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August 27, 2017
Doris Day like you've never seen her before. This film is thoroughly entertaining with catchy tunes, humor, and romance.
½ June 1, 2017
i loved this film doris day is my fav and this film was the first film i saw with someone who was like me a proper tomboy lol if only i could sing
½ May 4, 2017
Doris Day brings lots of spunk and is magnificent as the title character. In many ways the movie is a lot like Annie Get Your Gun, but these songs aren't quite as good. (First and only viewing - 7/6/2014)
February 24, 2017
Warner Bros. borrowed Howard Keel for their Technicolor Doris Day musical, and they make a good team, although the film itself is not much more than an ANNIE GET YOUR GUN imitation; Day sings the Oscar-winning "Secret Love."
February 20, 2017
I just watched this movie for the umpteenth time. It had been awhile, but it never disappoints. This is one of my favorite Doris Day movies/musicals.
December 24, 2016
My favorite Doris Day movie of all time and one of my favorite movie from my childhood
September 23, 2016
Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do know this film's entire script by heart. Doris Day has said it was her favorite movie to film, and you'll see why. She plays a tomboy at a time when tomboys simply weren't around. Sure, she finally "sees the light" and becomes feminine toward the end, but this is simply an all-around fun musical with fabulous songs and characters. And I suppose it doesn't hurt that Howard Keel's portrayal of Bill Hickok is hubba hubba
February 4, 2016
Well, this is very different from the Calamity Jane I knew from HBO's Deadwood, but this movie is a lot of fun and has some catchy songs. Sure, the romantic relationship at the end feels forced and rushed; and some of the acting is a bit hokey, but overall the film is so fun I think we can forgive a few flaws.
August 18, 2015
Love the old musicals
January 9, 2015
This is a wonderful musical. The songs and dancing are enjoyable. Doris Day and Howard Keel were a delight. The supporting cast made this movie fun.
November 16, 2014
Doris Day is the title character, with Howard Keel as Wild Bill Hickok.
But, there's an Oscar winning song you might want to see, try and guess.
March 22, 2014
Love it, catchy songs and feel good movie
½ March 4, 2014
Doris Day was such a Delight in this
October 28, 2013
This is a movie that has a shy premise but turns out to be a fun little adventure. Its a musical if you couldn't already guess, but don't let it fool you. Calamity Jane boasts a strong, rough and tough persona but behind it all she's still a person with feelings longing to be loved. This movie just has a really enjoyable flow to it, for me it did not drag on at all. It moved at a good pace and really gave some insight on the characters. You gain a feel for these people and start to identify even. Its an oldie, but a goodie. I recommend it if you want to go back to a simpler time. Doris Day plays her role fantastically and its just really good old fashioned fun for the whole family.
½ August 3, 2013
Doris Day was known for three things in her career. She was a comedian, a dramatic actress, and a musical sensation. In Calamity Jane, Day goes the comedic and musical route, and leads the way for a fun film.

Doris Day plays Calamity Jane, a rough, tough, sharp-shooting woman who shoots out the town of Deadwood, which is a town with 99% males. When the town theater is losing female actresses, Jane vows to go down to "Chicagee" and claim acclaimed singer and actress Adelaide Adams (Gale Robbins), but due to a case of mistaken identity, she ends up with her maid Katie (Allyn Ann McLerie) instead. Katie proves to be a hit, and thanks to Katie, Calamity decides to act like a lady. Calamity has a crush on Lt. Danny Gilmartin (Philip Carey), but Wild Bill Hickok (Howard Keel) has a crush on Calamity. Love, jealousy, and heartbreak ensues.

Calamity Jane has had a bad rep over the years of its release. A few years before the film was released, MGM made Annie Get Your Gun, about similar tough shooter Annie Oakley. WB, inspired by Annie's success, made Calamity Jane as a response. They even brought Howard Keel, who was in Annie Get Your Gun, to star in Calamity Jane. Because of this, many accused Calamity Jane to be a rip-off of Annie Get You Gun. As for me, I can't make opinions, cause I've never seen Annie Get Your Gun. Calamity Jane, on the other hand, is a fun, entertaining, and memorable musical film.

Doris Day is delightful as Calamity Jane. She's beautiful, especially when her character becomes more ladylike, she can sing like a bird, and her personality on screen doesn't bore. Howard Keel, a year before he blessed women's beautiful hides in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, is memorable as Wild Bill Hickok. He's funny, attractive in women's perspectives, and has a fantastic chemistry with Day. I enjoyed Allyn Ann McLerie as Katie Brown, but the biggest problem with her is her singing. When she sings, it sounds like someone escaped from a hanging but the neck still felt the impact. It's that bad. Philip Carey was memorable as Danny the Lt.

Calamity Jane also delighted me in the humor department. Day's western accent is convincing, but sometimes, it's occasionally funny. Her pronunciations on Chicago ("chicagee"), cigarettes ("cigareetes"), and sarsaparille ('sarsaparilla") are quite funny. The Francis Fryer character, played by Dick Wesson, is also memorable and hilarious, especially when he dresses as a woman cause the stage believed Francis to be a woman. I'm guessing this scene inspired Some Like It Hot.

Since Calamity Jane is a musical, you can't review a musical without mentioning the musical numbers. For the most part, the songs are pretty enjoyable. Day opens the film with "The Deadwood Stage", which features some cheesy lyrics, but her singing made up for it. Day and Keel sing "I Can Do Without You", which is a fun duet. McLerie, as Katie Brown, sings "Keep it Under Your Hat" and "Harry", which fails due to her poor singing abilities. Where's Julie Andrews when you need her? Howard Keel delights with his deep tenor voice with "Higher Than a Hawk." Day and the awful McLerie duet in "A Woman's Touch", which is OK at best. The entire cast sings "Take Me Back to the Black Hills" which is pretty catchy. Day also delights in the catchy "The Windy City". But the best song of all? Doris Day singing the Oscar-winning ballad "Secret Love", a beautiful, powerful, and wonderfully written song which became a huge hit for Day.

There were some occasional corny moments, and Allyn Ann McLerie was a poor singer, but Howard Keel and Doris Day make up for it, and Calamity Jane is a fun musical. Now I need to find Annie Get Your Gun and see if Calamity Jane is really a rip-off.
½ March 31, 2013
This is one of the greatest western films in the 50's.
February 13, 2013
Ridiculous but defiantly a lot of fun.
January 14, 2013
A tomboy lady gunslinger, in order to win the affections of a handsome Army lieutenant, decides to give up her rough ways and turn herself into a housekeeper. There is a lot of energy in the musical numbers and a lot of wit in the dialogue, but most importantly, it is Doris Day that shines with one of her most memorable performances as the title character.
½ December 30, 2012
Directed by David Butler (Tea for Two (1950), Lullaby of Broadway (1951)), this was a wild west musical which Warner Bros. devised after the success of Annie Get Your Gun (1950), It's a bit twee and dated now, but the musical numbers are well staged and the songs are good, ("Secret Love" would win an Oscar), but it's a more innocent depiction of what Calamity Jane was like. Calamity Jane (Doris Day) rides into Deadwood, South Dakota on a stagecoach and goes to the Golden Garter, a bar which entertains men with female entertainment. But they locals are non too pleased at the latest "female" entertainer, Francis Fryer (Dick Wesson), who is a female impersonator, Calamity Jane announces she will go to Chicago and bring singer Adelaid Adams (Gale Robbins) to the town to Deadwood. Jane finds her and persuades her to come to Deadwood, but it's not all it seems, Adelaid is really maid Katie Brown (Allyn McLerie), and the townspeople aren't happy, but Jane and Wild Bill Hickok (Howard Keel) persuade the towns people to give her a chance, which Katie does, and Katie falls for Francis. It's a fun western, and it's well filmed, and there is some choreography which health and safety officers would be against these days. Day has a likeable presence and she's very sassy and no nonsense, it's a world away from what the TV series Deadwood would depict Calamity Jane as.
½ December 2, 2012
A classic feel good flick that can be watched over and over again without its enjoyment being diminished. Doris Day is sensational as the sassy Calamity Jane and her voice in full strength as she belts out the sing-a-long numbers and provides great comedy. Some of the lyrics are dodgy but it's such fun that you can ignore that. There is a lot to love about a good old fashioned Hollywood musical and this is one of the most entertaining ones there is.
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