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May 26, 2018
An amazing western and one of the rare remakes that's apparently better than the original, although I never saw it. It's supported by two superb gastly and heroic performances from Russel Crowe and Christian Bale. The film shows us how far a man would go to save his family from starvation, as well as the relationship between two very different characters. And on top of that, we get of bunch of classic western shoot-outs. It's a great story and it'll obviously go down as of the best of the genre. Recommended !!
½ May 11, 2018
Probably the best western movie I've seen this decade, right up there with "In a Valley of Violence".
½ May 10, 2018
western night at the hobbit den... with this strong new mexico made film if ya feel like a western with modern sensibilities...and a strong cast....well.... ya know .
April 9, 2018
What an honest and captivating western.

This one was a treat through and through with Bale's and Crowe's performances. The colourful supporting cast only added to the great experience this was. Not necessarily through talent like the two stars, but with flavor and solid acting.

The story is straight to the point with great pacing and a rising crescendo, and while doing that it still manages to illustrate fascinating characters and complex interactions that keep you guessing till the very last gunshot. Honestly, it's been a long time since a movie kept me guessing this much about what the characters will end up doing in the end. This especially surprised me considering this is a western where characters are usually flat as a board.

The themes of the movie were well trodden, but the movie brought them up in very elegant and honestly beautiful ways. I just felt it was much more poignant than what you'd usually expect out of a western.

The production of this movie was also great. Everything looked the way I expected it to. Nothing felt cheap. Technically the movie was also incredibly solid and cohesive. Not outstanding, but still good enough to seal the deal.

The fact that I started off telling myself "I bet this is going to be the most predictable plot..." and quickly changed my tune to coming up with wild theories about what's going to happen is what really sold me on the experience of this movie.
April 2, 2018
I hate westerns, but this film won me over from the first scene and got progressively more compelling and entertaining with each new turn. Bale and Crowe's ability to act and sound like the historical and mythical American Westerners of my imagination was entirely convincing. I loved this movie..!
March 15, 2018
3:10 To Yuma is a fiery remake of an insignificant original western, delivering all the gunfire action in a classic shootout alongside two great performances from Christian Bale and Russell Crowe.
February 10, 2018
I've never seen the first film, but before watching this version I decided to read Elmore Leonard's short story by which this movie is based on. In the short story, Russell Crowe's character is taken to Contention in the opening lines. We find out he is awaiting the 3:10 to Yuma to take him to prison.
In the movie, Russell Crowe couldn't have done a better job as Jim Kidd in the story and Ben Wade in the film. Also, Christian Bale is outstanding as Paul Scallen in the book and Dan Evans in the movie.
Overall, this movie was outstanding and certainly has become one of my all-time favorite Westerns. It is filled with plenty of action and fully developed characters that blend together to form a suspenseful plot.
½ February 3, 2018
When what is above takes what is below when it's the law who go after the unlawful. When what is below takes from what is above the law when they are unlawful. When what is above are those who can take what is below and above when they live unlawfully to how they see it.

Living according to the law, living according to be unlawful. Those caught in the middle living by and by, have another living they have abide, follow, that's dignity. Out in the west, it's kill or be killed, unless you have a little dignity as a unlawful legend. Dignity is only for those whom make us who we are. Other dignity we see immediately in others whom we idealize, whether a respectable family man. Regardless, you the fastest gun slinger out here, you make the rules once old rules are broken. Out here your known by your family, your known by whose shoes you have walked in, whose shoes you are going to walk in, and whose shoes you knocked right off their foot. Your legacy remains, cause you survived, stayed out of trouble, danger, kept your nose clean. Some legacy remains when your good at what you do, and your more dirtier then what your family proceeds you. Some legacy dies when you get mixed up in it.
We follow this group, when it leads us to riches, has the greatest mind to plan a job, can follow what's right and mix it with what's wrong, and justify that the cause is justified. Not all unlawful man have the blood thirst, just good man, doing right, that follow the wrong path when cruel life's fate takes a wrongful turn.
There is more to the unlawful man then meets the eye. You never know what will turn up with every path we cross.
"Come to wake some snakes"
Living life according to dignity, getting paid for honest days work. Accepting payment from a dishonest man for being honest to you, is only fair between you too, but not when you have moral code to follow for the town and law (Wrong Legends & Rightful heroes). Your town is filled with law man, that you can't cheat.
We all live according to some moral code, a man whom defends his family's honour, providing for their family, and some being loyal and following the right path. Sometimes those whom are good, and don't follow their word or yours and are disloyal and not listening, you cant help but being honest to others and dishonest to those who are dishonest (God & Man).
Whatever we follow in this God forsaken town, whether it's laws, codes, money, morality, it's always comes down to life or death. What we consider justice, we take in our own hands, trial, or something unforseeable.

Some paths we take for money more harder to earn then others. whether these paths are moral or immoral, it gets even crueller in every town you go. When we live according to some dignity in towns where ungodly ways are bred, where undignified men live we live according to a life we know, born into, can't help ourselves bu t fall victim to temptation. When being in the wrong place and time can either be life or death, it can be rewarding and unrewarding. We don't know what dangers loom, some more familiar with the dangers, as they live among them their whole life, living according to a dignified life is harder to comeby.
When dignity is no longer an option, and we do everything for money when we are desperate, pays for our life town to town, pays for lifestyle, pays for loyalty, pays for our way out of prison, we live according to a life that made us the legend we are, and the victims it has claimed. When dignity is insignificant, when we have revenge on our mind to care. When we can talk our way through anything, charms, wit, knowledge and it's insignificant, when we have rewards to think about. When we go from town to town, we have law and order to abide to, that makes it peaceful for a reason, that no money, no life, no reason matters when we must uphold what our duty is. We don't always know what we get into, or what dangers lurk from town to town, when different paths come through those doors all the time, and time is money, when we got business on our mind. When living according to dignity doesn't matter when we got an army or out numbered, out gunned and all that matters is living.
When no duty is worth our life, and we are playing the Devils hand and gambling with our life. There is nothing we live according to when your faced with death, and all you have to do is be just like the thing your not. When living according to the gun, there is no dignity in the lives we have taken, for the actions we have done, when we live according to something deeper, the love for your family, being known for something that puts his family on the right path to something greater then a child of a someone whom has to settle for less, that one last sense of dignity that puts those shame to rest from town to town, and you can live either for your family, or live in your children.

When we have to live according to something we follow, but not by its teachings, but as a reminder when life changed and went all wrong. When we had to decide which path to take on our own.

When we can't change what we have done, and correct what we did wrong, but we have a chance to do what's right, because we see eye to eye on one thing that is good in our life whether it's a good man having to die for his family when the government, people and a unlawful man is responsible for when everything went wrong in his life to take his life.
When the last bit of dignity we have to follow is putting everything back as right, living the life we are intended to live, paying for the life we lived from the lives we have taken, and earning the life we worked hard for because someone handed his life unto us. The one right path we cross in our entire life we restore ones dignity.

Or is giving back worth it, when your undignified your whole life to put a stop to it. When in the it is what we do our entire life that catches up with us. If we live according to life from town to town, we live on, our legend lives on, we never pay, and we live the life we intended because we did it on our own thanks to some helpful chumps along the way. Who is watching us, when there is no god, no man, no law, rule, code, money, family, life that holds us down or stops us when we are just that damn good.
December 27, 2017
Classic Western Remake that is better than the classic Western. Bale is outstanding playing the low key humble farmer vs the charismatic killer played by Crowe. In the end you must wonder did Crowe change his ways or not.
½ December 27, 2017
Great film by Mangold, good performances, an enjoyable return to the west.
December 19, 2017
This is definitely my favourite western. Russel Crowe is on top form as always, Christian Bale gives a great performance also. The storyline is brilliant it keeps you watching from start to finish. I love Ben Foster I?m pretty much everything I?ve seen him in but I?d say this is his best role, he?s incredibly menacing!
November 25, 2017
I hate cowboy movies but this was a great story.
November 2, 2017
3:10 To Yuma: A western masterpeice. 3:10 To Yuma is fast paced, well acted, vehemently directed and thoroughly entertaining.
½ October 16, 2017
One of the best of the more recent westerns. Enjoyed it more than the original
October 8, 2017
Instantly one of my favorite movies let alone favorite western. The cohesiveness between Bale and Crowe makes for a truly immersive experience to the viewer. They could not have castes the film any better, all the feels from Bale's character, trying to show his son what's right and provide for his family. Crowe's character who is "bad" but has some good in him, then the character Charlie, the true outlaw.
½ September 28, 2017
Plot is ridiculous and makes no sense, literally and figuratively
September 21, 2017
more westerns need to be made like this one
September 11, 2017
This movie started off slow, but it got much better as it went on. The ending was a bit of a killjoy, but overall this movie is decent. Not one of the best westerns, but certainly one worth checking out if you like the genre.
½ August 17, 2017
I watched this movie with my flatmates and we were bitterly disappointed. We enjoyed the beginning and the beautiful scenery the movie shows again and again. The Set has been carefully selected and felt real. We all felt the music supported the movie very well (one of us writes music for movies for a living). Also we liked the Acting and the developing Relationship between Crowe, Bale&Son. All in all very good BUT The Story line is completely implausable.

The twists and turns the movie takes are far-fetched and you cannot relate to the decisions the main characters makes. There are so many (too many) situations where we could not enjoy the movie just because its so implausable people would behave that way...


As a traindriver would you make a halt at a station when you hear there is a gunfight in the city?
If Yes: Would you still halt there if all the rifles are pointed directly at your station?
If Yes: Would you still stand there if they are shooting at your train?
If Yes: You should not be a traindriver....

As a laborer who has to load boxes onto a train. If your trainstation is surrounded and everyone is pointing their rifles at your direction and obviously there will be a major shootout any second from now. Would you:

a) fear for your life, hide and hope you don't get shot
b) think its more important to put these boxes onto the train right now!

As a guard of one of the most feared criminals in the US. Hunted by his Gang and deep in territory of the Apache tribe known for killing all intruders. At night would you:

a) stay as invisible as possible
b) light up a major campfire to warm yourself up a bit.

It's the little things I wrote here - and there are a lot more of them. They make the movie unrelatable - especially because the Story line is super strange as well. The ending is weird, out of this world, complete fantasy and a culmination of all the bad things in this movie.
August 14, 2017
Might take a more action-oriented route than most westerns before, but it still is able to achieve most of the high points from the original and is able to echo the more gritty, violent aspects of the modern western soundly.
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