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Peter Pau, the oscar winning cinematographer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, directed Tian Mai Chuanqi (The Touch). Pak Yin-fay (Michelle Yeoh) and Pak Yeuk-tong (Brandon Chang) are siblings in a family of acrobats. Bad guy Karl (Richard Roxburgh) employs gifted thief/acrobat Eric (Ben Chaplain) to steal an item created in the 1200s. Eric is successful, but the fact that he is Yin-fay's adopted brother makes his motivations less than clear. While everyone attempts to possess the item, it is Yeuk-tong who ends up with it. He and his girlfriend take off with the object, with all of the other characters in pursuit.
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Drama , Mystery & Suspense
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Michelle Yeoh
as Pak Yin Fay
Shihung Lung
as Dun Huang
Brandon Chang
as Pak Yeuk tong
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While the picture doesn't completely fail, it does fall short.

August 6, 2002
Hollywood Reporter
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There are those who take and those who give to those who take. A group of monks hire an acrobatic family to obtain an artifact they have been protecting for some time. The problem for the monks and the family are they aren't the only ones that knows the artifact are vulnerable. Can the last remaining members of the family retrieve the artifact or will they be thwarted by dastardly men? "You could be a legend." "Go to hell." "Right, on to plan B then..." Peter Pau delivers The Touch in his major motion picture debut. The storyline for this picture was Operation Condor mixed with Indiana Jones. The action scenes were excellent but the CGI was a bit corny although not too overdone. The acting was above average as the cast includes Michelle Yeoh, Dane Cook, Ben Chaplin, Kenneth Tsang, and Richard Roxburgh. "I only steal from the rich." "Only because the poor don't have anything worth taking." I grabbed this movie off Netflix since I have been a fan of Yeoh historically. This is an okay picture and an average picture overall. This isn't a complete waste of time but a better than average martial arts picture. I would recommend watching this once if you're a fan of the martial arts genre but I wouldn't add this to my DVD collection, even if you're a diehard fan. "You can't protect me anymore. I'm not a kid!" Grade: C

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

One sentence summary: Pleasant, engaging action-romance film set in China involving the search for Buddhist artifacts. ------------------------ Collector Karl employs thief Eric to steal the box containing the Heart of Dun Huang, an artifact of some power, carved by Tibetan monks in 1242. The Heart, supposedly, will lead Karl's people to the sharira, the crystallized essence of the holy monk Shen Zhong from the 13th century. This plays out while Yin Fay is performing her circus act in public with her troupe. Tong takes the Heart to the place Dun Huang; Yin and Eric follow. Karl catches up and gets filled in by his forward spy, who had been tailing Tong. Tong and his girl friend Lily find a possible source of knowledge, just as Karl catches them. Eric and Yin make their way to Dun Huang about the same time. Yin and Eric find the next piece of the puzzle: an urn filled with fluid. Karl steals it from them and heads for the final hiding place. He uses the Heart and the contents of the urn to open the place up. So many traps, so little time. The circus/acrobat training turns out to be essential, of course. After securing the sharira, Eric, Yin, and Tong travel to Lhasa to give the sharira and the surrounding gold monkeys to some Buddhist officials. The ending is a bit mysterious and a possible sequel is setup. -----Scores------ Cinematography: 8/10 Some of the acrobatics footage was bad enough that I wish they had dropped it. Other than that, the production values were rather high, and the film looked quite good. Sound: 8/10 Quite good, except for the over the top foley thrown in for the hits during fighting. Some of the incidental music was really good. Acting: 8/10 Liked the principal actors. Screenplay: 8/10 The script balanced fighting and questing well enough.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

Bleurgh! Michelle tried very hard to keep the fun up in this Indi-lara-tomb raiding tigers. The concept is simple, guardians trying to prevent bad guys from getting the Holly Weapon. Not the freshest idea ever, but the actions were quite fun to watch. The supporting actors were all very randomly casted, making the film miserable to have any real dramatic tension.

Sylvester Kuo
Sylvester Kuo

Super Reviewer

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