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Even the oldest movies were new once. With the RT Archives, we're digging through newspapers and magazines from the past to find out what the critics said about classic movies -- before they were classics. What did the critics say about your favorites when they were brand new? Take a deep dive into the RT Archives and find out.

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  • Ruth Batchelor

    Originally a songwriter for Elvis Presley and others, Batchelor established herself at Los Angeles Free Press, where she wrote about movies like Taxi Driver, Tommy, and Jaws. Her legacy lives on through the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, which she founded in 1975.

  • James Agee

    An acclaimed novelist (Let Us Now Praise Famous Men) and screenwriter (The African Queen, Night of the Hunter), James Agee brought a distinctive, witty style to his reviews for both Time Magazine and the Nation.

  • Cahiers du Cinéma

    Founded in 1951, Cahiers du Cinéma helped to establish a new language for film criticism. In championing the likes of Howard Hawks, Nicholas Ray, and John Ford, the magazine formalized the concept of the auteur theory, and a number of its writers – whose ranks included Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, and Éric Rohmer – became the core filmmakers of the French New Wave.

  • New York Age

    From its inception in 1887 to its closure in 1960, the New York Age was a powerful advocate for civil rights and a home base for a number of exceptional writers, including polymath Lester Walton, the paper's theatrical editor and a writer of prescient film criticism.

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