Dick Curtis

Highest Rated: 100% Scarlet Street (1945)
Birthday: May 11, 1902
Birthplace: Not Available
American actor Dick Curtis may have started out as an extra, and it's true that he seldom rose above the ranks of western supporting actors, but he still managed to get himself a full-page photo spread as a "typical" villain in the 1957 coffee table book The Movies. In this book, as in most of his movies, Curtis was seen squaring off in a series of bare-knuckle bouts with his perennial opponent, cowboy star Charles Starrett. Most of Curtis' career was centered at Columbia Pictures, where he scowled and skulked his way through bad guy roles in the studio's "B" pictures, westerns, serials, and two-reel comedies. Sometimes he'd get to wear a business suit instead of frontier garb, as in his role of a jury foreman in the Boris Karloff thriller The Man They Could Not Hang (1939), but even here he was unpleasant, unsympathetic, and fully deserving of an untimely end. A more lighthearted (but no less menacing) Dick Curtis can be seen in his many two-reel appearances with Charley Chase, Hugh Herbert and The Three Stooges. As Badlands Blackie in the Stooges' Three Troubledoers (1946), Curtis' acting is gloriously overbaked, and perhaps as a reward for long and faithful service to Columbia he is permitted to deliver outrageous "double takes" which manage to out-Stooge his co-stars.

Highest Rated Movies



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71% Motel Hell Guy Robaire 1980
62% Support Your Local Gunfighter Bud Barton 1971
No Score Yet Crime in the Streets Redtop 1956
No Score Yet My Six Convicts (My 6 Convicts) Guard 1952
No Score Yet Rose of Cimarron Clem Dawley 1952
83% The Red Badge of Courage Actor 1951
No Score Yet Rawhide Hawley 1951
No Score Yet Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion Regan 1951
No Score Yet Chicago Calling Foreman 1951
No Score Yet The Jackpot Moving Man 1950
No Score Yet Wyoming Ed Lassiter 1947
No Score Yet Renegade Girl Joe Barnes 1946
No Score Yet Song of Arizona Bart 1946
No Score Yet The Bandit Of Sherwood Forest Men-at-Arm 1946
No Score Yet Lawless Breed Actor 1946
No Score Yet Santa Fe Uprising Actor 1946
100% Scarlet Street 3rd Detective 1945
No Score Yet Pistol Packin' Nitwits Actor 1945
No Score Yet Spook Town Sam Benson 1944
No Score Yet Jack London Cannery Foreman 1943
No Score Yet The Batman (An Evening with Batman and Robin) Croft 1943
No Score Yet Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die Frank McLowery 1942
No Score Yet Men of San Quentin Butch Mason 1942
No Score Yet Stick to Your Guns Actor 1941
No Score Yet Billy the Kid Kirby Claxton 1941
No Score Yet Arizona Cyclone Quirt Crenshaw 1941
No Score Yet Across the Sierras Mitch Carew 1941
No Score Yet Pardon My Berth Marks Actor 1940
No Score Yet Blondie on a Budget Mechanic 1940
No Score Yet Boom Town Hiring boss 1940
No Score Yet Three Men from Texas Gardner 1940
No Score Yet Ragtime Cowboy Joe Bo 1940
No Score Yet My Son Is Guilty Monk 1940
80% The Man They Could Not Hang Kearney 1939
No Score Yet Let Us Live Cellmate 1939
No Score Yet There's That Woman Again Subway Guard 1939
No Score Yet Mandrake the Magician Actor 1939
No Score Yet The Taming of the West Rawhide 1939
91% You Can't Take It With You Strong arm man 1938
No Score Yet Rawhide Butch 1938
No Score Yet Adventure in Sahara Karnoldi 1938
No Score Yet Guns in the Dark Brace Stevens 1937
No Score Yet Headline Crasher Joe 1937
No Score Yet Blake of Scotland Yard Henchman Nicky 1937
No Score Yet Valley of Terror Actor 1937
No Score Yet The Singing Buckaroo Actor 1937
No Score Yet Boothill Brigade Bull Berke 1937
No Score Yet A Lawman Is Born Lefty Doogan 1937
No Score Yet Trail of Vengeance Cartwright 1937
No Score Yet Bar Z Bad Men Brent - Ranch 1937
No Score Yet The Gambling Terror Dirk 1937
No Score Yet The Traitor Morgan 1936
No Score Yet Ghost Patrol Charlie 1936
No Score Yet Phantom Patrol Henchman Josef 1936
No Score Yet Crooked Trail Kirk 1936
No Score Yet The Lion's Den Slim 1936
No Score Yet Wilderness Mail Actor 1935
No Score Yet Code of the Mounted Henchman Snakey 1935
No Score Yet Northern Frontier Henchman Pete (uncredited) 1935
No Score Yet The Fighting Trooper henchman 1934
98% King Kong Sailor 1933


No Score Yet The Odd Couple
  • 1974
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Bill Hollenbeck
  • 1967
93% Batman
The Inebriate
  • 1966
No Score Yet The Dick Van Dyke Show
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No Score Yet The Three Stooges
  • 1951
  • 1946
  • 1944
  • 1943
  • 1939
  • 1938


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