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May 14, 2018
Well filmed, acting was OK, characters were likeable, BUT... sigh... couple of things:
1) I never felt like there was any tension or drama - you KNEW it would work out for Michael in the end - there was no foil for him
2) Sandra Bullock needs a PC movie so she can get an Oscar? And of course, where there is racism, there are SOUTHERNERS! Stop TALKING like that Sandra! It is distracting as heck!
3) 'you had a BED???' felt like that running gag from Deadpool
½ March 18, 2018
An Oscar-baiting biopic that's less about Michael Oher, and more about giving rich, white ladies a chance to pat themselves on the back.
January 27, 2018
A movie which will initially evoke feelings of "been there, seen that", The Blind Side is a based on true events sports drama which strikes the viewers with its huge heart, touching and inspirational story. A simple and predictable delivery, it explores the loving and giving nature of people, without falling into annoying or boring cliches.

John Lee Hancock's delivery tells the true story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a poor teenager whose fate is changed when the Tuohy family (Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw) open their house to him. A story of giving love, helping each other and believing in success, The Blind Side would have been just another feel-good tear-jerker if it was not for smooth blend of drama and comedy as well as the brilliant performances of Quinton Aaron and especially Sandra Bullock. Both of them, directed by Hancock, succeed to deliver moments of tears and moments of fun to the audiences in an extremely convincing and heart-warming way. The story of how Michael was saved and elevated from poor, crime-soaked environment to a college and NFL stardom is one that will surely please the mainstream viewers. However, what deserves also a significant attention is Sandra Bullock's performance. The depiction of the conservative, but determined Leigh Anne Tuohy is one that earns admiration. Bullock succeeds to amplify the dramatic moments and touch the hearts of the viewers with her endless believe in good and second chances, which ultimately got her the Academy Best Actress Award

In conclusion, The Blind Side is one of these rare and delightful gems which go completely against the odds of the majority of deliveries from this painfully known and cliched genre. A movie to be seen over and over again, the story of Michael Oher is one that I would strongly recommend (and watch over and over again).
½ January 15, 2018
I really enjoyed the movie ''The Blind Side'' because of Michael Oher and how it didn't matter if he was poor and homeless he got given a second chance and got taken in by a family that really cared for him and pushed him to be the greatest and got drafted into the NFL.This movie is a great reason why you should not give up on your dreams because there are people out there that have nothing.
December 24, 2017
When you look at the final credits and the face of the real guy, too bad they couldn't find a face as happy as his. Everyone was great in this except for the main star--always looked unfeeling whereas the rest were so happy to have him for a family member.
½ December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Una desbordante actuación de Sandra Bullock y una hermosa y emocionante historia.
November 30, 2017
Love this movie, just heart warming and so nice to see.
I love the acting and the little moments this movie has pretty much all the time.
Its like those damn onion cutting ninjas wont go away during the whole two hours
November 29, 2017
This life altering movie was based on a true story. It focuses on the life of Michael Oher. In this heart jerking movie, we better understand how life is different for everyone. Michael Oher, a high school teenager, is a ward of the state. Leigh Anne Tuohy, who is played by Sandra Bullock, is a upperclass woman that is a take charge person and is not afraid of anyone or anything. His father, as we eventually find out, killed himself by jumping off of a bridge. His mother was a bonafide crack head. Michael Oher was virtually homeless and survived on his own, but one night Michael was out on the streets with nowhere to go and his life would be forever changed. His adoption into the Tuohy family helped him, but the members of the Tuohy family lives would never be the same. It's not just about a rich white woman helping out a poor black kid, it's more than that. It's about the change of a family. When they show the real footage of the Tuohy family, with Michael, you realize what an impact it has on you. Other than that, it is an enjoyable film. The real Michael Oher went on to play college football at Ole Miss and then on to playing in the National Football League for the Baltimore Ravens.
November 17, 2017
This is a movie of polar opposites. As much as we are directed to feel good for Michael, there is a striking amount of advertisements glorifying the entry to college and financial security as the ultimate goal. It never once settles on his happiness, but his achievements, therefore, it is a flawed but successful crowd-pleasing studio attempt.
Super Reviewer
½ November 4, 2017
While the politics of this are extensively offensive it's packaged as innocent entertainment, hiding its "some of my best friends are black" subtext in plain view. As bad as Reefer Madness was about marijuana, and a career low for Bullock.
October 29, 2017
I felt emotional radiation coming off screen from The Blind Side.
October 20, 2017
It is a good story told from the wrong side.
September 28, 2017
makes you have a laugh.
September 13, 2017
A true story that I enjoy watching there where funny moments that made me laugh
½ July 24, 2017
Overcoming some pacing errors and cliché moments, The Blind Side is an otherwise touching, inspiring and very moving experience.
June 27, 2017
A good movie, leaving you with a feel-good feeling. Showing the struggles of Quinton's character, from being poor and uneducated to receiving a football scholarship, gives you a proud feeling of joy and happiness for the cast.
June 25, 2017
An extraordinary true story, quite moving and touching. A good movie that shows that even some of the wealthiest persons have a good loving heart and the will to help people in need.
June 24, 2017
''You threat my son,you threat me''
An amazing story, based on true events. Such a great movie, don't know what else to say.Congratulations to Sandra Bullock for her Oscar,she absolutely deserved it with this amazing performance !!! Amazing job !!!
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