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½ August 19, 2016
Billy Wilder made some of the greatest films of all time, and most of them hold up to this day. Sadly, I don't believe The Seven Year Itch is one of them. It's fun, lighthearted, and has the benefit of Monroe's charm, but it's much more dated than Wilder's other ventures.

Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe star in a film about men who send their wives and children off to Maine for the hot New York Summer while they fill their minds with ideas of adultery and temptation. At its core, it's a dated premise. This type of film would not be greenlighted in today's Hollywood, especially with its treatment of women. With that said, the dated humor sometimes can work to its benefit and add to its charm. But other times, it can be cringe worthy.

There really isn't a whole lot of depth to this story. Knowing how great Wilder can be, it more or less just seems like he went through the motions with this comedy. It's filmed in mostly one location and doesn't have any rounded out supporting characters like Sabrina or Sunset Boulevard do. The script is also exposition heavy with a semi-neurotic performance from Ewell. It reminded me a lot like Martin Freeman's turn in the Fargo TV series. A man desperately wanting to be cared for and appreciated, but he turns to irrational ways of producing it.

The Seven Year Itch is very much a product of 1950's Hollywood. Women weren't given great roles, and so the prototypical 'dumb blonde' gig that Monroe gets here isn't all that surprising. So looking back, you can certainly appreciate the alluring role and film for what it is, but its ideas and themes don't hold up well at all.

+Monroe's charm

+Goofy sense of humor

-Very dated

-Doesn't have Wilder's usual wit

½ July 31, 2016
A classic, and one of Marilyn's best.
June 26, 2016
Richard Sherman (Ewell) is taking a gigantic breath of relief after sending his wife (Keyes) and son off to the country for the summer. He can now take a break from all the nagging, all the whining, and all the pressure. But that's interrupted when a sexy blonde (Monroe) moves in upstairs, and she's wanting to make friends. She's sweet and naive, but Sherman wants to itch the seven-year itch-- and she seems like the right one to scratch. Every step of the way he feels guilty, and it eventually drives him mad. "The Seven Year Itch" to most is known as the movie when sex bomb Marilyn Monroe stood over an air vent and her pretty white dress flew up. Unfortunately that's ALL most people remember it for, but in fact it's actually one of those classic comedies that still brings a smile to your face. No, you shouldn't be expecting any belly laughs here, but come on it's the '50's-- smiling is just good enough. "The Seven Year Itch" is charming and silly, and doesn't disappoint. I'll admit, Tom Ewell is a pretty darn annoying leading man (this role should've gone to a more classy actor such as Cary Grant or Dean Martin), but Marilyn Monroe is so good here that she makes the four stars for. Billy Wilder's script is sharp, and isn't bad-- but Ewell delivers his with a drag, giving a highly irritating performance. Monroe on the other hand, seems to know the dizzy bombshell she's portraying, and creates a woman that only exists in your fantasies. We all know she isn't really a skilled actress-- but she's a professional at acting sexy, and she does that perfectly here. "The Seven Year Itch" is slightly overrated, but Marilyn Monroe makes it worth seeing. 100%
½ June 19, 2016
Monogamous fidelity is a neurotic condition leading the overly imaginative into psychotic breaks with reality.
June 9, 2016
A ditz but wow was she easy on the eyes
June 4, 2016
The Seven Year Itch (1955) C-105m. When his family goes away for the summer, a so far faithful husband is tempted by a beautiful neighbor. Enjoyable comedy, but t lacks the power and punch of the director's best films; there are moments of truth and perception however and the stars are delightful.
April 29, 2016
Well, after seeing this I can certainly see why Marilyn Moore is held in such high regard. In the words of Bart Simpson, 'aye carumba!' With the iconic white dress scene over the subway grate(classic movie moment), this was pretty good stuff.. much better than any romcoms that movie studios put in the theaters these days.
½ April 25, 2016
Some decent performances revolve around the almost silly tale. Monroe is flawless as the ditsy blonde neighbour who is the fantasy girl for the lead, Tom Ewell, a man bored with married life. Its a simple story, well told and fun.
Resonant Line: "The Girl: When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox!"
½ April 1, 2016
Marilyn Monroe was a force of nature so great that Betty Grable her predecessor as Queen of the 20th Century Fox Lot claimed that MM saved the movie industry in the 50's when fans were switching to TV. I am not sure all about that but I do know that MM was incomparable as a comedienne. This is Ms. Monroe's first of two films with Billy Wilder and the great Director in an interview with Cameron Crowe noted that Wilder wanted Walter Matthau then a new Broadway star to co star with Double M but 20th insisted on Tom Ewell. One can only imagine Marilyn Monroe and Walter Matthau together! This is a great movie made greater by two greats Marilyn Mornoe and Billy Wilder.
½ March 26, 2016
Traz a icônica cena do vestido com Marylin Monroe. Mas a atuação da musa só não é pior que o constante falatório do protagonista, desnecessária e incessantemente expositivo.
March 14, 2016
Wilder, Ewell, and Monroe are a tremendous Trio.
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½ February 14, 2016
An insufferable comedy whose sense of humor is tremendously unfunny and obvious while Ewell is unbearable with his expository babbling and his character's stupid imagination - and it would have never become a classic if it were not for that one famous scene only.
December 16, 2015
One of my least favorite Monroe movies. That being said, it's still a decent movie. The manic-pixieness is a little unbelievable, and the man is awful. There are worse Monroe films out there. Cute, iconic, & fun.
November 23, 2015
The fact the this movie was adopted from a stage play is so much apparent that it times you feel like you are watching a Stage Play. Especially when scenes would involve only one character talking to himself and scene just won't end. I think that is a failure to adopt a play into a movie. When there are almost no other characters but only two (one of which you feel like is imaginary). And most of the times you keep listening to the lead male speaking about his fears and adventures. It is sort of those close boxed movies where you wish there was more effort and colour (except that of skin).
½ October 23, 2015
A Billy Wilder classic.

It's holiday time. Due to work commitments, a man, Tom Ewell, ends up home alone while his wife and kids go on vacation. Then he meets his beautiful neighbour (played by Marilyn Monroe) and things get complicated...

Clever plot, funny dialogue and two great performances make this a comedic masterpiece. Also a study in fidelity...

Tom Ewell is very funny as Richard Sherman but it is Marilyn Monroe who steals the show. She sizzles as the inadvertent femme fatale, and is the perfect straight foil for Ewell's antics.

Some solid supporting performances too, especially from Robert Strauss as Kruhulik.
August 27, 2015
i really enjoyed this movie
½ August 19, 2015
I'm not sure what I expected - but I was hoping for more bite from Billy Wilder. Instead, the film is awkwardly dated, focused on neurotic Tom Ewell's fantasies about Marilyn Monroe (subletting the apartment upstairs) while his wife and son are away for the summer. Maybe the Freudian underpinnings were more shocking in 1955 (as Ewell's id battles his superego) but there is a bit too much lecherous leering for my tastes. Then again, I don't watch today's sex comedies so possibly this sort of things still exists and might be more tasteless than Wilder's tame shenanigans (by way of screenwriter George Axlerod) which end on a safe note (of course). Monroe herself is exactly what you'd expect - playing dumb - but not as comedic as she is elsewhere. Some Like It Hot is 1000 times better, so look there instead of here (despite the iconic subway vent scene).
June 3, 2015
Richard Sherman: "Oh no. Not today".

The story to The Seven Year Itch is about a New Yorker Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) ships his wife, Helen (Evelyn Keyes), and their son off to Maine for vacation. Left alone to work back in Manhattan, Richard encounters a gorgeous blonde model (Marilyn Monroe) who has moved into the apartment upstairs, and becomes immediately infatuated. While pondering infidelity, Richard dreams of his beautiful new neighbor -- but will his fantasies about her become a reality?

I couple of days ago it just came to me that I haven't seen any movies starring the icon herself Marilyn Monroe. I mean wow how can I go through life without seeing the most ionic actress of all time on the screen showing her brilliance in front of my eyes, but I rather waste my time watching garbage Hollywood movies release today and I know I can skip them and already skipped some movies that I had zone interest in, but for the bad movies from this year will be in my worst movies of 2015 list which is coming out at the end of December, because if your going to make the best list of the year you got to have the worse as well. But anywhere I'm only seeing these classic one by one, because it's all about perfect timing to watch them if I'm in the kind of mood to watching them, but after noticing that I haven't seen any Marilyn Monroe films so I quickly went to watch one of her films and I picked this movie and it was a good pick.

Tom Ewell who plays the love himself thinking he can get any women he likes kind of guy and he was a funny character. Tom really played he's character really well as he made his character likability and understandable. He had great line delivers and in a way he's a bit like some men out there that can't get a date and think that every women wants them, and I think a lot of people can relate to that by the character and Tom Ewell great performance.

Now let's talk about the great beauty herself, Marilyn Monroe and by the first sentence of "Hi", I already liked her. This is my first movie that I've seen starring Monroe and this is a performance worth waiting for because she was so adorable and just unforgettable and as I said before her first ever sentence won me over just like that. Marilyn Monroe gave a brilliant performance that I'm going to check out her other movies pretty soon. Nicely done Marilyn.

The chemistry between Monroe and Ewell was spot on perfect. Both of them had great scenes together that made them look like the perfect couple that some people wish for. I think it's something to do with the writing and the actors themselves as they the ones one pulled it off and made it worked, so I give the actors credit for that.

The comedy was good, the directing was great and extremely well done, the character's & actors made the chemistry funny and watchable.

Now for problems: This movie was release in the 50's and yeah I know the 50's can have it's goofy judging by the movie that was release at that time and I'm mostly given for that, but this movie takes it up the walls, I mean these a scene where Tom Ewell character has day dreams of women falling for him and that scene alone took me out a little bit as it was like the movie was trying to push the message into me face saying "Look he loves himself and he's kind of lonely, isn't that just sad, or just look at that". I already got the message that this guy is lonely as he talks to himself maybe to the fact that he's been alone for a while, but beside that nick pick I still enjoyed the movie.

Overall The Seven Year Itch in my opinion is a good comedy as the acting and character's made the movie want it is.
May 4, 2015
In many scenes I caught myself in awe with Marilyn Monroe's elegant presence. The Seven Year Itch is a light, charming film that entertains with a welcoming comedic rhythm, a Monroe classic.
May 3, 2015
funny tale of a married middle age man who still believes he is has what it takes to pull, especially while wife is away and sets about flirting with monroe upstairs.
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