Kings Row Reviews

September 12, 2019
A film of very high quality that you won't easily forget. [Full Review in Spanish]
February 27, 2018
Potent, artful cinema.
February 26, 2008
The film that made the future President Reagan a movie star.
December 19, 2006
Sam Wood's Oscar-nominated small-town tale is one of the darkest melodramas Hollywood made in the 1940s, full of neurotic personalities and perverse secrets.
August 6, 2006
...while episodic and sentimental and filled with all kinds of unlikely turns of events, there is no denying the characters are endearing and the ending uplifting.
October 9, 2005
January 28, 2005
A wonderful guilty pleasure potboiler enchanced by a magnificent Korngold score and fine acting from Ronald Reagan in the performance of his career. Only lead Robert Cummings is weak as Paris Mitchell; just imagine James Cagney in the role!
October 23, 2004
Classic soap opera, maybe all time best; certainly Reagan's best
July 1, 2004
August 22, 2003
July 30, 2003
June 16, 2003
Unpleasant soap opera, but well made.
July 26, 2002
February 28, 2002
The film is dark, incredibly so for a mainstream movie before World War II.
January 1, 2000
Kings Row (1942) is a thought-provoking, emotional, melodramatic, 'Peyton Place'-like film with a turn-of-the-century, small-town setting that revealed evil, cruelty, duplicity and depravity.