Zazie dans le métro (Zazie in the Subway)


Zazie dans le métro (Zazie in the Subway)

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The lighthearted comedy Zazie Dans Le Metro, an early directorial effort from Louis Malle, stars Catherine Demongeot as a 12-year-old girl named Zazie. Zazie is forced to travel to Paris when her mother wants to rendezvous with her lover. Zazie is left in the care of Uncle Gabriel (Philippe Noiret), an eccentric transvestite. Both with him, and on her own, Zazie meets a variety of unusual city dwellers, and gets into a series of misadventures that reach their greatest level of wackiness during a café food fight. The film is based on a novel by the distinguished French author Raymond Queneau.


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  • Apr 19, 2016
    Borrowing stylistically from both silent film and cartoons, this visit to Paris circa 1960 is filled with zany wacky fun, yes, but often the feeling that remains is that the effort was a trifle forced, and perhaps disguising a latent anger verging towards hysteria and even violence. This tone permeates this vital look at postwar France (15 years on) and is a necessary look therefore at the psychological remnants of occupation.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 26, 2014
    This review is to movies like alcohol is to crack. Funny as hell. Smoke that one. First of its kind? Probably so. Technically ahead of its time. The logic of the cartoons is brought to life. Only director in the Nouvelle Vague that could have adapted Queneau? Maybe so. Maybe Demy as well. Maybe both together dressed as purple ballerinas. Hyperactive, drug-induced, slapstick style with the colors of the rainbow. If you suck my cigar, the bear will burn the place down, but the lesbians will get diarrhea. Funny as a chimpanzee's ass. Too bad that Picasso's balls intervened in the metamorphosis of the USB. That's when you should use a plastic bag to prevent having children. Children like <b>Zazie</b>. Fuck Hit-Girl and her foul-mouthed vocabulary. Zazie verbally rapes adults with references to homosexuality and menstruation. She never stops cursing. She's a riot straight from hell. She's lovely too, but I hate her laugh at the camera. Doukipudonktan! Wide-lens angles accentuate my epinephrine. Rebel against the army! But if Juana doesn't spare me my Marijuana, then Ana will sue her to Tijuana. Because that's my style y'all. You will not like this film. This page cannot be displayed because you laughed at my face. Seven languages? French, English, Spanish, English, English, Italian, Croatian, Hindi, Russian, Crackheadian? Wait, that's 10 languages. Spitting at all faces of French society. Like my cat taking a nap. Your left hand has never touched your left elbow. That's freakin' mindblowing. So next time, I'll reconsider laughing at a hypo's butt explosion. The Star Wars text intros are still floating around in space. Whoa! Centipede coming through! ......?? ?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(99/100)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? ..??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ...??(???)?? ..??(???)?? .??(???)?? ??(???)?? ??(???)?? .??(???)?? The bitch ate my rating over 100. Please return it to me when you find it.
    Edgar C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 24, 2012
    Louis Malle manages to both stay true to the novel by Raymond Queneau and make it is own, it ends up being something wonderfully crazy and surrealist. It's full of energy and visual gags. Catherine Demongeot is magnificient as Zazie.
    Hugo S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 05, 2012
    "Zazie dans le Metro" starts with Gabriel(Philippe Noiret) bemoaning the state of Parisian cleanliness before picking up his niece Zazie(Catherine Demongeot) at the train station, so his sister Jeanne(Odette Piquet) can have a weekend to herself with her and her boyfriend(Louis Lalanne). Zazie is disappointed to learn the Metro is on strike, so she will have to ride in Charles'(Antoine Roblot) jalopy instead. After dinner, Gabriel has to go to work, but almost forgets his lipstick. The following morning before he can wake up, Zazie makes a break for it, losing one pursuer before making a new friend in the market. Much praise has been lauded on the French New Wave for breaking the rules of cinema. But like any revolution, less changed than hoped for and a Maoist ruined all the fun for everybody else. But not for Louis Malle who showed everybody what could be done while standing on his head with the unpredictable and amazing "Zazie dans le Metro," just as long as one has total command over time and space like he does here, with a small debt to both Jacques Tati and silent films. What we see here is Paris as seen through the eyes of a child(who wants to do what she can't do at home) in all of its chaotic glory as the characters have a unique way of mangling the French language.(Correct me if I'm wrong but Malle didn't make films in Paris that often. So, maybe this is also his eyes we are looking through.) Even the Eiffel Tower escapes its cliched glory, with the vertiginous views on display. My only quibble is that we never get to see Philippe Noiret, the Walter Matthau of France, in a dress.
    Walter M Super Reviewer

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