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October 15, 2016
Had to listen to the last :45 min from the back of the theater cause the cinematography made me nauseated.
October 13, 2016
One of the best movies I saw all year ! Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and he delivers again an amazing performance !

I saw the movie again one year later and I can say it is just as good , the intensity of the movie is palpable and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats ... it is one of those stories you just hope will never happen to you.
October 11, 2016
Watched it. Wouldn't expect, but very action intense and touching near the end.
½ October 2, 2016
Tom Hanks excellent as usual, the ending scene after he's saved is one of his best IMHO
½ September 23, 2016
hmmm. Works well on the ship. Loses it when they 'up the stakes' and go off on a different direction.
September 18, 2016
Captain Philips is a harrowing, well-acted, and even-handed biopic.
September 17, 2016
Amazing, intense, terrifying, and just downright emotional.
September 16, 2016
Captain Phillips was a great piece of film making no doubt. Tom Hanks makes you cry with the ending that sticks with you.
½ September 16, 2016
Captain Phillips is a pulse-pounding thriller, based on the true story of the hijacking that took place in 2009, when four Somali pirates boarded an American cargo ship captained by Richard Phillips; who then took him hostage. The incomparable Tom Hanks stars as the aforementioned captain, and his engaging, determined performance helps sell the peril him and his crew are going through and you simply can't take your eyes off of him when he's given his moments to shine! The actors who play the pirates all make their film debut here and literally steal the show from Hanks in their terrifying portrayals of desperate, impoverished men who are forced into a life of crime due to their country's economic status. Barkhad Abdi plays the leader of this group of pirates in a break-out performance that commands your attention and the fact that he can go toe-to-toe with Tom Hanks in his very first film, is saying something indeed. The first half is a tense, close-quarters, siege-film with clever use of close-angles, and believable team-work between Captain Phillips and his crew trying to best their attackers. The second half is a hostage situation with Phillips being taken off of his ship and into a claustrophobic lifeboat among the vile pirates. This truly is an exceptional film, directed masterfully by Paul Greengrass and though it may have stretched the facts a tad, it holds nothing back in entertainment value and I was thrilled throughout!
½ September 16, 2016
Captain Phillips is directed by Paul Greengrass, and it stars Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi in a biographical survival thriller film about a bunch of Somali pirates going over to Captain Phillips's ship take over and hold for ransom, and takes Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) as hostage in a lifeboat with the pirates. I've seen Paul Greengrass's work on films like United 93 and the Bourne sequels that has Matt Damon involved in it, and I remember enjoying them. So I was looking forward to this film, and I really enjoyed it a lot. Tom Hanks gave a wonderful performance to this, and he's a great choice for the main character as he looks a bit like him and that he's always a talent to be with. The actors who played the pirates were fantastic too as it's their first acting role, and the fact that they have to be intimidating against Tom Hanks and succeed, is really something. It does take its time with the hijack, which is good as you don't whether that'll be the time for it or not as their were some moments where the pirates attempted to hijack the ship. The movie gets really tense whether it be the attempted hijacking, or being in a lifeboat with a gun to Phillips's head. The writing by Billy Ray is really good at showing both sides of what they have to go through to be in the situation, and enough characterization of the main character and the leader of the pirate that you want the main character to get out of the situation and understand what leader is going through which you probably feel a bit pity for them. The last minutes of the film really shines in terms of Tom Hank's career that you've seen one of his best moments, while also giving a fantastic emotionless performance from Danielle Albert that has a reason why she acted like that if you've seen the film. The only issue that I have with it, is that the middle can be a bit boring at times, but that's me trying to find problems with it as I really enjoyed Captain Phillips for the way it's shotted in a bit of a documentary style, great acting, and is really smart that is one of Paul Greengrass's greats.
½ September 14, 2016
He should stay in shrimp business.
September 10, 2016
Nicely directed, well casted, the film was gripping & suspenseful.
September 1, 2016
It keeps you entertained
August 30, 2016
The film is executed in a way that is all too rare. With dynamic characters who you care about and emotions that are very real. The tension in the film is raw. The interaction between Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi is fascinating to watch. I wish more movies were like this.
August 28, 2016
I was quite looking forward to this film before i sat down to watch it. Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks depicting a true story, could this be the next Apollo 13?? At first i was hopeful, the film quickly got to Hanks being at sea on the boat with Pirates on the way to him. The ships crew trying to keep the pirates at bay was a tense scene and i was hoping this would continue. Unfortunately from here the tenseness took a back seat and it was more of a personal story between the pirate captain and Hanks' captain. This was especially true when the pirates enter the life raft and what was almost half of the films run time was then spent in this confined space with not much happening. There is one scene near the end where it just seemed endless as the action just went round and round with the pirates not trusting the US Navy and the Navy not trusting the pirates. For me the film could have been better paced with more action and less conversations between the navy and the pirates.
½ August 27, 2016
One of the most natural, heart-stopping, and claustrophobic true stories, let alone true hostage crises, ever put on film!
August 21, 2016
If that movie is any indication of the real event then I am sorry to say that was the most bizarre and incompetent military operation ever ! The USA spent 10 of Millions to negotiate with essentially a rag tag group of kids.
½ August 18, 2016
It left me wanting more.
½ August 17, 2016
Hanks just brings it.
August 17, 2016
I've heard more interesting messages on answering machines than Tom Hanks lines as Captain Phillips.
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