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December 14, 2017
One of the most inspiring and fulfilling movies ever
½ December 3, 2017
The single movie that changed the moving going experience in a negative way! I remember seeing this in 2009 yet if you were to ask me anything about the plot all I could say today is it's big ugly blue alien things! It still amazes me today that this thing made so much money, yet I was foolish enough also to listen to others and waste my money to see it! ALL VISUAL AND ZERO STORY!

If people actually believe this thing is anything close to a "masterpiece" you're either a child or a very sheltered adult with very poor taste!
½ November 21, 2017
The amazing visual effects, 3D and battle sequences are enough to entertain, even with its mediocre plot and characters. James Cameron made a modern visual experience of spectacle that will go down in the history books.
Shane Sackman
Super Reviewer
November 21, 2017
I never liked this movie when it came out, I liked it even less when I watched part of it again on one of those rerun movie channels recently. I'll get the obvious praise out of the way, the visuals were ground breaking and well done. Not a lot of movies have used 3D in the same masterful way that James Cameron managed in Avatar. Past being a visual event, I think this movie does not work. I am aware I am a detractor from the popular opinion, although I am maybe not anymore.

This movie was lauded by many people as something akin to Alien or Star Wars, some grand entry into the sci-fi genre. I love the aforementioned films. I generally love science fiction and fantasy. This film did not work for me in the slightest. I think it is also sort of interesting that there are no major Avatar spin offs nearly a decade later, no grand comicon fan fare. Maybe it was not so grand. In the end you'll form your own opinions, this is my why.

It does not work for me because it's a warmed over Jesus myth layered over a first nations story. It is barely competent at that. I can't define the Na'Vi except by reference to cliches. They're basically granola hippies meet the old west natives, and not in a flattering way. I understand little about the humans of the future, outside of mega corps and one dimensional army guys. I had to google the name of the planet this movie took place on. My first thought was Pangea, close. I am not sure I ever understood the point of the birds. I am not sure why an outsider in a cyborg suit is the only person who can tame the off color bird.

Why does any of this matter?

It matters in science fiction. People invented a Klingon language. I wonder what Greedo's people were like, I wonder why there are Vulcans and Romulans. They are all sort of tropes, and rip off certain real life things. Romulans gives it away in the name. To be clear, I do not care enough to learn these things I rattled off, but it's that wonder. The spectacle of good science fiction, for me, is that curiosity. The world, the people, that stand beyond themselves. You learn something about yourself or the real world by reference to that wonder. I couldn't care less about the blue aliens and their Jesus, and I think that is why this film never worked for me.

I think all science fiction is a strange project of building a little bit on what we know to create what could be, Avatar never makes it off the ground for me.
November 20, 2017
Avatar is a visual splendor, full of big dreams and new possibilities. Director James Cameron continues to show us his filmmaking roots, even at times it can be exhausting.
November 17, 2017
Great movie. amazing visuals
November 9, 2017
Simply put, this is a work of art and beautiful thrilling imagination. Gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, thrilling, fantastic, awesome, legendary 10/10. I can go on all day without expressing enough how legendary this movie is. It's amazing. David Cameroon proved to me and will prove to you that he is amazing and what goes on in his mind is nothing short of magical.
November 1, 2017
Avatar: James Cameron's Avatar is a visonary, emotionaly powerful, beautiful masterpeice. Thanks to assured direction from James Cameron, Avatar stands as the directors best and most audacious work.
October 30, 2017
Looking back on this film I feel Sam Worthington really did it a disservice his acting is like one who hasn't acted and more so his character is just an asshole and the entire finale is based on him stealing a bigger bird even though he was told he would be paired with his one for life he just ditches it and everyone's like hey he's pulled the sword from the stone! He even needs a translator to hype up the people because he didn't bother to learn their language despite wanting to bang one of them. It's a film I look back on with same thought as Starship Troopers only it doesn't have the sex appeal or the fun self referential nature. It is a shame films can be reviewed on effects over content nowadays and the audience is told to forgive them. This movie is half way between a G rated blockbuster and terrible B movie it's bizarre and perhaps a symbol of Hollywood as an industry it may never happen again.
October 27, 2017
Interesting and amazing creativity. I like it!
October 22, 2017
Not a masterpiece like people say but not bad
October 22, 2017
Enjoyable to watch but ultimately shallow and forgettable. This is an good film but for Cameron it's sort of a disappointment considering he's made movies such as Terminator 2 and Aliens which are some of the best movies of all time.
October 15, 2017
Avatar movie is absolutely glorious
October 13, 2017
Even after eight years, James Cameron's Avatar to me is by far still THE SciFi flick by which I judge all other movies of this genre. The story telling and continuity is near flawless and the visuals are stunning and über-realistic. Watching Avatar on the big screen was -and is to this day, a sensory feast.
October 9, 2017
Technologically amazing but narratively flawed
October 8, 2017
This is fantastic movie for James Cameron fan favorite movies of all time with Ahsoka Tano(Star Wars) and planet of Shili. Neytiri is perfect female alien character likes Ahsoka Tano(Star Wars) meet Wonder Woman, Pandora is was pretty nice place such James Cameron Imagination idea. I really like this movie
October 3, 2017
Movie magic returns in a movie that isn't perfect but proves that James Cameron still has the old Sci-Fi niche
½ September 26, 2017
Literally Pocahontas but less interesting. I fell asleep watching this.
½ September 24, 2017
I watched this beautiful film first in 3D, it was mind blowing. Avatar is still awesome in 2D, but if did not see this film in 3D, you should not rate this genius film.
September 21, 2017
Pompous and unnecessary. I would not watch this movie again. I do find its positive aspects though and I do praise the amount of work and imagery gone into this work of art.
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