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Alan Dinehart

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Birthday: Oct 3, 1889

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Brawny, round-faced character actor Alan Dinehart liked to bill himself as Hollywood's most versatile villain. He was certainly justified to think of himself in such hyperbolic terms: from 1931 to 1944, Dinehart appeared in dozens of bad guy (or, at the very least, "suspicious guy") roles, most often in the "B" product of 20th Century-Fox. He was most often seen as a shifty businessman or respectability-seeking racketeer, and showed up with equal frequency as either the much-hated victim or "surprise" killer in murder mysteries. Alan Dinehart's namesake son and grandson were also actors; both were especially active as voiceover artists with the Hanna-Barbera cartoon operation of the 1970s and 1980s.



No Score Yet Battle of the Planets Actor Director 1978
No Score Yet Minstrel Man Lew Dunn 1944
No Score Yet The Whistler Gorman 1944
No Score Yet What a Woman! Pat O'Shea 1943
No Score Yet It's a Great Life Collender Martin 1943
No Score Yet The Heat's On Forrest Stanton 1943
No Score Yet Slightly Honorable District Attorney Joyce 1940
No Score Yet Two Bright Boys Bill Hallet 1939
No Score Yet Second Fiddle George `Whit' Whitney 1939
No Score Yet Fast and Loose Dave Hillard 1939
No Score Yet King of the Turf Grimes 1939
No Score Yet Hotel for Women Stephen Gates 1939
No Score Yet Everything Happens at Night Fred Sherwood 1939
No Score Yet Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Purvis 1938
No Score Yet The First Hundred Years Samuel Z. Walker 1938
No Score Yet Big Town Girl Larry Edwards 1937
No Score Yet Ali Baba Goes to Town Boland 1937
No Score Yet This Is My Affair Doc Keller 1937
No Score Yet The Crime of Dr. Forbes Prosecuting Attorney 1937
No Score Yet Fifty Roads to Town Jerome R.Q. Kendall 1937
No Score Yet Step Lively, Jeeves Cedric B. Cromwell 1937
No Score Yet Born to Dance James "Mac" McKay 1936
No Score Yet Charlie Chan at the Race Track George Chester 1936
No Score Yet King of the Royal Mounted Frank Becker 1936
No Score Yet Reunion Gov. Phillip Crandall 1936
No Score Yet Everybody's Old Man Frederick Gillespie 1936
No Score Yet Thanks a Million Mr. Kruger 1935
No Score Yet Redheads on Parade George Magnus 1935
No Score Yet Dante's Inferno Jonesy 1935
No Score Yet The Cat's Paw Mayor Morgan 1934
No Score Yet A Very Honorable Guy The Brain 1934
No Score Yet Jimmy the Gent James J. Wallingham 1934
No Score Yet Baby Take a Bow Welch 1934
No Score Yet The Sin of Norma Moran DA John Grant 1933
No Score Yet The World Changes Ogden Jarrett 1933
No Score Yet No Marriage Ties `Perk' Perkins 1933
No Score Yet Lawyer Man Granville Bentley 1933
No Score Yet A Study in Scarlet Thaddeus Merrydew 1933
No Score Yet After Midnight Thomas Langley 1933
No Score Yet Dance, Girl, Dance Wade 'Val' Valentine 1933
No Score Yet Bureau of Missing Persons Therme Roberts 1933
No Score Yet Supernatural Paul Bavian 1933
No Score Yet Washington Merry-Go-Round Edward T. Norton 1932
No Score Yet Street of Women Larry Baldwin 1932
No Score Yet Disorderly Conduct Fletcher 1932


80% Battle of the Planets (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)
Voice 1980
No Score Yet The Flintstones
Screenwriter 1965
No Score Yet Jonny Quest
Voice 1964


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