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January 15, 2017
One of the most underrated movies around.áThis film is fun and entertaining. People need toálearn how to enjoy movies again. Everyone thinks they're a critic. Great cast, twisty plot and just plain fun.áRelax and enjoy the ride.á
January 15, 2017
Lots of fun chase and spectacle, but more holes in the logic of the movie than in swiss cheese.
January 15, 2017
This is a film that cannot exist without CGI - as the plot relies so heavily on the absurd. A popcorn film that wants you to believe its way smarter than it really is - even the Mark Ruffalo's revelation can be seen a mile away. In the end, you don't really buy it.
January 13, 2017
Un film tutto sommato apprezzabile che nonostante molte incertezze riesce comunque ad intrattenere con facilitÓ.
January 10, 2017
Now You See Me offer a magical adventure for the audience to be taken on as four magicians are brought together to conduct some amazing feats of magic while the FBI are hot on their tails. With a brilliant cast, lovable characters, a great plot not to mention a few unlikely twists along the way, this is a film definitely worth watching.
½ January 7, 2017
Fun and full of twists and turns. Worth watching a second time.
December 27, 2016
It's a good movie and all, but it's forgettable
December 27, 2016
Ok magician movie starring Jesse Isenberg, woody heralson, Dave Franco, and some random girl because of diversity, you know , one girl and the rest are guys. I like the concept of magicians doing the impossible of transporting money from France to last Vegas or teleporting place to place. If this kind of magic could be used in real life, that would be cool but it can't, it's just a movie. Also Mark ruffulo is in this movie, and I actually don't like him, it's not how he portrays the character but his character just by himself is just bad. The four horseman are cool and their tricks maybe cheesy at times but in the end their tricks are good. But now for the more bad, the talking in this movie, the script is boring at times, but makes the movie a lot longer than it already is but only boring for the people in the movie that are not the four horsemen. Morgan Freeman and his gang suck, I'm glad they have Morgan Freeman but his role isn't right for him, he's comedic, I like that about him but he's not good in this kind of comedy. But without the Hollywood stars in this movie or the cool effects for the magic, this movie would have nothing but in the end it's just an ok movie that you'll see for 1 dollar at target.
½ December 24, 2016
Upon first viewing this film, it manages to succeed at being an entertaining and funny commentary about the arts of magic, despite its clumsiness to telling the story.
However, just like a real magic show, once we've learned all of the magician's secrets, it becomes completely pointless to ever see it again.
Oh and don't get me started on that dang romance subplot that is shoehorned into this film. Hollywood at its most obvious.
December 14, 2016
Mind blowing in every way. It's fun and makes you think at the same time. A truly great family movie.
½ December 12, 2016
Wild ride, enjoyable!
½ December 10, 2016
The cast was great and the magical escapades of this band of thieves are very entertaining.
½ December 10, 2016
Surprisingly good action / drama; big twist at end of movie 7/10 Rev 001
December 6, 2016
Though I liked the sequel much more than this first go-around, it's still a decent-enough watch.
½ December 2, 2016
WHAT I LIKED: It's fast paced, luxurious and well-scored cinema that offers bags of mystery and smiles. The characters are brought to life well with great acting too, but mainly it's pure, simple indulgence.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Except simple it isn't, for the confusing plot and constant flitting about mean it looses impact. That's a particular problem where the tone is concerend; one minute it's tense, another it's dull and stagnant, and as a result it's all actually rather dissengaging overall.
VERDICT: I imagine 'Now See Me' rather like a stereotypical bimbo... dazzling and exciting on the outside, but dull as dishwater on the inside. Shame it managed to fool so many great stars.
November 28, 2016
Una bazofia de pelÝcula!
November 19, 2016
Magic is all about misdirection, and this movie leads you to believe you are watching a crime thriller but instead the big reveal is that it's a romcom. Fuck.
November 17, 2016
Good set up, bad delivery. As if I was asked to pick a card, and the magician guessed my card was a zebra.
November 13, 2016
Woody Harrelson plays it well, the remainder are wasted & dear oh dear does it think it's clever.
November 11, 2016
The BEST Movie ever!!!
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