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June 26, 2016
Gary frickin' Oldman!! FFC one of the best directors to ever grace film! A great watch.
June 22, 2016
Undoubtedly a handsome looking production that despite it's much publicized faithfulness to Bram Stoker's novel, fundamentally alters the mood and tone of it's source material. Coppola's florid visual style is interesting, but it mostly seems oddly pointless. Visual flourishes seem to exist for their own sake, which is distracting and really detracts from what should be an atmosphere of menace. At least I think that's what the atmosphere should be. Coppola's shoehorning in a romance angle makes it unclear whether I'm watching a bit of Grand Guignol or a Gothic romance. Most of the time, it seems like I'm supposed to be watching both, but the parts never coexist in a comfortable way. Much has been made of how awful Reeves is in this film, and he is (Why don't folks just let actors speak in their own voice? It would be much less distracting for Jonathan Harker to speak in an American accent than a terrible British one.), but most of the cast isn't a lot better. Oldman is the one lead actor in this who doesn't embarrass himself.
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½ June 22, 2016
Takes a few liberties to ensure that it, as a film, stands a little on its own and does not completely follow the novel. Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Van Helsing is brilliant and Gary Oldman shines as Count Dracula. The screenplay is more effective as to Dracula's motives for leaving Transylvania than the novel's is which makes the film more exciting and flows better. In fact, the entire opening sequence is not in the novel. The effects are decent but the superb cast and quality direction make this one enjoyable and worth watching.
June 11, 2016
A beautifully crafted film that is extremely faithful to the source material. Keanu Reeves' horrible English accent was an added bonus.
½ June 3, 2016
Francis Ford Coppola holds nothing back in his overblown, erotic, and wildly flamboyant interpretation of the classic novel. A story this beloved deserves and interpretation this elegant, and Coppola delivers.
½ May 27, 2016
Dracula is now a movie classic, with plenty of reinterpretations, but one that is faithfull to its source material always gets some extra points. Gary Oldman is an excellent Dracula, as he can act misteriously graceful and also like a real creep. I'm not in love with the movie, as I feel horror, psy-fi, romance is not particularly my genre, but it's a movie I can respect.
April 30, 2016
I was never a big fan of Dracula and I don't think I ever will be, Francis Ford Coppola did do a great job i making this film though, it's better than all the modern vampire junk we get.
½ April 4, 2016
Visually mesmerizing, it just blows your mind and enthralls you with its visuals, so as over-the-top performances by Hopkins, Reeves and, of course, Gary Oldman. Thanks to Coppola for the true to the source storyline. Probably the definitive Dracula movie, even though of course many homages in this movie are made to the 1931 classic.
April 1, 2016
Beautiful but flawed adaptation of the horror classic, that while entertaining is not quite the faithful interpretation it set out to be. The cast is uneven, with Keanu Reeves horribly miscast as Jonathan Harker, along with a wretched English accent. Winona Ryder's accent isn't much better, though she is appealing as Mina. Thankfully, Gary Oldman is brilliant as Dracula, giving one of the best performances of the character in a perfect mix of intelligence, power & charisma. Anthony Hopkins is also fun as a de-ranged Van Helsing, whose interest in the occult has driven him a bit mad. Behind the camera, Coppola delivers an atmospheric film with old school effects (the entire film was shot in an LA studio), giving it a real feel of the time. Also, Wojciech Kilar's is brilliant, and the main theme will be instantly recognizable to those that haven't seen the film. However, the screenplay by James Hart shoe-horns in the legend of Vlad the Impaler and searching for his re-incarnated love, but doesn't fit with Stoker's original tale. For example, if Dracula loves Mina, why does he originally go after her best friend, Lucy? Overall, while flawed, this is still a visually stunning film with Oldman giving one of the best Dracula's to date.
March 22, 2016
A visually stunning film, with a chilling performance from Gary Oldman as the titular Transylvanian menace. It feels a little too long at times, but its rich atmosphere, gorgeous set design, and sympathetic portrayal of its characters outweighs its runtime issues.

The only thing that could possibly hold the movie back is Keanu Reeves's atrocious British accent.
½ March 6, 2016
Although it certainly won't make you easily forget earlier interpretations of the seminal horrific character by Max Schreck, Bela Lugosi, Sir Christopher Lee or Klaus Kinski, Gary Oldman definitely finds a way under your skin. As well, the resoundingly sumptuous cinematography will sweep you off your feet--unless you're dead to begin with... =)
½ March 6, 2016
Although it certainly won't make you easily forget earlier interpretations of the seminal horrific character by Max Schreck, Bela Lugosi, Sir Christopher Lee or Klaus Kinski, Gary Oldman definitely finds a way under your skin. As well, the resoundingly sumptuous cinematography will sweep you off your feet--unless you're dead to begin with... =)
March 3, 2016
A glaring omission from Bram Stoker's original book, which I have read, the failure to include the landing in England and the attack on Lucy which took place in the isolated north-east fishing village of Whitby. The town forever since benefiting from this legendary association, it becoming part of the towns folklore as much as it's fish and it's spectacular abbey ruins.
Aside from this unfortunate omission it generally pays faithful homage to the original book. From Jonathon Harker's reason for visit Castle Dracula, his internment, including the graphic eroticism of the 3 sisters (Which outraged the morals of the Victorian polite society when it was published), Renfield's confinement eating flies in a sanatorium, the attacks, the attempt to cure by blood transfusion, the final ending of Lucy in the crypt and the final chase back to Transylvania. They are all original Stoker inventions. A few minor alterations exist, but it is largely all Stoker.
The book is a renowned classic. There is no reason why a film made using a quality cast should fail. It does not fail.
Sadie Frost's debut is outstanding. Terriific performances all round.
½ February 19, 2016
Winona Ryder's performance was hypnotic and passionate! I was intoxicated with her performance
½ February 5, 2016
Another film that's not as good as many people say. Sure, Gary Oldman is a great Dracula and the film looks incredible, and it does a notable job of trying to stay true to the original novel, but except for Dracula and Lucy, all of the characters are uninteresting, Anthony Hopkins in particular plays Van Helsing a little too silly for my taste, I don't need to go over Keanu Reeve's turn as Johnathan Harker, and it just feels too heightened with power in many scenes.
January 30, 2016
Although the use of blood can be too much at time (as well as Keanu Reeves wooden acting), it is the most faithful to the book, and everyone else gives a superb performance- especially Gary Oldman giving an amazing performance as the count himself, which is an Oscar worthy performance.
½ January 6, 2016
Benefiting from Gary Oldman's creepy performance, as well as a tight script, Francis Ford Coppola's take on the classic monster is finely polished and truly frightening.

V: 76%
January 2, 2016
Beautifully conceived, well acted and with an interestingly twisted story, it is totally over the top in the best of way, but i still hesitate to call it Bram Stoker's Dracula as about 30% is made up, drifting from the original of wich it keeps most of the internal structure, though. Some additions betters the flow and intensity of the story but other takes rather than add to its charm. Many vulgar liberties were taken with the characters; Van Helsing turning into an inconsiderate boor and his condemnation of Lucy, along with the major sex pikes thatare definitely not very 1897. Still, a beautiful movie on its own.
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