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March 7, 2017
It takes quite a long time of looking at similar-looking women before the viewer starts to see a connection.
December 3, 2016
Slow pacing and mostly uninteresting story threads undo this would be Altman film. It only really comes alive when Hopkins is on screen.
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½ February 17, 2016
An unimpressive drama about people, decisions, situations - vague as it sounds and using a high-class cast to state the obvious. The stories are never resonant, while the characters are never given enough time to develop into flesh-and-blood figures.
October 4, 2015
With a stellar international cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Ben Foster, Jamel Debbouze and Moritz Bleibtreu, 360 is a moving and exciting dramatic thriller that dazzlingly weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships.
September 26, 2015
Quite televisual, pretty whimsical, mildly entertaining.
½ September 12, 2015
While far from boring, the supposedly winning combination of Meirelles and Morgan yields a bit of a dud. An all star cast and kinetic direction can't salvage an ultimately thin and meaningless script with nothing to say on the subject of life and its many pitfalls and forks.
April 14, 2015
Some reviewers just don't get it. A group of stories connected with great acting and editing. Anthony Hopkins not credited here gives his usually great performance and Brazilian actress, Maria Flor charming as was Czech actress Gabriela Marcinkova
March 25, 2015
Fallido film con un gran reparto.
½ March 8, 2015
Just plain not good. That's all I can really say.
August 13, 2014
Movies linking different stories taking place all over the world are usually are praised for the interweaving plot coming together with some big revelation. Think about Babel, universally praised for mixing intercontinental tragedy. I liked it moderately, as it was a bit too gloomy, and I would not put it in my top-ten list.

On the other hand, 360 working on a similar take, was vilified almost unanimously. On a different merry-go-round we have the stories of an English businessman ready to stray with a prostitute in Bratislava, while his wife is already straying in London with a Brazilian guy, whose fiancée is dumping him for said infidelity and travelling back home, etc...

Since the prostitute is having her photos taken by a photographer for her online advert, the movie starts and finishes with a girl entering the study, thus coming round 360 degrees. A couple of stories are quite weak, such as the Brazilian girl meeting a sex offender en route to Brazil and the prostitute's sister running away with a stranger. However, compared to Babel what is missing here is mega tragedy and that is exactly what made Babel so pretentious, with its existentialist grandeur.

Therefore, I liked it better because in 360 characters' lives are more "normal" - except, perhaps, the Russian mobsters - and their lives are not experiencing huge calamities. They just change or adjust slightly. I guess that was not liked by the critics (and public). Nowadays, a level of extra-drama seems to be required in ever massive doses to relieve with excitement our numbed existences ... at least for a couple of hours.
July 25, 2014
There's variety in the characters, which is a plus. The film has an interesting and unexpected plot twist in the end, which puts this film above other multiple-storylines movies.
July 14, 2014
I had to read the wikipedia page to get to know that it was a study on the sexual morality of people from all around the world, because to me it was very unclear what it was meant for this movie. Very confused, with a lot of character, most of which totally uninteresting, and stories that seems linked with some not very believable situations. The cast was too good for a movie like that.
June 2, 2014
The effort is worth it; bringing characters together from totally unrelated worlds/countries/stories ...etc, and then create a circumstantial relation between them... Going a little bit deeper into the characters would have been a remarkable movie, but nonetheless, very watchable..
½ May 6, 2014
another 'crash' wannabe weaving several stories together
½ April 18, 2014
I had bigger expectations about it Crash was in my mind, well I was mistaken
April 7, 2014
Good movie! Good acting a bunch of different stories of people's life. I Usually dont like these kind of movies b ut it works and is very interesting if you can get into it. I don't know what the big name critics are talking about being a bad film? There allways wrong about films!
March 23, 2014
An enjoyable and entertaining film with a foundation of synchronicity and human connections.
March 7, 2014
Some movies with seemingly connecting stories about central themes may succeed, like Pulp Fiction, but 360 doesn't seem to live up to that completely. The whole movie is like a dozen or so separate stories intertwined into one motion picture, so I can't judge the whole movie as a whole. Instead, I will go through each one:

My favorite storyline in this movie was the one with Sergei and the woman he rides with in his car. I really felt for him as his abusive boss sleeps with hookers, bosses him around, and gives him no respect, because all Sergei could really do was watch and act polite so that he won't get fired. The woman in his car symbolizes his escape from all this, the start to a new life, in which Sergei can be happy. She makes him smile and both seem to like each other. Once Sergei drove off with her, all was right with the world and I couldn't help but smile.

The storyline with the Algerian man (Jamel Debbouze) and the woman he loved was intriguing but never fully captured my attention. When he decided to solve the problem of his urgings, I was both sad and mad with how he handled it, and wished it could've ended differently. But, that's the way life works.

Jude Law and Rachel Weisz's storyline seemed pointless to elaborate on. It connected with the other storylines, and was a crucial link to pull the stories together, but it wasn't interesting at all.

The storyline with the sex offender and Lara had a good ending and a lesson learned, but it was kind of stupid. Would a woman be *that* naïve to let a man into her hotel room without any knowing who he was? A hookup at a bar is one thing, but hooking up with a random man at the airport who acts suspicious and is unwilling to go to any hotel room is plain stupid and foolish. To add to that, he is a recently released sex offender! While she obviously didn't know he was a sex offender, she didn't know who the man was to begin with, and that plot point was desperate and unrealistic.

Anthony Hopkins' quest to find his daughter was very well done, and I loved this storyline. His interactions with Lara were realistic and excellently written.

The story of the two hookers at the beginning was unsettling and unsatisfying. It was realistic, but the depth on which the movie pursued them was unnecessary.

There were many other stories that happened, but the ones I mentioned were my favorites, and the others I didn't mention seemed like filler.

Overall, the script in this movie was wonderful, but some of the stories were weak and some were excellent, so some stuck out while others didn't. One big thing about this movie is how realistic it was. Nothing in it seemed to good to be true, except maybe the story with Lara. This movie was basically about human interaction and the consequences following it. It showed how everything in life is connected somehow. In fact, the whole movie seemed to be about people meeting and interacting with each other as they are sad in their own lives because of a cheating husband, abusive boss, etc. That is the main theme, and it is presented well and repetitively.
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½ March 3, 2014
"360" starts with Mirka(Lucia Siposova) taking her top off for a photographer(Johannes Krisch) as her disapproving sister Anna(Gabriela Marcinkova) looks on in Vienna. To Mirka, it is all in her plan to make lots of money as an escort. Her first date turns out to be with Michael Daly(Jude Law), a visiting businessman. Or it would have if not for a fellow businessman(Moritz Bleibtreu) who accidentally comes between them before turning it all to his advantage.

"360" begins promisingly enough with Mirka's tale before moving on to others. But it soon becomes clear that she is about the only character in this depressing melange whose fate the viewer can really care about. The fact that her story is eventually resolved in the most improbable way possible is only one of the movie's problems. The tone throughout is dreary, with a group of characters who only have guilt in common between them. These sinners include would-be-adulterers, adulterers, stalkers, an alcoholic looking for his missing daughter and, to top it all off as broadly as possible, a sex offender just released from prison into the purgatory of Denver International Airport. Along with three characters, the movie gets stuck there instead of making a few more quick stops on its world tour to add a little diversity and pick up the pace a little. In the end, I'm not sure what the filmmakers were aiming at here but they definitely need to lighten the hell up.
February 15, 2014
everything comes a full circle. I liked it .
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