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December 18, 2018
This is one of my favorite throwback flicks of the early 90's. Ahh, that once-upon-a-time magic decade of music and film that we will never see again. The playful, poetic and tragic life of little Dani Trant. There is one of her in all of us. I have always loved everything about this film. It's just simple and carefree and so easily relatable. 1991 was a great year!
September 21, 2018
Great story, great acting, excellent movie!
½ October 25, 2017
On second thought, it perhaps is a fair effort that can be enjoyed by most, if not all, people.
½ July 30, 2016
I was lucky enough to have (randomly) watched "The Man in the Moon (1991)" on TV late last night and I absolutely fell in love with this movie. Such an unique and beautiful story that captured my attention from the very start. This movie marked the acting debut of Reese Witherspoon and she easily delivers one of her best performances to date. It was more than evident that she sparkled talent and a certain amount of brightness about 25 years ago. The entire cast is simply wonderful and Jason London was such a heartthrob in this movie. The cinematography is outstanding and I loved the era it takes place in. The character of Witherspoon feels very relatable to me and I adored seeing her emotions when falling in (and out of) love. This movie has such a raw and realistic edge to it till the point where it truly hit me right in the feels. It boggles my mind that literally no one talks about this movie... It's such a hidden gem that needs to be seen by a lot more people in my opinion. It's from the director of "To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)" (Robert Mulligan) and marked his final film. I urge you to seek out this movie and watch it - especially if you love a beautiful and touching coming of age tale. This is a must-see movie that I must add to my DVD collection real soon!
June 22, 2016
I enjoyed the film and Witherspoon's first performance was a dandy indeed, but I found more flaws than I would have hoped. The end was rushed and I couldn't stand Court. Honestly, he was such an immature little brat the entire movie. Why either of the girls liked him is beyond me, but in any case, it made the story. He treated Reese like crap the whole movie and just when he started coming around, he met the older sister and became a dick again. I felt as if it took away from the story. But anyways, this is a harmless little story that is nice, but not completely moving
Super Reviewer
½ September 28, 2015
Great story of first love and loss set in 1957. It is fun watching Reese Witherspoon acting at the age 14.
½ May 8, 2015
Love this movie. I have watched in many times. An amazing coming of age story thst anyone with a heart will enjoy.
½ April 1, 2015
Coming of age melodrama that introduces Witherspoon in a touching bittersweet drama.
March 4, 2015
A nice little summer film about growing up and love at a young age. Reese Witherspoon is pretty great in this given her age.
February 26, 2015
The Man in The Moon: Reese Witherspoon's film debut, as a teenage girl in 1950s rural Louisiana battling her older sister for the affection of the handsome new boy next door, is a sentimental slice of Americana. An exceptionally strong cast (Sam Waterston, Tess Harper) gives this emotion-packed film a big heart and an ending that will linger long after you see it. A+
January 22, 2015
Thursday, February 18, 2010

(1992) The Man In The Moon

Without submitting a plot I'll just say that this is a TEENAGE ROMANCE and DRAMA, a story that takes place in Louisana during the 50's with no TV and so forth. It is the year of 2010 and is still my favorite Reese Witherspoon film as well as her first film she ever had done. Along with the rest of the cast who is also excellent as well, especially Sam Waterson who plays the father and Jessica Harper playing the mother. The story overall may not be it's highest point but the Southern accents from the lead is what makes this film one of it's strongest qualities containing the best scenerys I had ever seen on a film. Almost every frame of this film is like looking at a painting on a wall.

This is also director Robert Mulligan's final film who solidified his name on the map for directing "To Kill A Mockingbird" back in 1962 starring Gregory Peck.

*Contains spoils*
I just wanted to say that out of many movies I've seen, this has to be one of few I've seen on repeated viewings. And that the review I provided above is only a blatant review for readers who hadn't seen it. One of the reasons I'm drawn to this film so much is that it's situation between the two sisters still happens till this day- they're normally shown on talk shows particularly on Maury Pourvich and Jerry Springer. Anyways, this is my last warning to readers to stop reading since I'm going to summarize this movie from my point of view.

The first thing I'm going to say is that, it was 100% inevitable for Court Foster(Jason London) to die at the end. Had he had not die then we would never have witness the limits of the sisters unbroken relationship with one another, making the point that the entire set up had to happen the way that it did. Court may be the first person Dani (Reese Witherspoon) fell in love with, except that Court prefer to be with someone who is the same age as him, who coincidently happens to be Dani's sister, Maureen (Emily Warfield). I remember reading some reviews written by, I assume were female reviewers, and some had commended the Dani character for forgiving her sister for "stealing' the first boy she fell in love with, except that, what they failed to mention was that had Court chose to continue with this kind of relationship with Dani, he could've been locked up and charged for statutory rape with a minor since Court is 17 years old and Dani is only 14. The reviewers also failed to mention that Court liked Dani only as a friend and swimming partner- there was nothing else. The problem was Dani always seem to forget that Court just wanted to be friends and because of Dani's age, she's incapable to understand that. You know, when viewers are watching a movie, one must not forget what was said earlier, and some viewers seem to forget what was said to describe Dani made by the parents.
Matthew Trant: "She's getting too big to be running around wild as a jack rabbit.
Abigail Trant: It used to be she was too little, and now she's too big. I guess she passed up just right when nobody was lookin'."
And that had Court "met" both Maureen and Dani at the same time, he obviously would have fallen in love with Maureen in an instant, and Dani wouldn't even think too much of it since she was initially angry at him after being kicked out of her secret swimming spot. What ended up happening instead is Dani starting to fall in love for the first time, it was during then she was motivated to doing more chores in the family household which is how girls react since it's a sign of maturity which if she ever get to that age upon being married or looking after your so-called spouse 'chores' (which includes cooking) is an expected occurrence. This shows that girls can mature faster than boys. Director Robert Mulligan constructed this relationship on purpose so that Dani can garner time to fall in love with Court first, before he was able to get a chance to set eyes on Maureen as a 17 year old for the very first time in a long time since the last time they had ever saw each other they were still babies. As I initially saw it, the movie was really about Dani and Maureen's relationship and that the director was asking the question to viewers whether two very respectful sisters who love each other that much, can this bond ever be broken regardless how normal it appears. Had this movie didn't produce this kind of little love conflict about teenagers and first love then this movie wouldn't even be worth watching. We need to see this so that we as people can revaluate our own lives. This was even the first movie that used the term "manhandled" which says to me how men can often treat things in general.

I remember loaning this movie to a guy I know who often fought with his little brother and both are not in speaking terms, but after he saw this movie and told me how much he hated it, it may have contributed to mending the relationship with his brother. It was sometime near the end when the mother, allowed Dani to spend some quality time with the father who goes fishing whenever his wife goes to church. And at that point, he already knows that both Maureen and Dani are not in speaking terms. And while sitting on a boat, he says something along the lines of "And if you get so involved in your own pain that you can't see when someone else is hurting, you might as well crawl into a hole and pull the dirt right in on top of you 'cause you'll never be any good to yourself...or to anyone else." That scene near the end when Dani is alone with her father has to be one of the best scenes in the movie since it says to me that to be that forgiving person again can't always be found in a church. Director Mulligan once tackled 'racism' in To Kill A Mockingbird"- he's also tackled war on "Summer Of 69", well in this subtle instance of The Man In The Moon", he's tackling religion. Making the point that the church does not have all the answers to all of it's questions. When you listen to sermons quoted from pastors and priests they're preaching not just one person but to many people without having to understand whether or not you consist to have any of these problems or not. Dani's father, Mathew(Sam Waterson) personifies that you can still be wise, respected, moral and ethical without succumbing to any religion whatsoever. I mean, the thing is some of these pastors and priests don't even follow what they're preaching. If you've seen and watch the news as much as I have, "some" pastors and priests had committed adultery and murder.

4/4 stars
December 24, 2014
I love this movie its amazing
November 24, 2014
the best romance movie ever!!!!!
½ November 20, 2014
Spoiler! Not entirely sure who this was made for, a young girl who has a crush on an older 17 year old boy has her heart broken by her sister who sleeps with him. Then he is killed by a tractor accident. Then she comes to terms with the tragedy and after rejecting her sister she decides to make it up to her by consoling her. Interesting idea that life doesn't make sense, but there's not really much we can do about it. Witherspoon stole the show.
July 29, 2014
(First and only viewing - 11/15/2010)
½ July 13, 2014
beautiful film about young love and family values
May 25, 2014
Young Reese shines in this coming-of-age tale, which thrives more on the tone and the characters than on the storyline itself.
½ April 28, 2014
Good, wholesome (with some innocent naughty parts) movie about coming of age, sisterly bond and first love. Reese Whiterspoon already shows her acting potential in her debut at the age of 15.
April 23, 2014
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
April 23, 2014
The Man in the Moon begins quite well, but the ridiculously fictitious finale prevents its great cast from living up to anything but lies.
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