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Jana Kaderabkova

Highest Rated: 59% Hostel (2005)

Lowest Rated: 59% Hostel (2005)

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Slovak actress Jana Kaderabkova made her acting debut as a terrorized prostitute in director Eli Roth's controversial horror film "Hostel" and briefly appeared in its 2007 sequel. The film, about three American students backpacking across Europe who stumble into the hands of a nightmarish organization that allows wealthy men to fulfill their homicidal fantasies, was a surprise hit at the box-office. Despite its commercial success, "Hostel" quickly became a lightning rod for critics, who were divided over Roth's blood-drenched depiction of an underground culture driven by profit and psychopathic indulgences; the dismissive phrase "torture porn" was created to describe Roth's films. Kaderabkova potrayed Svetlana, a mysterious prostitute who meets the soon-to-be-unlucky Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (Derek Richardson) at a local disco and later facilitates their abduction and subsequent torture. Though Kaderabkova didn't survive the film, she appeared in several flashbacks at the beginning of "Hostel II," which begins several months later with sole survivor Paxton haunted by the gruesome torture of his friends and ends with the deaths of a fresh round of unsuspecting students at the hands of paying customers. In between the release of both films Kaderabkova participated in the documentary "Hostel Dissected," a behind-the scenes look at the making of the gory cult hit that was included on the DVD of the first film.

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59% 53% Hostel Svetlana (Character) $47.3M 2005