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Zarkorr! The Invader concerns an alien invasion spearheaded by a three-hundred ton killing machine. The only person that can save mankind gets his only help from a hologram that stands not even a half-foot tall. Aaron Osborn's film satirizes the alien invasion science fiction film, while also showing affection for genre.
PG-13 (for monster violence and mild language.)
Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Monster Island Entertainment

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Rhys Pugh
as Tommy
Deprise Grossman
as Stephanie Martin
Mark Hamilton
as George Ray
Eileen Wesson
as Debby Dalverson
Torie Lynch
as Proctor
Don Yanan
as Dunk
Robert Craighead
as Marty Karlson
Mary Ostow
as Reporter
Jim Glassman
as Stage Manager
Emmett Grennan
as Crew Member
Mike Turner
as Guard #1
Ron Barnes
as Larry Bates
Bob Van Dusen
as Winston Bergmann
Christopher Boyer
as John Blake
William Knight
as Sheriff Rocker
Dave Richards
as Welles
Steven Novak
as State Trooper
Elizabeth Anderson
as Elizabeth Anderson
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Another fine mess from Full Moon...

Full Review… | February 4, 2011
Cinema Crazed

Audience Reviews for Zarkorr: The Invader

Low budget monster fun. Full Moon's answer to kaiju films, and yet it feels slightly original. While the plot doesn't focus on the monster enough, there are plenty of scenes of destruction. The story is cheesy, the characters are goofy, and the effects are decent. A film so ridiculous that it's genius.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

I wish that 10% was not the minimum user rating at Rotten Tomatoes, because this movie deserves a lot lower than that. The way it was written was downright insulting, and I don't even think that they had a plot outline when they started writing the script. They just made the stupid thing up as they went. Here's how the movie works: Character 1 meets character 2. Character 2 explains the movie's plot in great detail. Character 1 meets character 3 and explains everything that character 2 told him. Characters 1 and 3 meet character 4. Character 1 explains everything that character 2 told him, and then explains to character 4 how he met character 3. Characters 1, 3, and 4 meet character 5. Character 1 explains everything that character 2 told him, and then explains to character 5 how he met characters 3 and 4. Characters 1, 3, 4 and 5 meet characters 6. Character 1 explains everything that character 2 told him, and then explains to character 6 how he met characters 3, 4 and 5. Can you see what's wrong here? Even a total nitwit should know better than to write a movie with this much redundant exposition. I'm fine with retarded stories, irrideemably unlikeable protagonists, laughable acting and lame special effects, because those usually make a bad movie funnier, but this movie slaps you upside the head with how often it has to re-explain itself. If you took out all of the exposition from this movie, it would be 5 minutes long. If you want a good laugh and feel like MST3K'ing something, this is a worthy candidate, but make sure that there is alcohol present. This is definitely a contender for the title of "worst movie ever made by supposed professionals." Whenever I hear someone whining that the latest popular CG fest with a mediocre story is the worst movie ever, I am always quick to say "You don't deserve to have an opinion about the worst movie ever until you've watched Zarkorr: The Invader."

Timothy Berntsen
Timothy Berntsen

For a kaiju, or giant monster film, Zarkorr! The Invader is about as bottom of the barrel as one could scrap out. The film concerns a tiny space alien posed as a 7 inch tall busty babe mallrat who alerts lonely postal worker, Tommy Ward (Rhys Pugh, who thankfully never acted again), of a large space monster that has been awoken and will destroy the world once it kills the only person that can destroy him...Tommy. Tommy reacts quickly by finding the purty scientist lady on the TV set and kidnapping her in a plan that almost gets botched however he manages to actually convince a police officer of his story about the tiny alien telling him how to kill Zarkorr (wow!). So, the three head off and kill many, many minutes of film before they finally meet the monster in person amidst all the death and destruction and kill it in a matter of seconds. Wow, this film is beyond terrible. There's an uneven balance of human action vs. monster action, and I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out which one is shown the least, given this films budget (or lack thereof). It's also a rarity when the fake monster suit with a guy inside of it does a better acting job than nearly the entire cast. Oh, and the overacting. Wow, was it ever prevalent. Zarkorr! The Invader certainly was an invasion of the awful kind. Bad movie.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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