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January 8, 2017
I've been ask if I have seen many great movies that were from the 1990s. Here's one of them: Babe. Babe is the most unique family film I have seen in a long time. Director Chris Noonan teams up with Director George Miller (Mad Max movies), to create one of the most intelligent films ever made by bringing Dick King-Smith's classic book, The Sheep-Pig to life in the movie of a lifetime.

Babe tells the story of a young piglet named Babe(Christine Cavanaugh, who voiced Chuckie in Rugrats) who was separated by his family when he was young and was chosen in a "Guess the Weight" competition at a county fair. The winner of the competition, Farmer Arthur Hoggett (a stellar performance by James Cromwell), takes Babe home to his farm, and his wife Esme Hogget (Magda Szubanski) is planning to eat the pig.

Left alone in the barn, Babe gets adopted by a dog name Fly (Miriam Margolyes), and is accepted by her low-hearted husband Rex (Hugo Weaving). He befriends a sheep named Maa (Miriam Flynn), who becomes very nice to him and not treating him like a wolf, who harm the sheep. Babe also befriends an annoying, funny, quirky duck named Ferdinand (a hilarious Danny Mann), who learns that ducks are also used for dinner and decides to act like a rooster every morning to wake the farmer up.

Babe learns that pigs have no purpose on the farm and Fly decides to train Babe in to herding sheep. Which results in a shocking way for the Farmer who then decides to train him for sheep-herding competition which is only used for dogs, but Hoggett won't give up.

Due to spectacular visual effects to make the animals look like they are having a conversation, and an unforgettable script written by Noonan and Miller, Babe is listed as one of the greatest family movies of all time. James Cromwell's performance is astonishing and earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The film was also nominated for Best Picture of 1995. In my opinion, it is the best picture of 1995.

Apollo 13 may have unique visuals, but Babe's visuals were more realistic. Braveheart had wonderful direction, and screenwriting and I'm happy it won, but Babe was my favorite movie of the decade. I compared this with Toy Story as the greatest film or family film of 1995. It was a tough decision, but Babe won my heart way more. Babe is the movie everybody should watch. I am in love with this movie! One of the greatest films I have ever seen. It has drama, comedy, and a wonderful story to lift everybody's heart. Babe is a fun film the whole family can enjoy.
December 28, 2016
I grew up watching this film ,is actually not half bad.
November 30, 2016
161130: Could this be considered a Christmas film? Babe does sing Jingle Bells. From Ferdinand's animated behavior while standing six over Babe's attempt to steel the mechanical rooster to all the farm animals watching the first ever sheep-pig competition on TV, this film had me laughing out loud. Though a bit slow, and obviously anti-meat, Babe is a great film. Haven't seen it in years but my son's desire to have a pet pig forced the dust off this classic. And a classic it is. Even recognized a few unique features I'd missed in the past including the fact that Rex is actually Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) from the Matrix series. Trust me, Rex took on new meaning with this viewing. Seriously though; this film is a winner. Enjoy.
½ November 30, 2016
Still holds up well for a kid's movie. As a movie in general, I'm not as sure. It does feel a tad outdated by now.
October 30, 2016
Featuring beautiful cinematography and an uncommon amount of innocence and charm rarely seen in modern family films, Babe is an underrated yet irresistible treat for the whole family.
October 18, 2016
Having not watched this in about 20 years, watching it with the kids is a different experience, as they keep asking me to explain to them what's going on. My favourite take away as a parent now is this: there is no need to shout and scream to try to get things your way, just look at the little pig, he just treats the sheep nicely unlike the barking dogs; He talks softly and asks politely, and the sheep helps him out nicely.
September 12, 2016
This is great, might be the first live action film that Felix has sat through as well. Thankfully he really loved it, even if I got a little concerned at the peril Babe is placed in. A slaughterhouse opening sequence is tricky to explain to a 3 year old that loves sausages! This is charming and offbeat though. Perfect for a cuddle on the sofa on a Sunday,
August 11, 2016
Sweet and endearing - loved this movie.
½ July 31, 2016
Hate this movie. I want to kill that pig and eat him
½ June 26, 2016
Fantastic visual effects.
½ June 19, 2016
"That'll do, 'Pig.'"
½ May 2, 2016
A true family classic. A
April 7, 2016
What makes a runt extra special to be chosen out of a litter of pigs? Shear luck, their smart, or just the way things are. There is structure in this world, those whom are treated better than one another, those whom belong in certain places, and those whom have domain over one another. What places we journey unto, they are unfamiliar places, unknown. Those whom we meet along the way, those who we rely on to learn about our surroundings, what boundaries we must stay away from, what people or animal to trust, the whole scheme of things. What extreme emotion a pig goes through to adapt, learning about threats, boundaries, and place in a farm they are not born into knowing, or growing in establishing any principle of domain. When we cross it, we learn of the consequences that comes along with it. What trouble we get into, what disorganization we create we are not trained, we are not taught the rules.
Those whom we must stay away or those who must hide once we break the law. What we don't understand we must live with, we don't understand dominion, as to why we classify somethings my names, parents, masters, dangers, but we live orderly by its ways, when its ways are not always familiar to us. What we don't understand we live with, not knowing why somethings are inside treated better and why somethings are outside treated like animals that roam with no laws and rules.
What makes us special, is how fast we are able to understand the world and live by it and fall in line to its orderly ways. When being a wild animal instant tolerated, when we have humanly ways to keep eye on and follow order. This great emphasis on human life and managing this worldly ways, we need animals to fall in line of the food chain to give us the strength, the comfort, and domain to know we are in control. What lies beyond that unknown place, we only understand that we have to die to be food. When animals dont have that ability to to fight back, deny death, or choose to live the way it wants to.
When what makes us special, is how well we are able to adapt to our surroundings, able to be like the other animals, able to understand order of the farm able live accordingly to the farm life and not be troublesome. When we don't understand why things are sometimes orderly, things are just what they are. When their is laws of nature and laws of the farm we learn and conform to. When what makes special is how well we
When being an animal we stem from being proud of a long bloodline of proud orderly, obedient animal that has been chosen by humans to help with their daily human life. Loyal servants, loyal animals fit to be food for their master. When such structure is easily broken, replaced and changed, we feel that entire loyalty was for nothing. meaningless, and inferiority is not based on blood, years of service, or loyalty. When animals have to make the best of their dismal life, to create a proud heritage of service to be trampled, then why serve a master whom considers us replaceable, whom accepts other animals in the circle, and accepts other animals to make fun of such service.
When being an animal, we have great respinsibility as extreme an animal might see it, we dont. When not always we have performed well in our duties, that we are haunted at never making the same mistake again. When death is a common occurrence in the farm, that takes years of witnessing and living with that males us not see life as those whom arrive on the farm and see things alright. When there are threats that surround us we must be alert of, when we must always be on guard. When being inferior, means we must be strong, dominant, and overpowering to the things we control and the things we protect. When we must be strong for our responsibility, to being strong for our friends and family and not letting the master down. When death is the farthest thing from our mind, that we are able to see the world as fresh and new as the day we entered it.
When conformity and change is not always a bad thing, when it helps us when we are slow and unable at times when things go wrong and unable to recover. When having such backup, we rely on how fast and efficient they are that they do the job right. Even though we don't know how it works, but it does. (faxes and pigs). When establishing territory, we are always in a constant battle to be replaced and left out in the cold. When having to leave our place of priviledge, power, and comfort, is as threatening as death, that we fight.
When not all things we fight is to the death, but territory. When what we lack in strength we make up in mind. We are threatened when those whom are new take our place, and have the threat to be left out, and inferior. When we can easily manipulate those who threaten us to make them leave on their own, when they are faced with the realities of the world today in where we truly belong, in what short bloodline we come from and what happens to us that makes us feel less dominant and weak to our stomach that we can't no longer go foward. When who we are and what we are destined to become and go, we must accept when we are just pigs.
What makes us special, is how fast we are able to learn and understand this world that makes more than just a regular pig in our masters eye, but equals. When we are able to adapt to a life on a farm, to adapting to other species, other humans, and adapting to the world of laws and order, envirinments, threats, friendship and family that we are as early and born into this world as a spring chicken, that's what makes us special. When we have a heart of gold able to adapt to all these things, we are more human then most humans. When being human our appetites are unfullfilled, constantly hungry for more. When conformity is not a bad thing that we must accept. When separating what is different makes our appetite for hunger even more unquenchable. When we must co-exist in this world with what is different. When the nature's of this world is what baffles us, to the laws of this world we all have a place in it to co-exist, from lawful to unlawful, odd to normals, orthodox to unorthodox, humans to animals, race to race, order to unorderly, we must Co exist. When the world constantly changes so must we, able to adapt to how fast it may come and accept it. When we are special, when we have the support of our friends and family to get us on the right path and journey to our destiny. "Baby Ram Ewue"

When we don't know how special of a pig you have to come close to losing it.
March 23, 2016
that'll do pig. ok when i was 7ish maybe older. one thing that is good is that hugo weaver who plays agent smith in the matrix is the voice of the male sheep dog which is amusing.
March 20, 2016
Babe Is a hart worming movie for family to watch I would say people that like barn animals would like this movie and the music to this movie was good my favorite song was if I had words to make a day for you. And this movie has funny parts. So I would say kids and family will like this movie!
March 17, 2016
most classic movie ive ever seen. must see for all generations
March 15, 2016
Heartfelt and great acting from James Cromwell, Babe is a family film with fantastic visual effects and characters
March 7, 2016
A fun family adventure and a staple of my childhood it has amazing effects and animatronic work and never loses pace I would recommend it to anyone.
½ March 5, 2016
Still remember the sensation when it came out.
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