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February 4, 2018
(6 out of 6)- Cup of Hot Chocolate, definitely see again

When what we see in such places and time we don't see how special such places are until they are gone. When such places we see all the time what we hate and like. When there are other places we see all what we hate and like within time. When we don't see the place where our life changes until it happens when time makes special moments happen. When we see such places we can go others tell us what places it is possible when it's time travel. When such places we see passed down from family member to family member we see what such places means when it's a family time kept secret. When such places we go we see we can undo time to go in the past to do it differently.

When we see what time we have to do all what we wanted to do we see such places that can take us there when it's time for others to pass down what they have ample of time doing to see it's now time to give it to others. When we see that what we know what such places are all about others don't know, but we do when we learn from our mistakes to go back in time to the same places.* When such places we wish to go we see the possibilities in going such places when time is on our side to redo, but such places that others wish us to go eventually lead us to no place in time. When we embark in new places we see time away can enrich us in different places and sadden those in other places when growing up is hard in such places for everyone to face.

When such places we reach we don't see what time will bring of those at the door when others could use a time machine to redo some moments they lost in their own place & time seconds ago they wish return. When we see a place can hold just about and place and moments in time we wish to go back in time for but see we are the only lucky ones. When we see such places we share in common we see what time will bring together when we see something's and don't see other things to see what places hold when they are unpredictable. When what places we see that seeing doesn't matter we see we have plenty of time to try anything new in such places to meet those new. When what places we reach when other places don't matter are deeper places that we rely on when time to get to know one another makes us reach those places faster. When what places those automatically go are back to places that makes them hopelessly not fall in love when putting time on other places and not into deeper places we see what matters to most for others, when they see us just fine.

When such places others attend to we see things can go all wrong to put us out of place when time can only tell what others can't do and redo that changes such places until those get it right. When what places we see time apart takes us we miss out on other olaces to see those again. When what place we make for those to be in high places we see what place we need to go when we see we have another chance that time travel isn't needed when we have all the time in the world to wait for those who might be in such places. When what place others take are places with those they are unsure about when time can only tell what such places will bring when it's early. When what places time has more for is history when some places holds those in time when they don't age a day older over time to place them in any place & time when they are super. When places we see those we waited to see we see what time we have and no time they had with one another we don't seem to be going places. When we see what place others hold are risk takers when what others see as wierd others see differently to make place.

When what place we try to make it in time before others to redo such moments in time in what gets us in other places with those we intended to be placed with. When what place others make for others are those who see eye to eye with us that we invest more time with. When what place we spend more time with are places where we share more of eachother to see whether we want more time & other places. When we see what more time can bring us when it's into those places of places that we can go back in time again and again until we get it right.

When what place we are knocked right off from are places of wollow when we see what places of love bring when time brings us the perfect man & woman. When what places we have been to when we are going places with those when time makes us do wierd things. When places we reach that others reach we see how little time we have to make those places seem natural. When we see what place we want to make for those to only put others in their place to stay away when we need more time and places with those we love.

When what places we go with others we see familiar places that we know time will not allow to stay away. When what unexpected places we see time does allow are second chance places that we see we have time to get to know more of such places we drifted from in what others don't know to know what time will bring. When such places others bring us to we need to get back to other places when time brings us to the realization of who we want to be with in every place and time. When we see that all the time in the world to go any place isn't what we want when there is no place and no time we rather be then with those by our side.

When such places we reach, are places we once what time brings in such places to announce moments. When other places others reach are places that doesn't turn out to what others see during their time in such places to return to other places.* When what places we reach over time are places where we are happy to be with those we love to see more of in what we see eye to eye with.

When what places we reach we make it official when it's time to get married in what we wish to see for the rest of our life. When not everything we wish to see go as planned when bad timing can take such places by storm. When we need to make such places perfect to put those in the right place when time brings those to places that takes others places to know who is well suited. When what others places ahead of everything in such places we see what time we can't take back are our harsh words.

When what places others arrive to are places in what time will bring us when we don't see where we are going as others do. When such places we reach we reach on time when others reach darker places they don't see they are fit to go places. When what place others place themselves are places they see are natural. When what places we show those when it's too late to not be too late we see the place where it all began when not seeing right in the place and time we can fix.*

When what new places we arrive we see what place and time we see clearly what is in front of our eyes all along. When what places we can't change are places that already permanently happen that we see time can't change when its birth of our first born. When what other places we can't change are others places when a new time and place we can't go beyond when we see no other way. When what we see and others see are what they can change when time still can take us places with others. When what places we reach when we see we have covered all what time we need to go back in time for we see that we don't need it as much when we are in a happier place with those.

When what places we see time wouldn't change when it's our mind in what we want to see that we can't change once it's done. When we see that there are moments we can change and other moments we can't change when time doesn't see such places we don't know exists. When there are moments that forever we can't change to only go in such places in time that wouldn't change anything but means the world to those who have little time on this world to hold as long they can when ample of time brings them to the happiest place and time in their life, us.

When what place we are in now we see that moments we do miss out are places where we see and cherish all that is not perfect to see what we can do within that time that time travel is not needed to make a difference in what life brings us plenty of time to do, be humanly imperfect.

When what place others hold for us we take those places to heart when we might not see right but feel right in such places that time can't take away. When we see what new places we might have others take within time, to see others places permanently gone when it's time to say goodbye. When we can choose to have all places that are dear to us when time gives us a chance to spend it with everyone within times grasps or go new places with those in what they want when we see eye to eye with them. When we don't see moments in time that are not worth spending as much time with those as we can we see what places it takes us when time is on our side that we know when time is up and we have to say goodbye that every place is special when it all goes away. When we see time heals all that new places fills other missing places and we embark on the new time we have with those who go places, using time wisely and seeing one another before time is up and we end up in those other places.

When what extra time and places we give to those we see that they use it wisely to not make the same mistakes as we did when time is precious.

When we see ourselves inadequate among ordinary, extraordinary family and friends we begin to see how lucky we really are. When we just enjoy seeing what we like seeing and dreading seeing other things when we know what we like seeing. When somethings we enjoy seeing and hate seeing for other reasons we only wish to see somethings come to an end. When we dont see it is the start of our life when we get to see the family secret passed down.
When what we hear & see we cant believe when its unbelieveably true. When
February 3, 2018
Highly emotional towards the end???? I have a soft spot for this movie well worth watching even if your not into romcoms it will pull on your heartstrings 10/10
January 29, 2018
Every time this movie brings me to tears. Many messages but I think the ones I take from it are,
Enjoy your life, even the parts that dont seem so amazing cause in the end they help you see the beauty in everything else
And dont waste your time with your mother/father cause you dont know how long they will be around. Show them love as they love you.
This is probably my favourite movie ever. Love is a beautiful thing.
January 16, 2018
About Time is one of my favourite guilty pleasure movies that I just love to watch over and over and just enjoy the story of love I'm being told. I know this movie isn't perfect so it shouldn't really be a 5 star movie but it's one of my favorites and I just love everything about it so to me it is a 5 star movie. This movie is a perfect combination of a romantic drama with a little bit of a science fiction twist and the mixture is amazing together in this film. The plot is so brilliant and has some funny moments and some very sad tear jerking moments. It engaged me throughout the whole journey and I felt the connections that the characters in the movie felt it was a magical experience. The actors/actresses did a fantastic job as well Domhnall Gleeson gives a performance I loved and really connected with him and felt like you were in his shoes making certain life changing decisions, but the real star of the movie is Rachel McAdams she was amazing in this movie and in my opinion probably her best performance of her career. She was a great choice as the little insecure girl at the beginning falling in love with Tim. Some more were Bill Nighy who provided some comedy relief in certain parts of the movie, also Lydia Wilson played Kit Kat very well for an actor I'm not very familiar with. The themes in this movie are also very important and work well with the movie structure. So About Time is an emotional journey of plenty ups and downs that really makes the audience connect with the story and the characters. The plot is outstandingly written, the actors did a fantastic job and the tone shifts are on point and really captures the right emotion for every single scene. In my eyes this is a perfect movie.
½ January 15, 2018
Bill Nighy and Tom Hollander are a treat to watch but everything else is pretty much unforgivable. It's also a shame that there seem to be so few time travel movies that don't tie themselves up in knots.
December 26, 2017
A beautiful movie on every level you can think of. The characters are funny and natural and the music and photography/cinematographu is stunning. The ending is a bit overly sentimental in it's message, but I forgive it. I forgive everything.
December 19, 2017
Nice, classy, and romantic. Pleasure to watch.
½ December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.5

Una entrañable, original y divertida historia, que al final puede resultar muy emocional.
December 13, 2017
The most normal movie ever made on a para-normal! There are almost no hair-raising scenes anywhere in this sugary sweet movie and that's what makes it immensely enjoyable. Not just a good romcom but even better as a father-son movie.
December 8, 2017
One of the best romantic comedies Ive ever seen. The film really just shows how life is.
December 2, 2017
This movie was a pleasant surprise. It is romantic, but it also appeals to the sci-fi nerd in me that loves time travel stories. It is worth watching for the most part. You can even save it for date night.
November 20, 2017
Absolutely enchanting- watched it many times without fail
November 7, 2017
Nice simple life story. Life lessons on how to live your life
November 6, 2017
Best film of this current decade, for very personal reasons. It really hit home.
October 30, 2017
awesome film, every time I see it I just believe in love again. Perfect film for couples and anyone who is going through a breakup.
½ October 16, 2017
A sparkly hallmark card wrapped with a "B" movie sci fi twist. Curtis shamelessly grabs at your heart strings.

The film sings "carpe diem" but it comes out as a 14 year old talking down to us.
The time travel aspect is playfully delt with and shouldn't be scrutinized too deeply for easier viewing. 

Watch if you want a sugary dose of life.
October 14, 2017
Appealing characters, great acting and a nice message.
September 23, 2017
My husband and I love everything about this movie! Cinematography, acting, music, story, characters, message...it's all magical and funny and romantic and touching. Watch it!!
½ August 21, 2017
7/10 Sentimental and sweet, it just brushes on the time travelling theme and manages to deliver a touching experience.
August 17, 2017
SCOTT: (Dr. Scott Allison, Professor of Psychology, University of Richmond) Greg, it s about time we reviewed About Time.

GREG: (Greg Smith, Founder of Agile Writers of Richmond, VA) And there s no time like the present! Let s recap.

SCOTT: We meet our hero, an Englishman named Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), who appears to be an ordinary, awkward 21-year-old until one day his father (Bill Nighy) tells him the big family secret: All the men in the family have the ability to go back in time. Tim decides to use this power to acquire the one thing that has always eluded him, namely, a girlfriend. He meets a wonderful American girl named Mary (Rachel McAdams), and after several time-travel trips (needed to erase his mistakes) he is able to win her heart.

GREG: Scott, this is a nice, warm love story in the same category as Notting Hill or Love, Actually (all by the same writer / director Richard Curtis). Tim meets Mary at a dinner party and successfully gets her number. But then he decides to travel back in time to fix a play by his father s playwright-friend Harry. When he does, he alters the events that lead up to meeting Mary. He then has to wait for Mary at a Kate Moss exhibit and when he does, he learns that she has a new boyfriend. So, he goes back in time and intercepts Mary before she meets the opposition. He then tries and tries again, working on his approach until he perfects it. She falls for him a second time.

SCOTT: I agree that About Time is the sweetest, most endearing love story of the year. It reminds me of a 2006 Sandra Bullock film called The Lake House in that it is a romantic tale that incorporates elements of time travel. About Time is a stronger movie than The Lake House largely due to the remarkable performance of Domhnall Gleeson, who plays the role of a sweet, humble, love-starved man to perfection. We have a terrific ensemble performance here, with individually great actors forming a whole that exceeds its parts. Bill Nighy strikes just the right notes as the loveable, playful dad. Tim s sister Lydia (Lydia Wilson) is wacky, dysfunctional, but equally loveable. We even want to give the demented uncle (Richard Cordery) a big bear hug. And of course Rachel McAdams steals our hearts with her warm portrayal of a woman who is one of the few souls worthy of Tim s big heart. This movie exudes charm from start to finish.

GREG: I thought About Time reminded me of Groundhog Day - one of your favorite movies, Scott. In it Bill Murray trips through time repeating the day over and over again trying to win the heart of the beautiful Andie McDowell. About Time is a wonderful hero s journey. Tim starts out as an ordinary young man who wants to win the heart of a young lady. He s given a special power from his mentor-dad. He then spends the summer trying to make it with a pretty girl, only to learn that even with time travel you cannot force someone to love you. Then he gets a new goal - to win the love of Mary. Things are going pretty well as he builds a relationship with his new love when something happens that turns his life upside down. He must then regroup and come up with a plan for making things right. He learns a life lesson that we can all take home. It s a complete mythological story in a modern setting.

SCOTT: If I had to pick some nits, the rules of the time-travel superpower seem like rather arbitrary plot devices meant to manipulate our emotions. Also, About Time offers a confused message about how to live one s life. As we ve mentioned, there are scenes where Tim keeps repeating a day until he is able to produce just the right events to make a relationship with his future wife possible. The lesson appears to be that we should make strong efforts to impose our will on a situation rather than allow the events in our lives to unfold naturally. Yet there s another scene that suggests the opposite lesson. In this scene, natural circumstances lead Tim to encounter a woman named Charlotte whom he is trying to avoid. Even his time travel powers cannot prevent this encounter, although he tries using them anyway. It s clear that Tim s character needs to be tested by this encounter, and he passes the test, allowing him to transform as a character. This scene suggests that we should accept things that are either meant to happen or meant not to happen.

GREG: I think that time travel is a superpower that everyone wants because we all feel regret. How often have you gone home after a party and wished you had said something slightly more clever to your boss - or some other person you wanted to impress? Time travel gives our hero (and therefore ourselves) the ability to go back and try it again (and again) until we get it right. And our hero Tim is a true virtuous hero as he doesn t try to gain fame or fortune for himself. He just wants to win the heart of a pretty girl. And remember, the writer establishes early in the film that try as you might, even time travel cannot make someone love you. They have to have it in them to begin with. And so Tim is really just getting what is rightfully his.

SCOTT: I thoroughly enjoyed About Time from start to finish. The movie offers up a truly moving love story, not just between a man and a woman, but between a man and his father as well. There aren t many movies that leave me near tears at the end, but About Time left me with a lump in my throat the size of Tim s enormous heart. This film is the best love story in the movies in the past five years. I happily give About Time 4 Reels out of 5. As you ve noted, Greg, we have a wonderful hero transformation here, as Tim learns that you don t have to repeat a day to improve upon it -- you can simply allow it to unfold with all its flawed beauty permanently etched in time and with no need to change a thing. There is great mentoring, a stirring love, more than one great test of the hero s character, and a gift to be given to future generations of Tim s family. For this reason I award Tim 5 Heroes out of 5. Movie: Heroes:

GREG: I agree with you Scott. Like other movies by the same writer, About Time is a touching love story with a message we can all take home. I had the luck to see it twice and it got better the second time around. I give About Time 4 out of 5 Reels and 5 out of 5 Heroes for Tim. Movie: Heroes:
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