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Formulaic comfort food for the teen crowd.



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Television director Andy Cadiff turns toward feature films to direct the romantic comedy Chasing Liberty, which appears to be loosely based on the 1953 Audrey Hepburn classic Roman Holiday. Mandy Moore stars as Anna Foster, the 18-year-old daughter of President of the United States James Foster (Mark Harmon). Anna has led quite a privileged life, but she has grown to resist the constant presence of Secret Service agents getting in the way of her independence. While on a family trip to Europe, Anna manages to get away from security for a brief time. She inevitably falls into the romantic arms of British boy Ben Calder (Matthew Goode), with whom she enjoys a fresh and clean European vacation. Not wanting to ruin her fun, she doesn't tell him about her upper-class social status. But, alas, Ben surprises her with a secret identity of his own. Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra play two Secret Service agents. Caroline Goodall plays the wise, conventional First Lady.

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Mandy Moore
as Anna Foster
Matthew Goode
as Ben Calder
Jeremy Piven
as Alan Weiss
Annabella Sciorra
as Cynthia Morales
Mark Harmon
as President James Foster
Beatrice Rosen
as Gabrielle
Stark Sands
as Grant Hillman
Tony Jayawardena
as White House Guard
Briony Glassco
as Photo Mother
Grant Hillman
as Stark Sands
Lewis Hancock
as Press Secretary
Garrick Hagon
as Secretary of State
Jan Goodman
as National Security Advisor
Lily Tello
as Photo Daughter 1
Robert Ashe
as Chief Of Staff
Tyla Barnfield
as Photo Daughter 2
Caroline Goodall
as Michelle Foster
Brian Caspe
as Agent In Club
Lewis Hagon
as Secretary Of State
Marek Vasut
as Drunk Man In Bar
Petr Meissel
as Man At Train Station
Zac Benoir
as Chairman Of The Joint Chief Of Staff
Maurizio Dal Corso
as Italian Waiter
Joseph Long
as Eugenio
Jan Vosmik
as Farmer's Son 1
Lucie Liskova
as Drunk Girl in Club
Jan Filipensky
as Farmer's Son 2
Frantisek Cerný
as Marquis De Sade Band
Milan Cimfe
as Marquis De Sade Band
Petr Vanek
as Gen X-er No. 1
Pavel Karlik
as Marquis De Sade Band
David Maj
as Gen X-er No. 2
Jeremy Healy
as Himself
Joel Sugerman
as Onlooker At The River
Dusan Fager
as Partier No. 1
Zdenek Hamouz
as Weiss's New Partner
Nial Iskhakov
as Austrian Child
Dennison Betram
as Partier #2
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  • Jun 23, 2011
    The best 'president daughter' type of film that I've seen. This puts 'First Daughter' to shame. Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode make an adorable couple and I really enjoyed the whole story line despite knowing what the end would be like.
    Bethany M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 09, 2010
    This is a Romantic Comedy that contains a predictable romance plot and is only occasionally funny. It's worth a matinee price at best, and I'd really recommend saving it for a rental. Better yet, just catch it when it eventually airs on TV. If you're a teenage girl, a Mandy Moore fan, or someone who loves cute romantic comedies no matter how cheesy or predictable they are, then you'll probably enjoy this. If you're a guy, then please don't see this alone. If your significant other wants to see it, then make sure and tell her that she "owes you" and then quietly enjoy watching Mandy Moore for a couple of hours.
    Mouhannad S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 27, 2010
    Anna Foster has no personality. All I can infer from the past hour and fifty minutes is that she whines, fishes for compliments, and all-around fails at actually taking care of herself. Still, Matthew Goode is rather luscious candy for the eyes and ears. He even gets one of those wildly romantic declarations of love with Britishisms like "adored" and "un-bloody-hinged."
    Alice S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 09, 2010
    <i>"Every family has a rebel. Even the First Family."</i> Anna Foster has never had an ordinary life. At eighteen years old, she is the most protected girl in America; she is the First Daughter... <center><font size=+2 face="Century Schoolbook"><b><u>REVIEW</u></b></font></center> One wonders if the makers of this film didn't ever find out another movie about the same subject was also being released at about the same time as this one, "First Daughter". Obviously, this is a film targeted to young girls who will, without a doubt, love it. Andy Cadiff, its director, doesn't add anything new to the formula these movies follow and the result, while not unpleasant, leaves us with a feeling we have seen it all before. The film becomes a great travelogue where Anna, the daughter of the American president escapes from Prague with a young man she has met and seems to like. They are supposed to go to Berlin, but obviously, they take the train going south and end up in Venice! Oh well, leave it to the creators of the movie to take the cute Anna all over the continent trying to find herself. Mandy Moore is a young actress that could do better. One hopes she is not typecast into these young girl she seems to play. The others in the movie do an adequate job. The film best asset the great exteriors one sees throughout the length of the movie.
    Lorenzo v Super Reviewer

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