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½ August 28, 2016
This beautifully acted film should have gotten an Oscar nod for Best Picture.
½ February 16, 2015
Apesar de ser algo previsível, nas suas funções de tearjerker para duros, "Islands in the Stream" sai por cima ao confiar uma história de enorme estofo a um George C. Scott que se alimentava de grandes desafios como este. Enquanto adaptação de um romance de Hemingway, "Islands in the stream" dá-se muito bem também nos paralelos que constrói entre os desafios pessoais interiores e as batalhadas vividas com a natureza. Fazem falta filmes assim nas tardes de domingo.
½ May 19, 2014
almost a perfect film. A great performance by George C. Scott
July 21, 2012
An excellent film. Beautifully cast, photographed, written, scored & acted. Truly exceptional in every way.
April 23, 2012
A soft, gentle film with romantic and family angst .... George C Scott was excellent in the 'Hemingway' role and had splendid support from the rest of the cast... well photographed and a good score too.....a good film for a wet afternoon....
July 28, 2011
Polished adventure-drama based on a Hemingway story retains the author's rich invocation of exotic locales and repressed emotions. The cast is strong (with the exception of some annoying child actors), though as good as George C. Scott is in the lead, it's David Hemmings who steals the show much of the time as a lovable drunkard. The uneven pacing is a hinderance at times, with moments of taut intensity sometimes bridged by dragging dialogue scenes. Not any kind of classic, but a solid, well-made film. Great score by Jerry Goldsmith (reportedly his favorite).
½ February 3, 2010
With the recent soundtrack release of Jerry Goldsmith's score to this Franklin Schaffner-directed Hemingway drama, I thought it was time to finally check out the movie out for myself. While far from perfect, and with a structure much too novelistic for its own good, Islands in the Stream still has its share of genuinely moving moments. George C. Scott is perfectly cast as Hemingway's literary double, and the late David Hemmings is touching as his alcoholic friend Eddie. Gorgeous widescreen photography and the afore-mentioned haunting score by Goldsmith make this a very peculiar, but very memorable, film.
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