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2/5 39%

All We Had (2016)

"It's very far from a perfect movie, but it shows real promise, and has lots within it to recommend." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 9, 2016
3/5 69%

Frank & Lola (2016)

"Michael Shannon is both perversely cast (as a romantic lead) and perfectly cast (as cinema's least predictable thespian)." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 8, 2016
4/5 95%

I Am Not Your Negro (2017)

"James Baldwin's touch was gentle even when he was taking no prisoners, and he was serious without being earnest. For the most part, so is "I Am Not Your Negro."" ‐Metro
Posted Dec 7, 2016
2/5 44%

Office Christmas Party (2016)

"It gets the job done in a pinch, but 2016 deserved a far more apocalyptic rager." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 7, 2016
3/5 96%

La La Land (2016)

"Perfectly acceptable, sometimes overly strained, generally way too basic and, yes, periodically delightful, even at times devastating." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 6, 2016
3/5 91%

Always Shine (2016)

"Always Shine is a psychological thriller snuggly placed over a cutting feminist tract, like a comfy sweater." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 2, 2016
5/5 100%

Things to Come (L'avenir) (2016)

"In its quiet, unassuming, almost workmanlike way, this is not the movie for our scary age, but one of many, and right there on the top rung." ‐Metro
Posted Dec 2, 2016
3/5 95%

The Love Witch (2016)

"Though it may seem Biller is mountain an assault on delightfully garish exploitation fare - with overemphatic titles like "Vixen!", "Score!" and "The Lickerish Quartet" - that's not quite what she's doing. " ‐Metro
Posted Dec 1, 2016
4/5 87%

Jackie (2016)

"Ultimately "Jackie" isn't that different from "Manchester by the Sea." Both films deal with bottomless torment, but also with the way the death of a loved one brings headaches big and small. " ‐Metro
Posted Dec 1, 2016
3/5 75%

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

"A movie about isolated moments, not the big picture, that never quite comes together. But what moments - moments that will haunt your dreams, no matter where they came from." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 30, 2016
2/5 68%

Miss Sloane (2016)

""Miss Sloane" was produced by a French company, EuropaCorp, so our hero actually has a chance of getting America to embrace gun control." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 23, 2016
3/5 79%

Evolution (2016)

"With Lucile Hadzihalilovic ("Innocence"), it's a treat being lost." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 23, 2016
4/5 56%

Rules Don't Apply (2016)

"It offers untold grist for Golden Age Hollywood fanatics, but it might work better as a madcap, breakneck office comedy, one where the boss just happens to be Howard Hughes." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 21, 2016
4/5 61%

Allied (2016)

"Once "Allied"s real plot belatedly kicks in and our heroes find themselves in the thick of it, it's one of the best things Robert Zemeckis has ever made." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 21, 2016
3/5 24%

Bad Santa 2 (2016)

"In its early stretches, "Bad Santa 2" is merely dispiriting. Give it a chance, though, and it can surprise with its own voice and own gags." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 21, 2016
3/5 96%

Moana (2016)

"Released two weeks after you-know-what, it comes off as a battle cry, preaching hope when we need it most." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 21, 2016
4/5 96%

Daughters of the Dust (1991)

"Then and today it plays like a beloved song whose words you never learned but which still occupies a profound part of your existence. " ‐Metro
Posted Nov 18, 2016
2/5 71%

Bleed For This (2016)

"It's like if "Whiplash" was intended as motivational. " ‐Metro
Posted Nov 17, 2016
4/5 94%

The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

"Now might not sound like a great time for a movie about a teenager fuming over nonsense teenage problems. But at least in temperament, Hailee Steinfeld's Nadine is our spirit animal. " ‐Metro
Posted Nov 16, 2016
4/5 89%

Loving (2016)

"It presents its heroes as people. It stays true to them." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 15, 2016
5/5 97%

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

"Both one of saddest, most unflinchingly honest films ever made about death as well as a serious contender for the year's laugh riot. But one side doesn't cancel the other out." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 15, 2016
3/5 74%

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

"Even with a smaller, more compact story, "Fantastic Beasts" hobbles around, trying to get all its characters in order, all while enacting the now obligatory world building. They're charming characters, though." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 14, 2016
5/5 89%

Elle (2016)

"Looks like a tasteful, respectable French character study, the kind your mom might enjoy. But it might be the most messed-up film Paul Verhoeven's ever made." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 10, 2016
3/5 50%

Almost Christmas (2016)

"It's lazy to fall back on actors ad-libbing, but it's only a crime when they don't bring it." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 10, 2016
3/5 45%

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016)

"Ironically for a movie boasting a brand new look, "Billy Lynn" is better to think about than to watch." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 8, 2016
4/5 93%

Arrival (2016)

"Brainy yet expensive, "Arrival" flaunts its hope to be more like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind": slow, measured and filled with moments where the audience is supposed to collectively hush, open their jaws in unison and go awe." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 7, 2016
3/5 44%

Dog Eat Dog (2016)

"This is Paul Schrader's "Week-End" - a cine-apocalypse instigated by a filmmaker so he can start anew. " ‐Metro
Posted Nov 4, 2016
3/5 94%

The Eagle Huntress (2016)

"Aisholpan's story becomes part observational documentary, part folk tale about a girl who proves herself. " ‐Metro
Posted Nov 3, 2016
3/5 87%

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

"Fitting for a film made by someone long out of the game, "Hacksaw Ridge" is a throwback, which in this case means to a type of film that was still popular only seven or eight years ago." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 3, 2016
3/5 91%

Doctor Strange (2016)

"When "Doctor Strange" is cooking, which is mostly in its fairly breathless second half, it keeps throwing clever and goofy set piece ideas at you." ‐Metro
Posted Nov 2, 2016
3/5 57%

Michael Moore In TrumpLand (2016)

"Michael Moore is trying to do something almost no one of his ilk is doing: He's actually talking to the other side, trying to appeal to their better natures. " ‐Metro
Posted Oct 28, 2016
4/5 89%

Into the Inferno (2016)

"Not a return to Classic Werner, but it does find him doing what he does best: scouring the globe for otherworldly sights and weirdos, musing on humankind's insignificance while highlighting our most unique specimens. " ‐Metro
Posted Oct 27, 2016
3/5 73%

By Sidney Lumet (2016)

"Coming away from "By Sidney Lumet," you see a master filmmaker as he'd likely have presented himself: a man as complex as his movies and the worlds they explored." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 26, 2016
1/5 20%

Inferno (2016)

"Handsome Italian and Turkish locations aside, it looks cheap, rushed, edited to get this over with, not to untangle the book's convoluted plot." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 26, 2016
3/5 95%

Gimme Danger (2016)

"A shaggier affair than most, trading slickness for chumminess, including better stories than Iggy and company would hand strangers." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 25, 2016
4/5 82%

Oasis: Supersonic (2016)

"It's exactly the Oasis movie the battling Gallagher brothers would have wanted. And in a way, that's a beautiful thing." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 24, 2016
3/5 43%

King Cobra (2016)

"It is often funny, as well as sleazy, as well as even tragic." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 24, 2016
2/5 76%

In a Valley of Violence (2016)

"There's a hint that director Ti West is joking, mostly thanks to the occasional, actual joke and a gallery of stylized performances. But what's the joke?" ‐Metro
Posted Oct 21, 2016
2/5 29%

I'm Not Ashamed (2016)

"Its trailer promised cynical exploitation; the movie itself almost, kind of, sort of works as a character study, sometimes, if you're feeling generous." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 21, 2016
4/5 94%

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi) (2016)

"The tasteful and the trashy make acrobatic bedfellows in Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden," a movie so assured it can do a sex scene where the camerawork is as arresting as the bodies engaged in combat. " ‐Metro
Posted Oct 20, 2016
4/5 93%

Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare) (2016)

""Fire at Sea" contains nightmarish footage of unspeakable misery. But it's not the straight-arrow film human rights activists most desire." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 20, 2016
2/5 20%

American Pastoral (2016)

"What Ewan McGregor's "American Pastoral" does to the Philip Roth novel it adapts is the cinematic equivalent of unslinking a Slinky. " ‐Metro
Posted Oct 20, 2016
2/5 38%

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

"Go see "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back," but only so they make a third one where an Edward Zwick-less Tom Cruise battles a surprise villain played by film director Rob Zombie." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 19, 2016
4/5 98%

Moonlight (2016)

"By the end, calling "Moonlight" an "important" film seems like an insult. It's even better than that." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 18, 2016
2/5 82%

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

"Compared to the first, it has a better sense of mood, expert shot placement and some actual jokes. You want to give it the benefit of the doubt; you also respect it enough to be honest and say it doesn't really work." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 18, 2016
4/5 96%

Aquarius (2016)

"It is a crowd-pleaser. It's also a character study always up for a detour, a complex study of urban life, a study of aging, a cosmic mindfuck." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 13, 2016
4/5 90%

Certain Women (2016)

"It lingers, sticking in the back of your brain, hitting you long after it's over." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 12, 2016
2/5 51%

The Accountant (2016)

"Everything's so crammed and asphyxiating you can't help leave wondering if the filmmakers wanted you to think this was meant to launch a franchise or what in the hell." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 12, 2016
3/5 93%

Blue Jay (2016)

"There's '90s nostalgia, and then there's throwing in a reference to the Emilio Estevez-Charlie Sheen vehicle "Men at Work." It shows that "Blue Jay"'s really trying." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 7, 2016
5/5 96%

13th (2016)

"Has an urgency that goes beyond the timeliness of its subject. It may be a talking heads-and-clips affair, but it's designed with such force and fire that it would leave one shaking even if we weren't facing a possible Trump presidency." ‐Metro
Posted Oct 7, 2016
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