Taxi Driver Reviews

September 6, 2018
No other film has ever dramatized urban indifference so powerfully; at first, here, it's horrifyingly funny, and then just horrifying.
February 6, 2017
Martin Scorsese's unflinching plunge into the darkest recesses of the human soul feels painfully relevant.
February 17, 2016
This is a wholly remarkable film, flaws and all. In fact, even the flaws are significant.
February 8, 2016
De Niro ... manages to be as sad as he is frightening. From his general discomfort with others and his feeble attempts at communication, it's possible to recognize the root cause of Travis' inner distress as a terrible longing for approval.
February 23, 2012
It's a powerful film and a terrific showcase for the versatility of star Robert De Niro.
May 13, 2011
Melodramatic as it often is, the film is a riveting watch and De Niro provides a character study it is impossible to forget.
May 10, 2011
Bickle is complex, intriguing and never one-note.
March 15, 2011
Like Werner Herzog's Aguirre or Coppola's Apocalypse Now, Taxi Driver is auteurist psychodrama.
August 30, 2009
[Scorsese] seems to need scripts with well-designed humor and performers with the spirit of Ellen Burstyn to compensate for what seems to be a fundamentally depressed view of life and the belief that sobriety is the equivalent of seriousness.
July 15, 2006
What a mad and brilliant film it is: 1,000-degree proof Seventies cinema.
February 9, 2006
New York may have changed, but Taxi Driver is as powerful and painful as ever.
January 4, 2005
Martin Scorsese's history-making scald is truly a phenomenon from another day and age. Which is to say, imagine a like-minded film of this decade killing at the box office and getting nommed for Best Picture.
May 20, 2003
You may want to argue with Taxi Driver at the end, and with good reason, but it won't be a waste of time.
February 13, 2001
...perhaps the quintessential 1970s American film...
January 1, 2000
A masterful psychological study, the depth of which can only fully be appreciated on repeat viewings.
January 1, 2000
Since the mid-1970s, the movie has become presciently emblematic of our emotionally diseased, violence-prone culture.
January 1, 2000
The heart and soul of Taxi Driver are twisted in a way that can't be faked or copied.
January 1, 2000
Taxi Driver is a brilliant nightmare and like all nightmares it doesn't tell us half of what we want to know.
January 1, 2000
Perhaps the most formally ravishing-as well as the most morally and ideologically problematic-film ever directed by Martin Scorsese, the 1976 Taxi Driver remains a disturbing landmark for the kind of voluptuous doublethink it helped ratify.