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February 11, 2017
Great film amazing Action and good races
½ January 22, 2017
It's intense story-telling and exhilarating situations cannot be saved of its deficient direction, dull moments and, of course it's sleek spirit.
January 12, 2017
could be worse ( actually it couldn't) it's dumb and I really don't like these films
10/10 on yelp
January 2, 2017
a difficult watch for those of us not interested in cars and are interested in good films. I heard that the series gets better so I'll give the sequels a chance.
December 30, 2016
It's good movie to watch
December 20, 2016
It was o.k., but I guess this just isn't my fantasy.
December 18, 2016
Warning: Spoilers

+Great Action
+Started a iconic franchise
+Brain and Dominic were great Characters
+Something that looked bland and simple was great
+Cool Racing Scenes
+Made Stars
-A Few boring Scenes
-A lot of characters have bland and similar personalities to each other
½ December 15, 2016
In it's core it's a fun racing movie with flashy cars. Nothing amazing but a fun "popcorn movie".
December 12, 2016
This one is my second favourite
½ December 5, 2016
The success of this franchise has been going strong now for 15 years. Little do people know about the original done in 1954. Cars, girls, and action. What else could I guy want? Rating: 7.5 / 10
½ November 28, 2016
Car chases are always the most exciting and climactic scenes of action movies. Judging by the name alone, The Fast and Furious is exactly what you would expect: an endless car chase. The movie features many adrenaline pumping scenes, as well as some interesting twists and surprises. It definitely fits into the action thriller movie category, but there may be more to it than most people expect.

This movie is the first in an ongoing series, with a new installment planned for 2017. In preparation for this new film, I revisited the origins of the series. As the series grows the movies seem to grow in popularity. These new emerging Fast and Furious fans should understand the beginning of the series, instead of simply enjoying the outrageous stunts in the new movies.

The film follows the story of Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker), a LAPD officer with a love of cars. His passion makes him the perfect candidate to be sent undercover in an attempt to infiltrate the street racing world and solve the mystery behind some high-speed truck robberies. However, before he can solve the case, Brian must navigate his way through the street racing world.

Brian attempts to enter the criminal underworld by eating a gross tuna sandwich every day. The shop where he buys these sandwiches is owned by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). Everything in the street racing world seems to revolve around Dom and, initially, Brian has no way of actually talking to him. Luckily, Dom's younger sister, Mia, (Jordana Brewster) serves Brian the gross sandwiches daily. As Brain begins to develop feelings for Mia, he is thrown out of the shop and told to never come back. Brian seems to have run out of options fairly early in the film, but when he saves Dom from a run-in with the police his chances of joining the crew grow dramatically.

Throughout the movie tensions continue to rise between Dom's crew and
Johnny Tran's (Rick Yune) gang of bikers. This conflict turns into Brian's opportunity to prove himself. After some slick driving and a few more car chases, he is finally accepted. That's when he learns that the group of racers is more like a family than a criminal organization. Brian becomes attached to the group and his police work begins to suffer. He is finally close to solving the case when the group travels to Race Wars. Then, in an attempt to learn the truth Brian is forced to reveal is identity, but that does not make the situation any easier. It all leads to a difficult question: where does his loyalty lie?

The Fast and Furious was released in 2001 and is the first installment in the growing series. Currently there are seven films, with an eighth addition planned for 2017. The first film in the series is directed by Rob Cohen and his probably his most well-known movie. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel star in the first film, as well as the whole series except the third film, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. The eighth film will not feature Paul Walker as he died in a car crash during the filming of the seventh movie. This series is Paul Walker's main legacy. Vin Diesel is most known for these movies, although he does have a variety of smaller roles in other films, such as Guardians of the Galaxy. As the Fast and Furious franchise progresses, the movies get more and more over-the-top. In the most recent movie, Brian and Dom jump between skyscrapers in a car. The first film has everything that the other movies have, except a seemingly-unlimited budget. It also introduces themes and relationships that are developed throughout the following movies. That is why I chose it. I believe that it is a good film to analyze because it sets the base for the series and the viewer cannot be distracted by all of the stunts and special effects.

Right off the bat, most people assume that this movie is not worth their time. How could a movie centered around car chases hold any cinematic value? This is where people should check themselves. Go into the movie with no judgement and then afterwards they can say what they want.

If those same pessimists did watch the movie, they may say that the acting was not very good. I agree with that evaluation. The dialogue often seems repetitive or unnatural and the actors' emotions either seemed to be turned all the way up or completely off. This does not bother me though. While the acting is not exceptional, the characterization is very good. The viewer can get a feel for each character very early in the movie and the characters continues to develop in the film and throughout the series. The exceptional characterization easily makes up for the questionable acting.

Other anti-fun viewers would describe the many car chases as overkill. What did they expect? The movie is called The Fast and Furious. While there are more chase scenes than most movies, those scenes make sense in a movie that is focused around cars. The chases are not just thrown in for a quick thrill like in other movies. Each chase scene fits in the context of the movie and needs to occur for the story to progress.

In terms of plot, I do not care what movie snobs say about the film, but I would expect even the strictest critic would give the movie credit in this area. The plot is very interesting and keeps the audience engaged for the whole film. The conflicts between characters give the film some tense scenes and the humorous scenes will leave the audience chuckling. Overall, the movie is a thriller, but with hints of other genres throughout. The plot obviously keeps the audience interested because six films have been made since the first one and they all build off of each other.

The Fast and Furious franchise is my favorite movie series. With the first movie leading the way as one of the best. I understand that many people criticize these movies for a variety of reasons and I probably agree with most of these criticisms. My problem with these people is that they reduce the film to what was wrong with it, failing to acknowledge the successes that the movie series accomplishes. If I were to rate the movie from a critical point of view I would give it a 7 out of 10 because I recognize that the movie is lacking in many areas that are important to film critics. This number would probably turn most serious movie watchers away if that is all that they saw. However, if anyone asks me if I recommend the movie, I would volunteer to drop everything and watch all seven with them right away. This would take just under 14 hours and it would be worth every second. They would have the chance to experience the compelling plot and meaningful themes first-hand. However, if somehow that person said that it was a waste of time, I would politely tell them that I respect their opinion, but it is wrong. If you do not consider yourself a movie snob, I highly recommend The Fast and Furious. You will not be disappointed.
November 6, 2016
Brian ( Paul Walker) un agente del FBI entrará de encubierto en una banda de corredores de autos con el fin de investigar una serie de crímenes. Pronto se verá envuelto en el mundo de Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) e iniciará una relación con su hermana Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster). Brian buscará desenmarañar el mundo del criimen que se esconde detras de las noches de carrreras y velocidad entre autos tunneados y vértigo
October 20, 2016
Enough thrills to make it worth watching
August 26, 2016
Maybe more like a 2.75/5. Could have used a little tightening up, but it was fun, and that's what it was supposed to be
August 26, 2016
The Fast and the Furious is pumped to entertain in both good and bad ways possible.
August 18, 2016
While never quite as good as it wants to be, The Fast and the Furious nevertheless remains a cult classic thanks to some amazing action sequences/race scenes and the performances of Vin Diesel (in one of his most unforgettable roles to date) and Paul Walker (may he rest in peace).
August 7, 2016
Iconic. Fun. Fast-paced.
August 3, 2016
best out of the seriers
½ August 2, 2016
By no means is this a brilliant recommendation, but rather the best of the four original movies in this series. With a seemingly talented cast put to waste on poor material to work with, this movie grinds to a definite halt long before the end credits start rolling.
Verdict: C
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