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London: present day. In lawless streets the guilty are left unhindered to go about their business. Returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, former paratrooper Bryant is appalled by what he sees in a country he no longer recognizes. Determined to do something about it, he assembles a group of like minded souls who resolve to restore the balance between right and wrong, good and evil--enforcing justice with a brutality to match that of the once unpunished, unsuspecting wrongdoers. But when the law of the land is co-opted in this way, who decides when enough is enough?

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Sean Bean
as Bryant
Danny Dyer
as Gene Dekker
Lennie James
as Cedric Munroe
Sean Harris
as Simon Hillier
Bob Hoskins
as Walter Lewis
Allan Aldred
as Publican
Rob Fry
as Terence Manning
Joe Jackson
as Subaru Kid
Andrew Parfitt
as Frank Lordish
Igor Breakenback
as Subaru Kid
John Standing
as Capt. Mardel
James Farrell
as Subaru Kid
Michael Culkin
as Barrister
Sonic Rainer
as Big Kid
Jack Ellis
as Kelly's Father
Kate Lewington
as Bryant's Wife
Bashkim Latifi
as Wife's New Man
Georgina Bowman
as Radio Reporter
George Anton
as Grieves
Ben Morris
as Publican
Ryan Gage
as Manning's Lawer
Marc Highcazony
as Junction Attacker
Pascoe Willis
as Junction Attacker
Brian Morgan
as Surgeon
Daniel Naylor
as Bully in Pub
Simon Naylor
as Bully in Pub
Paul Stokes
as Bully in Pub
Larry David
as Preacher
Tom White
as Tommy White
Andrew Clover
as David Lacombe
Darrell M. Heath
as Shopkeeper
Rohan Siva
as Reporter
Mike Burnside
as Father Lee
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Audience Reviews for Outlaw

  • Nov 06, 2012
    Good British crime film, Well acted, Good plot, Just the camera work was terrible it really ruined the film.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 02, 2011
    British film that basically brings to light what state the country is in these days, how law abiding citizens seem to be let down or failed by the system whilst criminals appear to roam free with little fear of severe punishment. Its a sad fact that the film is pretty accurate with the type violence and youth gang/hoodie culture that this country suffers and the plot behind a small group of men who become vigilantes against the crime is a very satisfying one. The cast is abit mismatched here for my liking really, Bean is perfect for the role with his butch South Yorkshire, manly, grizzled features and heavy accent but other members of the small gang are less effective and not as believeable despite the fact they are suppose to be weak. Dyer is a totally wrong choice in my opinion as he should be hosting something like 'Big Brother' or whatever, simply not good enough even for this small film. In general the film is very engaging and keeps you stuck to the screen wanting to see the bad guys get battered, its this primal vengeance that most English people will feel when watching this film as we all know exactly what its like and what is going on in our city streets everyday and this film exposes and bleeds that fact. Problem is the film loses its stride as things progress more towards major drug dealers and then towards the end gets abit silly with out of hand gun battles against police. Its a shame because you really don't wanna see the good guys get involved against the police, you wanna see them kicking hoodie ass and getting away :)
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2010
    Excellent Film with Sean Bean making the most of his tough guy image. Sean Harris also adds well as the semi psycho whose ending is interesting. A international host of stars in this one of which this movie did not show well in the US, only to our lose. Film is about a group of people who are wronged by the lawless system of England or just wronged by teenage gangs. So they take law in there own hands, which makes for a 5 star movie.
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Dec 19, 2009
    Self Justice or vengeance( if you prefer) ended up in Disaster. Great acting, but the plot could have been a tiny bit better. I have to say Sean Bean was Brilliant in his role.
    Wahida K Super Reviewer

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