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½ October 31, 2013
Fast paced, always interesting and thoroughly absorbing, I learnt about the culture of French Polynesia and saw the skills of these highly talented people who make surfing look easy. Beautiful and creative camera shots packed with mouth watering 3D, the angles are mind bending, this short film looks spectacular. I had water pouring out my TV along with giant waves splashing onto my 3D glasses, and boat parts literally poke through the screen. The narration is great, everything about this adventure is immersive and enjoyable, totally worth whatever you pay. Plus it is hands down the best 3D documentary out there.
October 30, 2013
An amazing insight into Tahiti and the surfers who come to ride the waves. Also being IMAX 3D helped a bit...
½ November 28, 2012
With all the extras this movie is only about one hour long. Tahiti looks beautiful, and the underwater scenes are marvelous as well. The movie makes you wanna travel there. Perhaps that is what the movie is partially: a travel ad for the polynesian isles. It does work, it made me wanna go there.
The surfing's amazing, and most of it takes place in the second half of the movie. One gets to see Raimana van Bastelaer and the 10x World Champion Kelly Slater surfing the dangerous waves of Teahupoo.
There are also: hula girls, some information about the Tahitian isles, their inhabitants, ocean preservation, and surfing. The movie also has some interesting wave science, explaining how waves are born, travel, function in the vicinity of land masses such as islands, and what makes the Teahupoo waves in particular dangerous for surfers. So here we have a cultural and natural documentary with some amazing surfing, laid-back feeling, relaxing atmosphere and music and pictoresque Tahitian vistas. Indeed this DVD is more of a wildlife and travel documentary than a surfing film, but its ok: Definitely a favorite of mine, and I purchased this both on DVD and blu-ray, but I was left wanting more, especially more of the great surfing I saw in this movie.
November 18, 2012
Beautiful underwater and Tahiti scenes
½ October 24, 2012
Beautiful Tahiti and the power of one of the heaviest waves in the world-Teahupoo.
March 2, 2012
Accept no substitute, IMAX Dome Screen makes this movie awesome, awesome, awesome. Dude... as close to Teahupo'o as you can get without paddling out.
½ September 18, 2011
Another IMAX movie that just bored me to death. There was no good parts, and I work at an IMAX and people have even told me they hated it. Not good by IMAX at all. If your expecting action, come in a half hour late, after that its great
½ October 18, 2010
A few nice visuals with a heap of advertisement for Suzuki & Tahiti tourism. There were a few interesting parts with the science of waves and island formation and some cool surfing footage but the rest played out like a 45 minute long commercial. It features a Suzuki SUV, Sea-Doo, ATV, and dirt bike all making sure the logo was prominently displayed. There was also a lot of talking up Tahiti going on I knew it was sponsored by their tourism industry before I even saw it when the credits rolled.
July 3, 2010
Accept no substitute, IMAX Dome Screen makes this movie awesome, awesome, awesome. Dude... as close to Teahupo'o as you can get without paddling out.
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