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October 27, 2016
Wow! Such a good movie. The dancing is just amazing. Glued to my seat the whole time!
½ October 27, 2016
Great movie! Made me want to get out of my seat and start dancing lol. I'm about to watch part 3!!
April 29, 2015
This has to be the worse dance movie! Lack of character building in fact none at all. The dances were terrible. The romance were inexistent! Terrible!
February 13, 2015
Really naff acting and worse than the first one
½ September 23, 2014
Don't expect a masterpiece of movie making, there's no real story line or character development, but there is great dancing, a lot of great dancing - which is why I watched it. The blend of Latino and Bboy is fantastic.
September 14, 2014
well ummm just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is an alright movie 2 watch.....sure it is nothing special 2 watch but it is an alright movie 2 watch, the dance scenes were really incredible throughout this movie......its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie.....but this is nothing special 2 watch but it is an alright movie 2 watch, YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE AS SOMETHING HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE......WARNING THIS MOVIE CONTAINS STROBE LIGHTNING EFFECTS THROUGHOUT SOME SCENES THROUGHOUT THIS is nothing special 2 watch but it is an alright movie 2 watch, i think that the director had made good use of the 3-d special effects throughout this is nothing special 2 watch but it is an alright movie 2 watch, its got a good cast throughout this movie.....i think that this is an alright movie 2 watch, it is nothing special 2 watch, but it is alright movie 2 watch, the dance scenes were really good throughout this movie.....but the script is weak but it is an alright movie 2 watch.....
½ September 6, 2014
Not bad if you fast forward through the story parts and just watch the dance sequences.
½ June 23, 2014
ok here is the deal: if you like be bop, break music and break dancing, this movie is awesome. now for the storyline, its cheesy, under acted and weak, weak, weak. but the music is great, the dancing has a latin flair to it and at least it was very entertaining.
June 18, 2014
A good movie, good dancing and I love Latin dancing and street dancing theme.
½ June 16, 2014
As expected. Typical dance movie, but the Latin dance flair was really cool.
½ March 1, 2014
This was not the best street dance competition movie that I have seen, The characters and the plot were all simple and predictable. The dance numbers were not all that impressive. Of course the crew you want to win comes out victorious, but sometimes that just isn't enough to satisfy.
February 17, 2014
The movie is making me pick up dancing and music as hobby again. I am LATIN and I love creativity.
½ January 14, 2014
Normally I can tell whether a movie is good or bad or either way but needs improvement but it's been a very long time since a movie hit me with mixed feelings and this one did so in the face. I knew from the poster I was going to come out with a complicated bag of mixed emotions. Let me explain why. The story begins with Ash played by Falk Hentschel who is a top streetdancer being kicked out and humiliated by his American dance crew Invincible named after the leader Vince played by Anwar Burton. Eager to win, he meets Eddie from the first movie played by George Sampson who suggests to make a crew more different than ever by assembling streetdancing individuals from around Europe for the tournament in Paris. With only eight weeks to spare, Ash and Eddie find as many people as they can including Steph from the first movie too, what a shock, played by Stephanie Nguyen. With the crew assembled in Paris, they have an idea that they will have a Latin twist in their dance routine but they don't know how. Until Ash and Eddie meet salsa dancer Eva played by Sofia Boutella, they realise this is their only hope to beat Invincible. You see where the problem is? While the idea is good, the structure just sucks. Why they didn't bring the characters from the first film and create a more challenging, creative film instead of this boring, cliched one is beyond me. Did I also mention that the whole team of Breaking Point from the first film have broken up somehow? The reason why the first movie was good was that it combined the two elements it was going with and did it well. Here it jumps back and forth between its main context which is streetdance and this new dancing they introduce and it becomes too silly and too cliched. Yes the first movie was cliched but it challenged its audience and was more creative with its plot. This movie was predictable and silly. There were times where I was watching the film wandering "Wha?" "Huh?" "Eh?" "What is going on?" because it made no sense and I even went "No please don't!" a few times because those scenes were just too silly. StreetDance 2 gets a 5/10.
½ December 20, 2013
Watched one, like have watched dozens.
½ November 25, 2013
doesn't live up to the original
November 8, 2013
Mmmm... Richard Winsor is SMOKIN'

The film's crap though!!! haha
July 13, 2013
Nowhere near as good as the first one!
July 8, 2013
Not as good as the first Street Dance movie, but still fun!:)
½ June 19, 2013
Natürlich reist Ash zu Beginn durch ganz Europa um die Crew zusammenzustellen. Ist ja so günstig :P Choreos sind gut, aber sonst ist die Geschichte zu simpel gestrickt. Dazu zu fest auf die beiden Hauptdarsteller fixiert.
½ May 14, 2013
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