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May 19, 2018
It was a superb movie ! Big like :X
April 26, 2018
I really really loved the movie!!! I really wish there can be a second movie made with the same actors and actresses!!!
March 25, 2018
It was a great movie .... Rotten Tomatoes? ... go screw yourselves.
March 18, 2018
The story line was somewhat interesting but the end ??
I'm still pissed at the way it ended.
March 11, 2018
Forced to watch this with a friend. i regret so much. the writing sounds like a fantasy of a lonley 12 year old, and while the sets may look good, the effects are pretty damn bad. Viola davis and jeremy irons are good, of course, but there characters are extremly shallow. not only did i not care about the characters, i began to hate them. Stay away.
January 25, 2018
I really liked this movie and as a movie in the supernatural fantasy genre it was kinda cool. Can someone *please* do a sequel to this. What happened to Lena, did Ethan keep her from turning to the 'dark side'? She was kind of oscillating between good and evil at the end. I think poor ratings were more to do with time of release and concurrent competition than people not liking this movie. Look it's escapism fun and lacks plot complexity, etc but honestly what is wrong with that!? ??
December 20, 2017
What an amazing film with incredible cinematography. Beautifully written and made.
November 9, 2017
This isn?t that bad of a movie. It goes off the rails about 70 minutes in and then gets back on track. The demographic ends up winning on the concept which hinders its ability to be about characters.
October 11, 2017
i loved this movie it just makes you really open yours eyes to some things
½ October 7, 2017
Nothing like the book, and the acting was pretty bad.
½ October 3, 2017
I never had any intention of watching this movie as it seemed very similar to so many of the current genre about witchcraft. I really loved this movieb because of the romantic theme and the great cast. I hope they'll make a sequel, but its been 4 years since it was made so it's not likely in the works.
½ October 1, 2017
It was spunky, cute, and overall a chick flick. It kept me attentive and interested. Had an good story line. The only thing that just tuned me off was the ending. The ending just left a sour taste in my mouth. Now a days in 2017 you can just leave a person hanging like that! Ugh. Of course we wanted to see the corny run to each other on the road that led to out of town that ended with a true loves kiss! Also, what happened to Ridley? Was a 2nd movie supposed to come out? Ugh.

Maybe next time? ??
August 26, 2017
A quirky fantasy romance that I liked but admit I am not completely sure why. Probably the characters. Certainly many flaws can be found in this film with portions of the dialogue not being the least. But in the end the characters made me feel the story. Also having Jeremy irons in the cast can hurt.
August 26, 2017
The first 5 minutes of the movie was ehh but then it started getting so good. The male lead role is such a good actor for the part, he had the right looks to play a part that is..quirky, cute, funny, and etc. When I saw this movie it made me feel like I was apart of it, like when someone was sad I felt it, it's a movie that would make you cry...well if you usually cry at sad movies. You should see it! The only part I hate is the end!!! Please Please Please! Make a 2nd one.
½ August 24, 2017
Now this was a fun movie with all the feels. Southern accents, witches, spells, curses, darkness, a love that can't happen, sacrifices, and so much more. I loved it. It's got humor, it's got spunk, the main girl is so hard to love in the beginning but that's what makes it great. I love how dark it was though. Definitely worth another watch especially because it had some pretty good effects, great sound effects, and a good score.
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August 24, 2017
I do believe that I've made my feelings known on the Twilight franchise throughout the years, at least the films. I haven't, nor do I plan to, read any of the books. I've always felt that Twilight was one of the worst, most poorly-conceived supernatural "romance" stories of all time. Bella Swan is an insufferable and useless character that needs a boyfriend in order to feel like she's worth something. There's a scene in one of the movies where she sits in a chair in her room looking out her window for SEASONS because Edward left her. Not to mention the fact that the reason Bella falls in love with both Edward and Jacob are so completely and utterly shallow. She falls in love with Edward because he glitters in the sunlight. And she only notices Jacob once she takes off his shirt and shows off a rocking bod. It's shit, has been shit and will always been shit. As a result of Twilight's success, however, you knew that there would be a rash of similar stories (vampires were really popular for a while). This movie, released a year after the final film in the Twilight saga, was clearly released to fill that supernatural romance void left by the end of that terrible franchise. I'm always hesitant when I see films like this (or The Host, Mortal Instruments) simply because of the reason that they were made. Perhaps that's not fair of me to presume on the quality of a movie just because of the reasons it was made. Having said all of that, and I had no expectations from this whatsoever, this movie is...ok, at best. Part of me is struggling with whether I give this 2 or 2.5 stars. I guess we'll see as this goes on, sometimes I decide the score as I'm writing the review. The film will, obviously, be compared to Twilight, and they're looking for that same demographic. As far as the comparisons go, there's no real competition. This is head and shoulders above Twilight in every conceivable level. Twilight is like a teenage girl took her wet dream and wrote it down in as unskilled a manner as is humanly possible. This movie, on the other hand, while not without its flaws, feels like such a more carefully constructed and well-thought out world. I'm far more interested in the universe these characters inhabit. So, as far as world-building goes, while this is not on Marvel's level, they still do a decent job at introducing the characters, their personalities and their motivations. But, and there's always a but, there's some clear flaws with this film that cannot be overlooked. First things first, the film's narrative is honestly quite the mess. They do a good enough job as establishing Lena (and her family, the Ravenwoods) as people that the rest of the town (Gatlin) does not trust and believe to be in 'bed' with the devil. They also do a good enough job at establishing the romance between Lena and Ethan, their chemistry is so much better than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's in Twilight, those two were both black holes of charisma at the time. And Kristen and Robert were legitimately a couple. Anyway, while their romance isn't really explored in depth, I can see how they'd be so intensely attracted to one another. Where the film falls apart, to me, is everything else to be honest. Lena, it is revealed later, comes from this long family of casters. Or witches, if that's easier for you to follow. Anyway, these casters go through this rite of passage, as it were, when they turn 16. They choose whether they'll be light or dark (good and evil, put simply). The male casters get to choose their side, but the female casters' true nature is what decides what side they'll join. This is simple enough to follow, no issues with that. The problems come in once they introduce this angle that a caster can never fall in love with a mortal as a result of this curse that one of Lena's distant relatives caused by bringing her loved one back from the dead. This is where the issues start, because they never make it clear exactly why this curse exists or how it actually works. They do a piss poor job of justifying this curse within its own context. Like I had no clue what exactly would go wrong if Lena fell in love with a mortal and she joined the dark or something. Not to mention the whole subplot of Sarafine, Lena's mother, manipulating Lena to get her to join their side. The idea being that once Lena turns 16, she'll be the most powerful caster in recent memory so, naturally, Sarafine wants her to join the dark so they can rule together...or something. Again, that's something else that's never made entirely clear. And there's another angle to this curse, that's nothing more than a plot device and not an actual thing that's truly relevant to the narrative, and that is that the only way to end the curse is for a loved one to die. This, obviously, implies Ethan would have to die for Lena to be free of the curse. Lena doesn't allow this and she parts ways with Ethan, making him forget their entire relationship. This opens up a major plot hole, though. In that Lena and Ethan were a couple quite openly. Ethan's ex and all his friends knew they were together. And yet, in six months (since they do one of those 'X months later' deals), no one has ever brought up Lena to Ethan. Not one of his friends, not the snobs that hated Lena. No one, in HALF A YEAR, ever mentioned Ethan's relationship with Lena at any point in time. That's odd to me, but whatever. It's something that most people will overlook. Anyway, there's obviously a twist in regards to which loved one dies. You'll figure it out quite easily. So, yea, I had problems with the narrative. And I had problems with the leads as well. That's another thing I gotta talk about. While Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich (say that seven times in a row without stuttering) have good chemistry in that you can sense the attraction between the two, the romance was just your garden variety teen romance in that there's nothing special about it. It did absolutely nothing for me. And, quite frankly, there's some scenes where the two are cringe-worthy to watch. Alice has some really bad scenes and Alden has some very dorky moments. Thankfully, though, the film has a talented supporting cast to make up for some of their weaknesses. Admittedly, however, Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson are hamming it up here. Hey, they're entertaining as shit together, but there's no denying this fact. I don't really know what else to say. One positive is the fact that the movie never takes itself too seriously. It isn't as silly as it could be, but the film does have a few chuckles. Looking back on the review, I feel that this is a 2 star movie at best. It's slightly better than the rating would imply, but I felt that its narrative flaws and uninteresting romance held it back from being even a decent movie. I had no issues while I was watching this, like I wasn't bothered in the slightest, but its problems are too numerous to ignore. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's better than Twilight, so at least this cleared that very low bar. That's about the nicest thing anyone can say about any of these supernatural romance flicks.
½ August 24, 2017
What can be said about this movie that hasn't been said about the neo-nazis in Charlottesville. A man dies over a girl with **spoiler alert** A-CUP TITTIES. A-CUP. IF THAT! This guy really falls in love with a girl who has some freak supernatural powers and puts up with her bull sh*t in SPITE of her 'flat as a board' chest. Disgusting. Shes not even good looking. What a fool. Horrible terrible movie.
½ August 23, 2017
I never got around to watch this when it was in the theaters but then again, I never bothered to anyways. I thought the concept of witch stuff or as they call them in this movie, casters, would be interesting. The story is quite reverse with the romantic relationship. Of course, it's a witch and not a warlock or something else. The typical teenage romance is cringe but it was not the biggest problem. The story to me, felt rushed. Everyone did a good job on the acting performance and the special effects on the powers you see in this film are not bad. Well except for that tornado/thunder storm scene. I can't let go of the fact that Emmy Rossum who played Ridley, who also played Bulma in that other movie, was kinda hot in this one. I just want to throw that out there. Jeremy Irona, Emma Thompson, Viola Davis and the others did great nonetheless. In the beginning the movie, I couldn't recognized the main actor who played as Ethan until I got a familiar look on his face. It's Alden Ehrenreich who is the guy that will play as the young version of Han Solo. So once I finally figured out who he is, I couldn't believe he's going to be playing as Han Solo. Other than that, this movie is not that great. At least to me. While it may be a good movie for others who have read the book series and it sucks that they didn't bother to adapt the rest into movies, Beautiful Creatures is an okay movie. If you like romance and especially teen romance, then this is for you teenagers. However, the non-teenagers can enjoy the movie. If you can get past on the cringe romance stuff.
½ August 13, 2017
Anyone that read these books and then saw this movie has to be severely disappointed. They skipped out on so many key parts of the story and added ridiculous story lines. Plus they looked past the obvious look of the characters. Yes the actors did well and the movie was good but if it was supposed to be related to the book, it didn't execute well.
August 1, 2017
The movie itself would be great if you haven't read the series. They left so much out that would have made the movie perfect.
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