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November 19, 2018
One of my favourite MCU movies. The plot, the action and the character moments is really great. I do think the movie suffers a little bit from the unnecessary character of Zemo, because he creates loads of story problems.
November 19, 2018
One of the best comic book movies of all time. Anthony and Joe Russo have made a darker look at the superhero with intense action. Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson lead the cast with fantastic performances.
½ November 18, 2018
Impressive superhero epic with complexity, huge action scenes and heart.
November 17, 2018
Awesomeness personified. One of the best Marvel movies ever. That amazing airport fight, one of the best action sequences filmed.
November 15, 2018
Wow! I love this movie. All the fights are great, especially the airport fight.
½ November 14, 2018
While it is easy to get enamored by the action and new side characters, when one focuses on the two protagonists it can become one of the most fulfilling Marvel films.
November 14, 2018
Ummmm, yet another super hero movie about the Marvel universe or whatever.
½ November 12, 2018
It's a great movie!
½ November 9, 2018
It is certainly enjoyable, with engaging themes and a storyline that is solid. However, it suffers from having too-many characters, and should classify itself as an Avengers movie, realistically. It boasts one of the MCU's all-time worst villains, but makes things a little more bearable with the presence of Tom Holland, who debuts as Spider-Man. There are great action sequences, for sure, but it simply feels like the other Avengers movies, and less like a film that stands on its own.
November 6, 2018
This film was great!
November 4, 2018
Best captain America movie I've ever seen airport battle was soooo epic and spider man/tom Holland stole the show 100% certified fresh
November 1, 2018
Robert Downey Jr's exposition-fest drags this one down.
October 29, 2018
The beauty of Captain America: Civil War is the fact that there are no right answers to the dilemmas it brings up. It's all up to what kind of person you are, and it encourages you to make the decisions for yourself instead of trying to be a propaganda piece. Not many movies do that, and who knew that a Captain America movie would?

This is my favorite MCU movie, this is one of my favorite comic book movies, and is an experience to be held at the movies.

½ October 21, 2018
it may have gret action and story, but theres too much talking and politics, and makes me hate Tony, Rhodey, and other great characters
½ October 20, 2018
I hate to say this but this is my least Captain America movies. The war was unnecessary, i just didn't get it. I'm sorry.
½ October 18, 2018
So while I wouldn't call this the best MCU movie featuring the Avengers' characters, it is certainly an awesome and epic film from start to finish. The CGI was phenomenal and the fight scenes were fantastic (though they could've been better if not for the stupid shaky cam). The fight in the airport between all of the characters was epic and stunning in every way and you can't help but marvel (see what I did there?) at the scene's magnificence. Another feature I liked about the film was that it seemed as the though the script was more mature and serious than some of the previous Avengers films. To be honest, I was getting tired of the constant humor and laid-back attitudes that were in the other films (e.g. Avengers 1 -- Like c'mon guys, NYC is getting blown up and people are dying and you're all cracking these dumb jokes in the middle of it?). So that's why I was glad Civil War was more mature, which is NOT to say that the film didn't have jokes. It had humor, but the humor was in MUCH more appropriate places and wasn't so superfluous.

However, this film is not without its flaws - though they are few.

--Spoilers ahead--

One big issue of mine was the fact that so many of the characters seemed incredibly short-sighted and way too driven on emotion rather than reason. Seriously? We've had so many movies building up to the fact that these characters are SUPERheroes who should be above succumbing to simple guilt/revenge emotions. But not just the superheroes, I'm also talking about the brain capacity of the civilians
Examples: The civilians who are mad at the Avengers claim they are angry because their loved ones were hit in the crossfire. Can we take a step back and examine what would've happened if the Avengers HADN'T stepped in? Oh that's right: humanity would be enslaved under either Loki or Shield/Hydra -- or worse, humanity would've been destroyed by Ultron!!! Now granted, it is true that Stark created Ultron, so the lady in the beginning's woes are somewhat substantiated - same with Zemo's. However, in virtually every other situation, if the Avengers hadn't gotten involved, the planet would be in a MUCH worse condition. So to those who are angry at the Avengers for the loss of their loved ones, this is what I have to say: yes it sucks that you lost loved ones in the crossfire, but guess what: the alternative ending to those situations would've been much worse had the Avenger not been there! Why could the writers not understand this simple fact?

My next example is Stark (specifically at the end): Dude, what the fuck. You're supposed to be a SUPER hero. Yeah, that sucks that Bucky killed your parents, but how the fuck is killing Bucky - who you KNOW had his head fucked with - going to satisfy your revenge? You know damn well it was all Hydra's doing, so why take it out on Bucky? Hell, Stark even says "I don't care" when Cap explains the experiments that Hydra conducted on Bucky. Like wtf????? How the fuck are you supposed to convince me you're fighting for a noble cause when your actions lack any solid reasoning and are purely fueled by the revenge emotion? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU IGNORE FACTS THAT PROVE YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE FEELING REVENGE!!!

My next problem is Cap and Bucky: WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL EVERYONE THAT BUCKY WASN'T THE ASSASSIN LIKE THE SECOND YOU GUYS FIRST GOT ARRESTED??? Yeah, they might not have believed you, but the key word is MIGHT. And to add to that, when has CAPTAIN AMERICA ever exhibited qualities of that of a repetitive liar??? So if Cap were to make the unexpected claim that Bucky was innocent of the bombing, there is a good chance that he would've been believed. BOTH Cap and Bucky waited insanely long to tell the others that Bucky was innocent of the Vienna bombing and it drove me nuts.

Another problem: The ending fight ends rather abruptly with a weak resolution or end to any major dilemma -- Bucky still lives, and now iron man doesn't have a suit.... its like: "Was that all the fight was about?" Because if so, it seems that the motivation for the fight was weak to begin with - what the hell was even achieved during that ending fight? What dilemma was resolved? Just a good amount of punches and suddenly everyone is ok with each other? The fact that it was only to save/kill Bucky and not some bigger/more important reason made the fight seem a bit shallow as a whole, especially since Stark's motivation was weak and can be countered with simple reasoning. However, I guess you could argue that this fight symbolizes Cap's parting from the official Avengers as he leaves Tony and drops his shield.

My last issue with the film is my biggest one:
Zemo's plan: So let's get this straight, Zemo's objective was to kill the Avengers to quench his thirst for revenge, but in the end he only gets TWO OF THE AVENGERS TO FOLLOW HIM TO THE SECRET LOCATION. Did he forget about all of the other Avengers like Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk, Vision, and scarlet witch????
Let's assume that Cap and Iron Man end up killing each other: Ummm what about the others??? Hawkeye, Falcon, and Scarlet witch are all locked up and can't go anywhere. Not to mention the fact that no one knows where Thor and Hulk are. So how are you supposed to kill them? Heck, WAS Zemo even planning to kill the others??? Since Zemo was about to commit suicide in the end, it's evident he was satisfied with only Cap and Iron Man's death, which hardly makes sense considering THERE WERE MULTIPLE AVENGERS IN SOKOVIA. So why is he satisfied with only the deaths of Cap and Iron Man????

Whatever.... Even though the film had some annoying and easily avoidable inconsistencies and problems, it was still a kickass film. I did thoroughly enjoy it. 4/5
Oh and by the way, #TeamCap all the way.
October 15, 2018
I understand completely why this a captain America movie but for me this should be an avengers film. Then have a third and final captain America film to kill him off before avengers 4. Anyhow superb film loved it.
October 15, 2018
This movie is SOOO FUCKING AMAZING!!!! One of the best movies ever made. I was definitely team America when I went to see it. Captain America: Civil War is an amazing and fantastic masterpiece that everyone should see.The action was awesome. Everyone in this movie was great. The acting was perfect. It was great to see Spider-man in this movie. Everything in Captain America: Civil War was great. Couldn't have been any better. This movie will always be one of the greatest.
October 15, 2018
A great film that provides a climax in the series and is a perfect fit in with the other films.
½ October 13, 2018
One of the best Marvel films, brimming with tension as two conflicting ideologies force iconic heroes to justifiably take up arms against one another.
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