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September 1, 2016
It only happens in My Shattered!
½ May 2, 2016
After Hours is very entertaining and thrilling, it's not funny at all to me, but I enjoyed it a lot.
March 24, 2016
It takes a bit too long to pick up, but "After Hours" proves to be mostly worth the wait.
½ March 15, 2016
It wants to be something. But even it's not sure what. Scorsese's mortgage payment was due. Tendency toward hollow showboating has rarely been more in evidence ... Ends as an atonal exercise made by artists with little if anything on their minds. Only the same 4 people live in New York City. I tend not to like the comedy of errors. This gets better toward the end. Lot of homo pervs, though. I like how it goes full circle.
½ February 15, 2016
2.5 / 5. Martin Scorsese made this little seen comedy in 1985, just after "The King of Comedy". The irony is that the latter works as a twisted character study, is immensely engaging and memorable but not particularly funny, whilst "After Hours", intended, supposedly, as a straight up "date night gone wrong" comedy, is a complete misfire. The screenplay itself, so replete with dated mysoginisms, with our hero's wish to get laid as a central character motivation, make for hollow entertainment at best. The discomfort the protagonist has with learning about a woman's potential burn scars by discovering her tube of medical cream (and this was 10 years before "Seinfeld", too) is not amusing but sad and frustrating, the plot device of her past history of torture a far too bleak one for it work in a comedy. Perhaps Scorsese considered such elements of the writing to add dark flavour and edginess to the material, but it all amounts to the lead guy being unlikeable and the women in the film being unfunnily portrayed as hysterical neurotics. The deftness of Scorsese's directorial hand is seen no less here than in his other films, placing this superbly lit and shot film at discomfiting odds with its immature, ugly writing.
February 14, 2016
At times it is really tedious, ridiculous and even annoying but it is dazzling to look at. A great lead performance from Dunne and the variety of supporting oddball characters played by Arquette, Heard, O' Hara and Fiorentina who gets the charlies out. Plus a text book cameo from the legend that is Dick Miller.
February 9, 2016
".. movies are like dreams or drug-induced reveries."
- Martin Scorsese

So that's a good description of this here film. Here's an extension to that motive/expression: "He admits attempting to incubate within the viewer the feeling of being in a limbo state somewhere between sleeping and waking."

Sound familiar?
January 28, 2016
Had never heard of this movie till few weeks ago. So strange and quirky, hilarious and intriguing. A hidden Scorsese gem.
December 31, 2015
You can feel Scorsese winking at the audience. Stellar.
½ December 30, 2015
comédia absurda angustiada, "After Hours" é impecável e bizarro
October 31, 2015
One of the best comedies i have ever seen. Funny and weird, an unique movie
September 16, 2015
Martin Scorsese's best work. One of the best pieces of comedy ever put to celluloid.
July 24, 2015
Remains an all-time favorite! First saw it in a NYC theater with friends and we were all falling out of our seats. Saw it multiple times. And re-view it probably once every year. Another great comic anatomy of life in Manhattan, with the great Peggy Lee song ending ("If that's all there is...")
July 16, 2015
Man this has gotta be one of the weirdest movies out there which is odd coming from Scorsese. It certainly has it's funny moments but most of the time it was just too bizarre for me. Perhaps a movie that gets better with repeat viewings.
April 22, 2015
Watched this movie 25 years ago and enjoyed it and it pulled me in where I felt I was with Griffin Dunne through the journey. I watched it again 10 years ago. I do not usually watch movies twice unless it is required. I watched it again this week. Well done ten out of ten.
April 11, 2015
Amusing absurdist experimental dark comedy that manages to capture the final days of a Manhattan long since gone.
½ March 24, 2015
I found it bland,,,,,very,very bland.
½ March 7, 2015
After Hours is a kooky, twisted, and darkly comic adventure from Martin Scorsese. It's fairly aimless, but its fun and odd events entertain for the entire run time.
February 1, 2015
Eh, got this on a whim from the library because of Scorcese's name on it. Pretty funny, actually. I was really disappointed that they botched what could have been one of the funniest movie endings of all time.
Super Reviewer
December 28, 2014
Martin Scorsese's After Hours, it's a surreal and great black comedy, with a very good screenplay and actings. A film showing, that even in the most forgotten movie, Scorsese always is terrific.
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