys for the girls, some hot gurls for the guys and a lot of action = a really good movie
=> also its the fast the furious in the air

outstanding acting and a very enjoyable plot
wow totally blown away!!!
½ January 3, 2011
A bad movie about smuggling drugs using planes. The special effects were awful, the acting was really bad and the plot even worse.

Avoid like the plague.
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