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October 8, 2017
Agent Cody Banks is a great movie with Lizzie McGurie meet Malcolm in the Middle goes to James Bound movie style. Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff is did pretty good job playing as Agent Cody Banks and Natalie Connors, remind me you seen Lizzie McGurie episode called "Lizzie in the Middle" this is one of my favorite Lizzie McGruie episode and so this movie too
January 10, 2017
Not a good movie to watch
January 3, 2017
Frankie Muniz plays a young teen spy who must save the world and the girl (Hilary Duff) and in while doing so he gives kids some slick espionage action, but offers nothing special for adults.
½ November 16, 2016
Agent Cody Banks is fun but it lacks real surprises.
May 30, 2016
Only worth watching if you are into teens being spies, if not, move along.
½ May 10, 2016
gr8 flixter another lost review!!!
March 23, 2016
Funny And Romantic But a little too much Action for me..i cant complain though i mean, it is an action film
½ February 9, 2016
A fun movie that I enjoyed when I was younger. It was something that was pretty edgy when I was younger and I just felt really cool watching it. It's a clever take on the spy movie genre that has more of a nostalgia factor for me.
January 17, 2016
Definitely a movie meant for kids, but it's tolerable for adults as well. It's kind of ridiculous, but in a fun way. I like the pairing of Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff. (First and only full viewing - 1/19/2015)
½ October 23, 2015
Haven't seen it. Accidentally wrote review on wrong film.
½ September 29, 2015
Maybe it's just the nostalgia, but I really loved this.
½ August 23, 2015
Producida por Madonna, "Agent Cody Banks" es una fantasía juvenil acerca de un adolescente reclutado por la CIA para ser un agente secreto con todo incluído: autos, dispositivos y mujeres hermosas. Pese al carisma de Frankie Muniz (el protagonista de la serie "Malcolm"), la cinta está llena de incongruencias, cursilería y clichés. Y aunque el agente es adolescente, el tono de la cinta es definitivamente infantil.
½ August 9, 2015
It definitely won't win any awards but it's a cute kids movie
June 5, 2015
Teen spy movie has basic teen spy stuff. Still fun, though.
May 27, 2015
I'm not your partner. I'm your the zoo.

Cody Banks one day while skateboarding runs into a car where an infant climbed behind the wheel and appears to be steering to his death. He saves the kid and is identified by the CIA as a potential special agent to infiltrate a private school, make a girl fall in love with him, and get her to spill the beans on her diabolical father. Cody will be learning on the job but may save the world in the process.

"Do you, by chance, happen to be in special ed?"

Harald Zwart, director of The Karate Kid (2010), Long Flat Balls 1 & 2, The Pink Panther 2, Commander Hamilton, and the upcoming The 12th Man, delivers Agent Cody Banks. The storyline for this picture is terrible and on par with the last couple Spy Kids movies. The special effects are disappointing as is the acting. The cast includes Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Keith David, Angie Harmon, Ian McShane, and Arnold Vosloo.

"You make a really bad first impression, and terrible second..."

I came across this on HBOGO and thought it would be a fun movie to watch with my daughter. She watched about two-thirds of it before she lost interest. It has some components kids would enjoy; but as an overall picture, it's terrible. I recommend skipping this unless there is absolutely nothing else on.

"This may be our last, best chance."

Grade: F
½ March 30, 2015
Here is a somewhat fresh spin to the spy genre. Somewhat fresh, because there is a formula; or better yet, a pattern. Even to Spy Kids. Agent Cody Banks is a pretty decent vehicle for Frankie Muniz. He is a 15-year-old recruited into a teen CIA program. His "handler" is Angie Harmon from Law & Order. Banks' mission is to get close to Hilary Duff's Natalie, daughter of a scientist that has developed programmable nanobots. The film becomes a junior version of James Bond facing Doctor No. It may be clichéd, but it plays out well. Arnold Vosloo and Ian McShane are perfect fantastic villains; although McShane is oddly tan in the role. Banks is an enjoyable mission. If Diary of a Wimpy Kid were weaponized.
½ March 5, 2015
A little slow. Not that much action.
February 1, 2015
I liked it. Adventurous and funny in places.
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