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August 21, 2017
It's the language that gets me. The actors might as well be speaking in Greek, and I have to have the subtitles on in order to follow the plot. Because of this I find Shakespeare films to be ok but never great. But that might just be me. This film is no different but it was still fairly enjoyable to watch. I have seen the Laurence Olivier version and this more recent version is far more realistic due to it's more modern filming techniques, sets, battle sequences, etc. If you like Shakespeare you will probably like this film.
August 1, 2017
Great performances all around particularly by Jacobi, Scofield, and, of course, Branagh. Offers gritty battle scenes which help the play become more 3-Dimensional plus some great renditions of the monologues.
August 1, 2017
Kenneth Branagh's Henry V is well acted and is epic in scope. It's emotional and a very ambitious project with brilliant mise-en-scene.
July 23, 2017
With an appropriate level of grit, solid acting, and emotional heft to carry all the banter, Kenneth Branagh's version of this Shakespearean history of England is darker but also more complex, though also a little cheaply edited.
July 6, 2017
E tá no Netflix!!! Uhuu!
June 17, 2017
Players are so cold.
April 19, 2017
To put it briefly, this is the best live-action film adaption any of Shakespeare's work. Period! You can find live action film adaptations of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Cats, or whatever, but none compare to the flawless performance done in this adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry V, with word for word dialogue and the best casting choices ever made. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. Henry V gets a 5/5.
September 6, 2016
a PAin...... for sure....
½ August 28, 2016
Shakespeare is tough to turn into good movies especially the history shows. Branagh is intermittently successful here. As King Henry leading the Brits from arguing into full fledged war with the French, Branagh doesn't quite inspire the way Henry must to be successfull. The first third is a bit scattered and tough to follow if you don't know the source material, the second act improves with some more action, and then it drags on almost 20 minutes past where it should end. Branagh would do better adaptations later, so stick to those.
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June 24, 2016
Kenneth Branagh's spectacular, totally engrossing adaptation of William Shakespeare play is his finest cinematic achievement to date. A feast for both the eyes and ears, indeed Shakespeare's words are spoken in this film with such conviction, depth and power by an extraordinary cast of British thespians, and the truly stunning cinematography by Kenneth MacMillan brings this epic tale to life. But the film's greatest attribute is Kenneth Branagh's brilliant Oscar nominated powerhouse performance as King Henry V which completely dominates this motion picture. The tale concerns young King Henry of England who embarks on a conquest of France after being insulted by the King of France, he leads his small rag-tag army against a vastly superior number of French forces on the field of Agincourt. Masterful Oscar nominated & BAFTA Film Award winning direction by Branagh who also wrote the captivating screen adaptation. Magnificent supporting performances by Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, Sir Ian Holm, Paul Scofield, Emma Thompson, James Simmons, Paul Gregory, Alec McCowen, Robbie Coltrane, Geraldine, McEwan, Judi Dench, and Christian Bale. A movie masterpiece in every sense of the word. Unmissable. Oscar winner: Best Costume Design: Phyllis Dalton. Highly Recommended.
May 25, 2016
Wow. Kenneth Branagh's debut film is full of vigor and bravado, with gritty and visceral action sequences. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
½ February 8, 2016
Shakespearean classic with an outstanding crew of actors. The battle scene is unforgettable in its realism. I cannot stress how great these scenes are. A must see for fans of history, or military battles, this is epic drama at its best.
½ December 13, 2015
A lot more accessible than the Olivier version but still pretty long and boring. You do have to be a bit of a Shakespeare nut to enjoy such films.
November 27, 2015
It's a tragedy this isn't available to purchase.
October 1, 2015
fabulously done, tons of action,
½ March 15, 2015
The most cinematic and epic Shakespeare adaptations ever to be put on screen. The fact that this is Kenneth Branagh's first film as director shows how advanced he was before his time. Branagh is also great on screen. The way he says Shakespeare's words and how he makes his actors say it is why his versions are always the best. This is the definitive Shakespeare adaptation.

Grade: A
½ March 6, 2015
Revu. Du très lourd même si je ne me rappelais plus quelques longueurs.
Mais la mise en scène de Branagh, le jeu de Branagh énorme (il avait à peine 30 ans), ce que ça raconte et ce que ça veut dire, c'est un grand film !
(avec Christian Bale encore tout jeune dans un petit rôle et Ian Holm qui, au détour de quelques plans, déchire !
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February 21, 2015
It's probably good if you're into Shakespeare. It went right over my head.
February 15, 2015
This is an excellent adaptation of Shakespeare's "Henry V". Branagh is excellent in the title well, and his direction is superb. I hadn't seen this in ages, so it was nice to revisit it on blu-ray. The battle scenes are excellent, and he's got a talented cast. It's funny seeing Christian Bale as a kid. If you are a Shakespeare fan, this film is a MUST!
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