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March 5, 2013
We can rejoice that he carries on, breathes his profession as his native air, makes pictures of varying quality but persistently makes them.
May 5, 2010
Predictable? Maybe, but for artists like these the motivation is always more important than the act itself.
July 3, 2005
August 13, 2003
The ensemble cast all sparkled.
March 26, 2003
Weighty and ponderous but every bit as filling as the treat of the title.
February 7, 2003
Huppert's show to steal and she makes a meal of it, channeling Kathy Baker's creepy turn as the repressed mother on Boston Public as much as 8 Women's Augustine.
December 2, 2002
A fascinating piece...assured and frequently witty.
November 29, 2002
A tasty appetizer that leaves you wanting more.
November 29, 2002
The big finish is a bit like getting all excited about a chocolate eclair and then biting into it and finding the filling missing.
November 8, 2002
An elegant, exquisitely modulated psychological thriller.
October 29, 2002
Hitch would enjoy the way Chabrol plays with the audience (including the expertly interwoven Lizt requiem)
October 24, 2002
Like being invited to a classy dinner soiree and not knowing anyone. You leave the same way you came -- a few tasty morsels under your belt, but no new friends.
October 21, 2002
Credit Huppert as much as Chabrol for the film's success.
October 21, 2002
This is not Chabrol's best, but even his lesser works outshine the best some directors can offer.
October 18, 2002
It's enough to watch Huppert scheming, with her small, intelligent eyes as steady as any noir villain, and to enjoy the perfectly pitched web of tension that Chabrol spins.
October 18, 2002
Merci Pour le Chocolat has a restraint and rigor that we don't see in commercial American films, the kind that a director creates when he has no interest in sentimentality or in soliciting the audience's favor.
October 17, 2002
The film flat lines when it should peak and is more missed opportunity and trifle than dark, decadent truffle.
October 17, 2002
Though slow-paced and a bit too impenetrable, this film offers a number of pleasures, the best being another fascinating performance by Isabelle Huppert, one of the world's finest actresses.
October 17, 2002
A sun-drenched masterpiece, part parlor game, part psychological case study, part droll social satire.
October 15, 2002
The twists and turns of "Merci Pour le Chocolat" are a delight to watch.
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