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June 24, 2017
Avatar wildly succeeds as an immersive, imaginative spectacle of breathtaking visuals and exciting action adventure.
June 24, 2017
Simply put, this is a work of art and beautiful thrilling imagination.
June 23, 2017
Avatar is a visually stunning film with great acting. The story is nothing new but it doesn't need to be if it is handled right.
June 20, 2017
A visually stunning film with some unforgettable scenes and unique elements, but sometimes the storyline isn't quite up to the same standard and is reminiscent of other movies. AAN GGWD. 1001
June 18, 2017
Amazing animation and a good storyline. Very entertaining, even after watching over and over with my granddaughter.
½ June 18, 2017
without 3d this movie is not good.
June 16, 2017
Looking back at this film, it is still beautiful visually and the concepts for the film were at least compelling, but it just hits you across the face with it's message. The characters were very cookie-cutter forgettable. Especially the villain, who seemed too cartoony evil when this film really needed a really compelling central villain.
June 12, 2017
This is typical Cameron aside from Aliens. Boring love story, horrible acting,nice graphics. Not enough for me. I will never get those 3 1/2 hours back.
June 6, 2017
6/6/17 - Watched with W. still a great movie.
½ June 3, 2017
If the entire movie had no dialogue I still would have rated it this high on the basis of the visuals. Pandora is an incredibly realistic and beautiful planet. Infact, the only thing that didn't look real were the Na'vi, in the sense that you could tell they were digitally created. The other fictional creatures of Pandora looked amazing. Absolutely breathtaking, the occasional cheesy line is forgiven
June 2, 2017
groundbreaking film that has been lambasted over time by the critics because of its success the story could have had more depth but the visuals have still not been beat its probably not going to be beaten at the boxoffice for years to come or until the tickets are over 20 each
June 1, 2017
It's a crime how overrated this movie is. I don't care about computer-generated visuals that much: I have no desire to watch trite caricatures and conveniently humanoid aliens specifically designed to render me sympathetic fight each other in big stupid battles. I refuse to be touched or moved by the plight of the "Na'vi" because their physical appearance is a scam and their ways of life are plainly borrowed from the Native Americans. The latter isn't necessarily a bad thing for a movie to do but here it is forced and insulting. This is contrived, cheap stuff.
May 29, 2017
James Cameron's 'Avatar' is a pretty looking film and I appreciate the environmentalist message but the story is rather lackluster. In this sci-fi Pocahontas humans have depleted Earth's resources. A scientific expedition along with military personnel are sent to another planet to mine for Unobtanium and will do so at the expense of the indigenous culture. This film was supposed to be a big deal but it is so bland with characters you don't really care about, it's easy to see why 'Avatar' isn't talked about much more. If you are interested in seeing hippie smurfs fight for their resources against a bunch of cardboard cutout depictions of humans then this is the movie for you! Otherwise skip it.
½ May 29, 2017
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#Content: Script 3 | Acting 3 | Cinematography 4 | Film Editing 4

#Visual: Costume Design 5 | Makeup & Hairstyling 5 | Scenic Design 5 | Lighting 5 | Visual Effects 5

#Sound: Score & Soundtracks 5 | Sound Editing & Mixing 5

#Overall (1~10): 7
½ May 23, 2017
Horrible movie with predictable plot and unlickable characters. I'm not sure why anyone enjoyed it. The only upside was the effects but if you have that much budget for effects you should really do something about the quality of the plot.
May 18, 2017
Dear haters, the presence of Dances With Wolves and Pocahantas do not retroactively make this film terrible. It is, in fact, remarkable and one of the best films of all time.
May 16, 2017
After seeing Avatar 3 times at IMAX, and still wishing I can watch it again, I have to say it's the best cinematic experience I've ever had going to the movies (other than LOTR)! The movie delivers on all the hype and then some. The story may not be the most original but the execution is still great. Throughout the movie, you feel like you're in Pandora and really connect with the characters. Zoe Saldana's performance as Neytiri is especially outstanding! Cameron's 12 year hiatus to develop the 3D and lifelike CG (and I do mean absolutely photo realistic) technology is paying off in spades. Never before has a movie been primarily CG and still come off as absolutely real. The guy is a visionary and really sets new standards with his movies. The bar has been raised and any action movie after Avatar is going to have a lot to live up to. The final battle scene was EPIC! 12 years after Cameron made Titanic, there comes a movie that is going to give it a run for it's number 1 spot at the box office of all time. Coincidence that it's Cameron's Avatar? Screw that! The king of the world is back! 4.5 out of 5 stars!
May 12, 2017
Love love love loved this movie!! Bought the DVD with the extended version, that has all the deleted scenes in the movie as they were meant to be. Really can't wait to see the sequels and I hope they are as good or better then the first!
May 10, 2017
It's good visually but the story is predictable and fairly shite
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