Battlestar Galactica Reviews

September 20, 2019
This film manages to fail on every level.
August 1, 2019
The movie evinces a complete lack of imagination. [Full Review in Spanish]
May 11, 2018
Although evidently a rip-off - there were hints of Lucas even taking the matter to the courts - this spacebound wagon train, whose limits are readily apparent, is great fun.
November 17, 2014
Richard A. Colla directed, and Robert L. Kimble led the team of editors faced with the impossible task of carving a masterpiece out of a monstrosity. What they got is a monumental turkey - and just in time for Thanksgiving.
February 24, 2008
Money shows, but pace and acting suffer.
November 20, 2007
Top Critic
January 26, 2006
With strictly tele-standard acting, straightforward space opera plot, grandiose sentiment and slushy love interest, it's really only meat for genre fans.
October 3, 2005
September 28, 2005
January 14, 2005
May 30, 2004
April 16, 2004
February 2, 2004
May 22, 2003
A Star Wars clone for the boob tube crowd that never quite captured the imagination or originality that an ambitious sci-fi showcase should exude so effortlessly.
February 24, 2003
High concept, low budget. Not looking forward to the SciFi channel 'reinterpretation'.
November 14, 2002
August 5, 2002
July 31, 2002
January 1, 2000
The plot is as old as it gets and merely serves to get a group of people aimlessly lost in space.