Alexander Siddig

Alexander Siddig

Highest Rated: 81% Cairo Time (2009)

Lowest Rated: 15% The Last Legion (2007)

Birthday: Nov 21, 1965

Birthplace: Sudan

Slender, dashingly handsome actor of Sudanese-English parentage (his mother is the sister of actor Malcolm McDowall) who first made an appearance on the big screen in Stephen Frears' "Sammie and Rosie Get Laid" (1987). He subsequently recreated Alec Guinness' role as Emir Feisal from the 1962 film "Lawrence of Arabia" for the "Great Performances" TV drama, "A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia," as it continued the story of English adventurer T.E. Lawrence (Ralph Fiennes). Siddig, is however, best known for his quietly suave and sensitively appealing Dr. Bashir on the popular sci-fi spin-off series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993-99). He changed his name from Siddig El Fadil to Alexander Siddig at the beginning of the fourth season. It seems that after three years, fans were still having trouble with his name.

Highest rated movies

Cairo Time
May in the Summer
21 Bridges
Vertical Limit
Reign of Fire
Kingdom of Heaven




56% 28% Skylines General Radford (Character) - 2020
54% 91% 21 Bridges Adi (Character) $28.5M 2019
22% 33% Submergence Dr. Shadid (Character) - 2017
58% 46% May in the Summer Ziad (Character) $22.0K 2013
17% 26% Inescapable Adib (Character) $4.1K 2012
27% 40% Clash of the Titans Hermes (Character) $163.2M 2010
18% 54% Miral Jamal (Character) $371.4K 2010
81% 62% Cairo Time Tareq Khalifa (Character) $1.6M 2009
No Score Yet 33% Spy(ies) Malik (Character) - 2009
51% 44% Doomsday Prime Minister Hatcher (Character) $11.0M 2008
15% 34% The Last Legion Theodorus Andronikos (Character) $5.9M 2007
37% 76% The Nativity Story The Angel Gabriel (Character) $37.6M 2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hannibal Hannibal (Character) - 2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet Agatha Christie's Poirot: Cards on the Table Shaitana (Character) - 2005
39% 72% Kingdom of Heaven Imad (Character) $47.4M 2005
No Score Yet 64% The Hamburg Cell Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (Character) - 2004
42% 49% Reign of Fire Ajay (Character) $43.1M 2002
48% 41% Vertical Limit Kareem Nazir (Character) $68.5M 2000
No Score Yet 58% A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia Feisal (Character) - 1990


No Score Yet 81% Deep State Issouf Al Moctar (Character) 2019
55% 55% Deep State Issouf Al Moctar (Character) 2019
77% 67% Gotham Ra's Al Ghul (Character),
Unknown (Guest Star)
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Kennedys Aristotle Onassis (Character) 2017
89% 85% Game of Thrones Doran Martell (Guest Star) 2015-2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tut Amun (Character) 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Egyptian Vice Narrator 2015
62% 57% Atlantis Minos (Character) 2013-2015
75% 82% Da Vinci's Demons Al-Rahim (Character) 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Wild Arabia Narrator 2013
No Score Yet 0% True Love Unknown (Character) 2012
No Score Yet 74% Primeval Unknown (Guest Star) 2011
85% 86% Strike Back: Origins Unknown (Character) 2010
No Score Yet 62% Family Guy London Silly Nannies Player (Guest Voice) 2006 2009
85% 88% Merlin Unknown (Guest Star) 2008
87% 87% 24 Hamri Al-Assad (Guest Star),
No Score Yet No Score Yet Poirot Unknown (Guest Star) 2006
91% 87% Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Dr. Julian Bashir (Character),
91% 89% Star Trek: The Next Generation Dr. Julian Bashir (Guest Star) 1993
No Score Yet No Score Yet FREE EPIX: Deep State Issouf Al Moctar (Character)
No Score Yet No Score Yet FREE STARZ: Da Vinci's Demons Al-Rahim (Character)