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Two women from China journey to Toronto to seek new lives, only to discover that things weren't quite what they expected in this satiric drama. Jesse (Diana Peng) is a rather naive young woman who has come to Canada to attend college. Camille (Shirley Cui) has come to Toronto to visit her recently emigrated husband, but the visit seems cursed from the start; he dies in a car wreck on the way to the airport, and she learns that he was planning to ask for a divorce anyway, as he'd become involved with another woman. Trying to make sense of the situation, Camille becomes involved with a man she meets, though things get complicated when she becomes pregnant. North America isn't treating Jesse much better; she falls into an affair with one of her professors but doesn't learn until after he has seduced her that he's married. Financially stressed, Jesse moves out of her dorm and into an apartment in order to save money, but her new roommate uses her in a variety of strange games in order to rise up the university ladder. Eventually, Jesse and Camille get to know each other and fall into a romantic relationship. Director Qi Chang also starred under the name Shirley Chang. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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woah, sunday morning and my weekend plan is still untouched: [list][*]"complete my article on olympic wushu/berkeley cmat" - all i did is found the tape where i have the interviews of bryant fong and cui yahui and organize the pics i collected from several sources.[*]"see a friend from spain probably tomorrow night" - shame on me, i received two calls from him but did not reply, i didn't feel like going to the city last night, instead i stayed home watching DVD's. I will have to give him some lame excuse next week.[*]"organize my apartment" - ha, this is like a joke, i only have two big boxes left and 3/4 of shelf furniture to organize, still i don't do it...[*]oh, and the activity score ended skate 4 - wushu ZERO :([/list]so on the movies side, i watched two interesting independent movies, hard to rate though, one is [u]chinese chocolate[/u] made in canada mostly with chinese actors that is supposed to explore sexuality of chinese women living in the west, but to me what it really does is highlight the aweful situations that inmigrants have to go thru, in this case, women. I can relate perfectly to those stories becuase i have been friends with chinese inmigrants in all the countries i have lived, so i have seen stories and met people like the ones shown in the movie and even worse than that. another of the DVD's i saw was an independent, more on the experimental side, korean movie called [u]301/302[/u]... domestic violence and psychological problems or effects shown under strong symbolism of food, story is told in dissorder with a lot of flashbacks. last DVD, a hongkonese production called "men in their fortys (nan ren si shi)" but just found out in english is called "[u]july rhapsody[/u]" hehe... oh man, this movie tells the story of a guy at 40 being teased by a highschool 17 y.o. girl... no comments! the guy is married and has two kids, has also some wicked past stories with his wife and they are revealed to their older son... interesting movie, but can be a bit hard for those who are getting closer to 40 and like young girls ;). [center][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][/center] the girl happens to be the very realistically cute karena lam, the same one who acted in that leslie cheung movie "inner senses", the man is a very convincing jackie cheung. okay, let the sunday continue...

Emilio Alpanseque
Emilio Alpanseque

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