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April 7, 2017
Like Role Models and Stella, it has its moments of hilarity, mostly involving Paul Rudd, but is mostly painfully unfunny.
March 16, 2017
Didn't know what life was before this movie
½ January 22, 2017
Though containing a bunch of future stars and having some pure comedic moments, Wet Hot American Summer ultimately lacks solid characters to actually make anyone care about its story, which went nuts upon itself.
January 11, 2017
the second best of this type, the best when is dumb movie, only behind dazed and confused - 20/12/2016
November 14, 2016
One of the 20 best comedy movies of the 2000s.
October 9, 2016
Absolutely delightful, silly, stupid, and constant fun, this movie was a perfect parody within a parody. Is it an Oscar-winning blockbuster? Of course not. Is it a perfect low-budget indie romp? You bet. Watch it alone, watch it with your friends, watch it with your parents, watch it with your little siblings. It's a constant good time with so much cheesiness and goofiness to make it the perfect comedy for the person who just wants to have a good time. I am head-over-heels in love with this nonsense.
August 7, 2016
absolutely despise this movie the first time I saw it. It is now one of my favorite movies
July 17, 2016
The jokes are few-and-far between; and when they do land it generates nothing more than a chuckle.
July 6, 2016
A ridiculous, over-the-top comedy... I guess the overall ridiculousness is what makes it work.
June 20, 2016
After watching how awful was criticized, I was curious about this movie. Having a great cast in this day. But on that day the not so known cast was doing a satire of other movies which no one really seem to understood. It has some funny moments and it's an enjoyable ride, with some interesting characters, if you don't expect much you will get a fun ride.
½ June 9, 2016
plenty of good actors that dont give a flying funk in this movie. U see two men get it on, a kid thrown out of a van in the middle of no where, a kid drown, an old lady robbed and good old herion use. Plenty to feel ok about laughing at in this movie tho. Make it ya beeswax to watch it one day when you are in a silly mood.
½ May 18, 2016
Okay... I don't know what all the fuss has been all about. That wasn't very good at all. So many of the juvenile, cringeworthy jokes just fall completely flat. It's just a lame attempt to just do another Meatballs clone. The cast is great and they're very enthusiastic, so that helps, but ultimately they're just wasted here. I think this might be a lot funnier if I was really drunk or high, but sorry, that doesn't make a good comedy...
½ May 7, 2016
It's such a thin line between clever and stupid. Wet Hot American Summer's director David Wain seem to have found the right balance with the help of his brilliant cast.
May 2, 2016
So outrageous it that it just plain rules. Be proud of who you are.
April 20, 2016
Deliciously stupid haha.
½ April 10, 2016
On of the worst timesucks.
April 1, 2016
One of my all-time favorite comedies. It gets better every time I watch it.
March 25, 2016
This is the sort of movie that probably didn't get any rewrites. It felt like a series of random events strewn together. I guess it's going for the quirky vibe, but it doesn't make it any funnier/more entertaining. That said, there were 3 or 4 laugh out loud moments and seeing some familiar comedic faces in the cast made it more forgivable. It could've been a great parody, but I guess that's why it isn't a mainstream film and achieved cult status.
March 12, 2016
Only funny to those moviegoers who will laugh at anything stupid... Like an Adam Sandler fan.
March 5, 2016
Never before have I seen a movie attempt to take itself less seriously. Through some bizarre moments, you get a fun teen movie all under the guise of a hilarious parody.
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