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March 31, 2017
this film is so bad in many levels
March 2, 2017
It's very emotional movie, some people describe it as a hate story, but it's rather about society values and how one person can ruin everything by destroying education through spoiling the teacher image.

It's a high beat movie, and has a breath taking scenes, while keeping things interesting the whole time.
June 6, 2016
The movie is a great movie, with a great story, great performances and good songs. But the climax of the movie becomes boring, even though you were waiting for the climax the entire movie, it becomes really boring and starts to test your patience.
March 15, 2015
Certainly not a popcorn movie,it saw Hrithik reprise a legendary role in his own way to success. Rishi Kapoor's performance is one of his best ever.
July 14, 2014
Almost perfect but not exactly. I needed more insight into the protagonist's mind to see more clearly.
½ March 27, 2014
hindi hindi but very good acting by roshan
½ February 19, 2014
Monday, February 17, 2014

(2012) Agneepath
(In East Indian with English subtitles)

I've always liked Bollywood movies, but they're mostly the ones with a lot of action in it. This one happened to be on TV, and I decided to record this one on VHS so that I can fast forward all the commercials. Anyways, this is another one of those movies which the protagonist does absolutely nothing until the main bad guy kills much of the good guys family and friends, and that is when the protagonist finally does something. It's similar to any Chinese chop-sockey movie except that they're no martial arts involved, nor was the action scenes any good, since much of Bollywood action movies with plenty of fighting usually have the actors just swinging their punches through the air while the other people who're getting hit would pretend to get hit. Now, I watched only a small fraction of this movie, while I used my fast forward button while playing the rest just because it's so predictably standard.

December 5, 2013
While I always enjoy Hindu themed and colorful productions, this was not my cup of tea. I appreciate the visual richness, as always, but too bad it is showered by cheap drama and cliched Bollywood traits such as a male dominated story, glorifying a gang member in the name of family honor, and the violence surrounding the movie is just disgusting. As disgusting was the special appearance of Katrina Kaif, of my gosh, watch that song without the music, and read the subtitles, it is awful! I sure would not want any little girl watching that and thinking it is cool to move your butt surrounded by hundreds of males doing the same and watching you move like that... plus the typical female roles of mothers, sisters, wives and prostitutes whose lives go around the male protagonist, while this has an artificial muscular torso which he just loves to show off... the music is not bad, it is the lyrics that were too corny or too dramatic. Overall, I which Nandita Das would have this kind of money to produce epic and colorful films...
September 14, 2013
Nice movie but violent
½ September 13, 2013
Great acting by Hrithik Roshan, overall a great film with alot of action
½ January 6, 2013
Very disappointing for me. The story was predictable and nothing much new, and no, I haven't even seen the original
December 7, 2012
A Remake which is a must watch and its completely new.
½ November 26, 2012
Vijay Dinanath Chuhan VS ( Rauff Lala+Kancha Chenaa) in Mandva..
toatally revenge movie...on the path of Agneeepth
October 24, 2012
Really well remake of the cult action movie. Although Hrithik can't match the performance of living Legend Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay excels as his role of Kancha, he looks menacing and evil. The vetirian Rishi Kapoor is also great in his role.
October 19, 2012
Agneepath directed by Karan Malhotra is an hard-hitting and gripping movie.Hrithik Roshan is marvelous.Sanjay Dutt as Kancha Cheena steals the show.Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala is terrific.Priyanka Chopra has little to do.The music is good.The action sequences are brilliant.
½ August 13, 2012
Agneepath celebrates the revenge dramas of Bachchan Era. A bit unapologetically ..........and totally Bollywood way.

Despite being a remake it has a feel of its own. The best aspect about the movie is that it never compels you to compare with the original.

The film has got rid off many scenes and characters from the original but The Iconic dialogue, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan...Poora Naam, stays. It is well delivered in an original style. And It works.

It has all the cliches of revenge dramas of 80s & 90s. An Anti Hero, An Ideal Mother, An Exploited Sister, A Psychic Over the top Villain, An Item Number in Villain's Den. Lots of Gore and Violence. The kind of Cinema we have grown up with.

As a Kid we used to love these stories.

Hrithik does a good job with his intense act. But at some point you miss the elegance of Mr Bachchan in his white suits. As promos showed, Sanjay Dutt is menacing, even with an over the top performance. He will be among all the awards next year. Its a refreshing experience to see him doing SOMETHING rather than being wasted in the recent senseless comedies. But the surprise package of the film is Bollywood's ever Romantic Rishi Kapoor with Mean act of Rauf Lala. He has been showing some class act recently with Do Doni Char, Chintuji, etc.

The film is bit long with some yawn moments here and there but it is a good watch if you loved the revenge dramas we grew up on. A good attempt from a debut director who never competes with Original Cult Movie.
August 10, 2012
minus 1 star for the climax...
August 5, 2012
a little heavy on the head.
July 28, 2012
Hrithik does an excellent job as Vijay & Sanjay as Kancha is no exception. The movie is not a scene by scene copy of the 1990 original but follows the same plot. A good remake.
July 25, 2012
Hrithik and Sanjay's performances where so good! Movie was predictable but the relentless & grim pursuit of revenge makes it interesting to watch.
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