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      Alexander Reviews

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      Mar 27, 2023

      I actually only came across this movie last week and wondered why I have never seen it and was amazed by the cast assembled….then I started watching it …I have never quit a movie 20 minutes in but wow…wow wow wow wow. Load up every copy of this sloppy pile of bin juice and load it into a nasa rocket and fire it into the sun never to pollute a tv screen again…….

      Mar 21, 2023

      Hard to say which is the worst Oliver Stone film. There are so many. This one might be it though. Bloated, no story, no acting. A complete travesty.

      Jan 12, 2023

      historically accurate enough to be engaging to any familiar with the story

      Oct 10, 2022

      Pawn man is right it says it won't show my thought if I do t type more so here suck it Oliver Stone

      Jun 21, 2022

      é né, fazer o que, eu vi

      May 24, 2022

      Only movie ever where I walked out of the theatre

      Apr 24, 2022

      i think this movie was really good. to me some of the parts were really boring and too talkative. but imo that was the only critic of this movie. i completely loved the fact that alexander and phai were so in love with eachother. its emotional, its raw, and so so so captivating. a must see for sure.

      Apr 12, 2022

      Very bad, but Dawson is hot in it. Jolie also.

      Feb 2, 2022

      Great movie, very immersive and emotional.

      Jan 31, 2022

      Stone needs to stay as far away as possible from historical figures. His childish fantasies and love of the sweet leaf long ago addled his brain. Poor Alexander. One of the worst atrocities I've ever seen.

      Jan 18, 2022

      A historically based film that looks like it was sponsored by a Men's make up company, hoping to start a Man-scara craze. Mascara which all the Men wore with out limit. But it does give the film a weird orno parody vibe to it. As it looks like it's always about to break out into you know what almost at every moment. But It's not a terrible film, and is interesting for the history.

      Nov 1, 2021

      good movie ruined by rampant degeneracy

      Aug 10, 2021

      Very boring film, plot doesn't draw you in. I like the cast but they do nothing to enhance the film.

      Jun 21, 2021

      While it wasn't the best Alexander they could come up with I still found the movie enjoyable. I think we all know the real reason it got so much hate was because it depicted him as homosexual. Newsflash: he was and so was his father. I think too many homophobics just went into a mad frenzy thinking the greatest conquerer the world has known was gay. However, the one big inaccuracy that bothered me was that he was this great emancipator. While the truth was he enslaved many ppl to work in mines to pay for his conquests. The cinematography was not that good and Farrell may not had been the choice here but overall I enjoyed the tale they told.

      Jun 6, 2021

      The last greatest film from Oliver Stone and one that makes you sad he is not making movies of that scope anymore. The long or director's cut are of course more enjoyable than the theatrical cut but even if there is clearly a lack of action and war scenes there is a grandeur in everything that is happening on screen from the cast to the music going through the sets, the costumes and the cinematography. Uneven, and why cast Farrell as a young Alexander but a memorable epic of greatness.

      May 23, 2021

      Only just seen Alexander despite it being released in 2004. What a strange film. When the worst thing about this movie actually isn't the revelation that Alexander the Great and his Generals were more Irish than Conor know you're in trouble. Given the subject matter it could have been bad but exciting but it's not even that. It's just bad and excruciatingly boring. Dull dull dull and Flinty 0'dull.

      May 21, 2021

      This film doesn't feel right. Colin Farrell doesn't work as Alexander. The battle choreography is poor. The story is out of time and disjointed.

      Apr 18, 2021

      Saw the theater cut and it didn't make sense. Saw the Final Cut, and you have a masterpiece. Even curious what the final Stone cut is like from 2014. Farrell is a little over the top at times, but the historical accuracy of Babylon, who no one has dared to capture, ancient Afghanistan and ancient India is alone worth the watch. Val Kilmer gives one of his last great performances if not his last. If you love history, if you are fascinated by the ancient Western world... this is a must see.

      Mar 6, 2021

      I cant believe how bad rated this movie is. If you like history and can understand beautiful english you will love this movie. Do you realize there is not many historical movies about Greece? Do you realize how well portrayed is Olympias in the movie? So many things to say about this movie, mostly good things. the pace is sustained during 3 hours. Music is amazing. Its HISTORICALLY ACCURATE! History offer us so many great stories about the Ancients time but no... Keep praising WWII movies.

      Feb 21, 2021

      I do NOT understand the negative reviews. This movie is historically correct for the most part, the scenes are amazing, acting good, battles phenomenal The cinematography is simply amazing. The 2014 cut can be rented for 3 bucks and it's 207 mins. Get it! Don't listen to these reviews!

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