Robert Hutton

Highest Rated: 100% The Steel Helmet (1951)
Lowest Rated: 14% Trog (1970)
Birthday: Jun 11, 1920
Birthplace: Kingston, New York, USA
American actor Robert Hutton had a briefly thriving Hollywood career thanks to something called "victory casting." While many of the major stars were in uniform during World War II, the Hollywood studios scrambled to find young actors who could substitute for their departed favorites. Hutton happened to have many of the shy, self-effacing characteristics of Jimmy Stewart, which served him well in such Warner Bros. pictures as Destination Tokyo (1943), Janie (1944) and Roughly Speaking (1945). Warners allowed Hutton a major showcase in the all-star morale booster Hollywood Canteen (1945); it was Hutton's puppy-love attraction to Joan Leslie which motivated the film's plotline. When the Big Names came marching home in 1945, "victory" fill-in actors suddenly found themselves expendable. Hutton was able to hang on longer than most with supporting roles in such films as The Younger Brothers (1949), Man on the Eiffel Tower (1950), The Steel Helmet (1951), Casanova's Big Night (1954) and The Colossus of New York (1958). Still relatively boyish in middle age, Hutton was personally selected by Jerry Lewis to play one of Lewis' "wicked stepbrothers" in Cinderfella (1960). Like many '40s male leads, Hutton spent plenty of time in horror and science-fiction films of the '50s and '60s, including The Man Without a Body (1957), Invisible Invaders (1959) and The Slime People (1963), which Hutton also produced and directed and which got better bookings than it deserved thanks to a robust promotional campaign. Hutton lived in England from 1964 through 1974, popping up as a character actor in films like You Only Live Twice (1967) The Torture Garden (1968) and Tales from the Crypt (1971). Before Robert Hutton returned to the States, he wrote the screenplay for the British-produced Persecution (1974), a turgid thriller distinguished by the astonishing presence of Trevor Howard and Lana Turner.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Man from Tangier (Thunder Over Tangier) Actor 2014
89% Tales From the Crypt Mr. Baker 1972
14% Trog Dr. Richard Warren 1970
No Score Yet Cry of the Banshee Guest 1970
No Score Yet Torture Garden Bruce Benton 1968
72% You Only Live Twice President's Aide 1967
No Score Yet They Came from Beyond Space Dr. Curtis Temple 1967
No Score Yet The Vulture Dr. Eric Lutens 1967
No Score Yet Doctor in Clover Rock Stewart 1966
No Score Yet The Slime People Tom Gregory Director 1962
No Score Yet Wild Youth Maddo 1961
No Score Yet Cinderfella Rupert 1960
No Score Yet Invisible Invaders Dr. John Lamont 1959
No Score Yet Naked Youth Maddo 1959
No Score Yet Outcasts of the City Lt. Jerry Seabrook 1958
No Score Yet The Colossus of New York Carrington 1958
No Score Yet Showdown at Boot Hill Sloane 1958
No Score Yet The Man Without a Body Dr. Phil Merritt 1957
No Score Yet The Big Bluff Dr. Peter Kirk 1955
No Score Yet Casanova's Big Night Raphael, Duc of Castelbello 1954
33% The Racket Ames 1951
100% The Steel Helmet Pvt. Bronte 1951
No Score Yet Slaughter Trail Lt. Morgan 1951
No Score Yet New Mexico Lt. Vermont 1951
No Score Yet The Younger Brothers Johnny Younger 1949
No Score Yet The Man on the Eiffel Tower Bill Kirby 1949
No Score Yet Smart Girls Don't Talk "Doc" Vickers 1948
No Score Yet Time Out Of Mind Christopher Fortune 1947
No Score Yet Love and Learn Bob Grant 1947
No Score Yet Janie Gets Married Dick Lawrence 1946
No Score Yet One More Tomorrow Party Guest 1946
No Score Yet Roughly Speaking John Crane (ages 20-28) 1945
No Score Yet Janie Pfc. Dick Lawrence 1944
No Score Yet Hollywood Canteen Slim 1944
No Score Yet Northern Pursuit Guard 1943
No Score Yet Destination Tokyo Tommy 1943


No Score Yet The Saint
Brett Forrest


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