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September 2, 2020
The film is blessed with a wonderful use of color and cinematography, stellar costume design and simple, but effective, set design.
June 17, 2020
Benny & Joon is a curious movie that should not work but somehow does.
June 17, 2020
It is a funny, innocuous fable, a Sweet 'N Low romantic comedy that seems a little facile at first, but has irresistible charm.
June 17, 2020
This film about love among the mentally ill is... as artificially sweet as a mouthful of saccharin. Still, it is irresistibly appealing in an old-fashioned, fantasy romance way.
June 17, 2020
This sentimental stew is not without its flavors, and the cast tries hard to be winsome and adorably distraught.
June 17, 2020
This is a wisp of a movie, to be sure, but underneath all the absurd comic fringes and the much-abused crazies-are-really-sane theme beats the heart of a genuinely poetic love story.
June 9, 2020
If you're searching for something a little unconventional, Benny and Joon is sure to be a joy.
January 29, 2019
Inconsequential as it is, Benny & Joon is that rare thing, a crazy-versus-sane movie that likes one kind as much as the other.
June 12, 2018
There's something vaguely unsettling about ''Benny & Joon,'' a film that's billed innocuously as a ''charming, offbeat comedy'' that actually is about a woman suffering from mental illness.
June 6, 2018
This fierce, smart jape gets you shaking with laughter, then leaves you simply shaking.
June 6, 2018
For all of its color and characters and fine details, Benny & Joon adds up to less than the sum of its parts.
July 18, 2011
Any film that features Johnny Depp performing salutes to the great silent comedians (and, in particular, Buster Keaton) deserves a little slack... [Blu-ray]
June 21, 2009
If the performances were as cute and sweet as the characters, the film would need a warning label. But Depp's Sam is delicately touching, a maladjusted waif with both soul and grit, and Masterson resists the temptation to soften Joon.
June 21, 2009
Things are kept on the right side of mawkish thanks largely to a graceful and understated performance from the ever-reliable Depp.
August 17, 2008
Johnny Depp gives another head-turning performance in this sweet, sweet comedy
April 8, 2006
As the outsider who courts the mentally ill Mary Stuart Masterson, Johnny Depp renders a startling performance that elevates the romantic fable way above its writing and directing shortcomings; look for the young Julianne Moore in a small part.
January 26, 2006
It's acted out in the secondary emotional register of the glass menagerie: whimsical, delicate, idiosyncratic, barmy.
January 20, 2006
October 10, 2005
July 4, 2005
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