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November 30, 2016
I just don't get the ratings system or the people who think this movie is below average.
This movie is great and IMO a classic.
½ October 31, 2016
Didn't get the hype. Didn't find it very good, this is the problem for a lot of "classic" films
September 11, 2016
If you enjoy the fun of an 80s film, let this Reitman directed film charm you. Punchlines that have set up in earlier scenes that might even get past you in first viewings. Arnold and DiVeto both show how funny they can be, even in a bizzar premise about genetically created Twins.
September 8, 2016
Funny great movie. Clever and inventive.
August 18, 2016
Con man DeVito is tracked down by Schwarzenegger, who claims they are twin brothers in this contrived comedy. Typical of other eighties comedies, this movie has a good gimmick or idea and the production team seems lost from there, deciding to go with the usual comedy clich├ęs instead of aiming for originality.
August 9, 2016
Hey, I don't get what the all the fuss is about! This was a good flick!
½ July 22, 2016
Not sure why so many people hate this movie so much. Sure, it has a lot of 80's tropes in it, but dammit I am still entertained by it! I will always have a soft spot for this movie. Critics be damned!
June 13, 2016
Cute, enjoyable, and funny.
April 1, 2016
A generic 80's movie that encapsulates the hallmark style purity and optimism of American pop culture of that decade. Two genetically modified "twins" separated at birth-one an intellectual, athletic super human, the other a slimy conman-learn to accept each other and love each other for their differences while one searches for their mother, and the other tries to make a fortune on a dangerous sale of stolen goods.
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½ March 27, 2016
Pretty average comedy, Arnolds acting is wooden but it works, Some funny bits but they soon wear out as the film gets boring and predictable very fast.
February 3, 2016
No no no...
Fun idea, memorable scenes, solid actors, but no
January 26, 2016
It's got everything, Action, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Romance-
Best if watched with actual twins. Like a nice Arnie pie a la mode with cheese.
December 1, 2015
This movie has it all: dancing, a bar fight, a surprise twist, matching outfits, a tall guy, a short guy, big muscles, greasy pony-tails, science babies, and so much more.

Tagline: Born to be bad? I think not!
November 28, 2015
Stupid, but it does pack some classic laughs.
November 22, 2015
A cliched film but none the less entertaining and funny none the less.
November 14, 2015
Twins is not a movie with a great story behind it but it is still a fun/goofy movie that will make you laugh. Arnold & Danny do a good job together. Good movie to kill time. 6/10 or 3/5
August 21, 2015
Feel good 80s classic. If you don't enjoy this, you're not a critic - you're a cynic. For music fans, watch out for the Jeff Beck cameo as Julius learns to dance with Kelly (Mrs Travolta) Preston.
½ August 16, 2015
Rating: 72%
Although it isn't the finest film to come by, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito make as an appealing pair of leads, helping Twins become humurous and mostly enjoyable to watch.
August 4, 2015
Reitman nous signe une petite comedie bien sympathique avec Schwarzie et DeVito qui reste toujours aussi agreable a regarder aujourd'hui.
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