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May 15, 2017
This movie had little reason to exist. I won't waste my time on this miserable excuse for a Star Wars movie and just leave it at you shouldn't waste an hour and a half on this turd and go watch the TV series, it's much better.
May 10, 2017
Obvioussly not as great as the animated serise,it still brings some ok moments. And the creators at least were trying to make it a nice film for the family.
May 3, 2017
Yeah, it's pretty cheesy, but at least it kick-started a GREAT tv series.
½ May 1, 2017
I would say not the best movie I would say clone wars is not related to the live-action serious
½ April 29, 2017
Whoever wrote this script needs to take a basic screenwriter course. Seriously, the dialog is awful.
April 7, 2017
This odd little chapter in the theatrical Star Wars universe is confusing, poorly animated, lazily voiced and largely unnecessary. However, I can't understand the rounded hatred for it. There are some cool battle scenes (mountainside), fun use of prominent characters, and the individual-mission-based spirit of the "Clone Wars" show is fully present. Is it great? No...but it's still better than just about everything from the prequels.
½ April 1, 2017
Not a very good pilot, and not a very good movie either. Hopefully the show is better than this.
½ March 18, 2017
Love series, hate movie
½ March 16, 2017
I'm going to be honest, I enjoyed this animated movie, and I think it's better than the first two star wars prequels. The animation is pretty good, and the action isn't boring. While some of the new characters needed more development, they manage to be entertaining. The plot is dumb, but at least it isn't boring.
½ March 4, 2017
This is a bad star wars film, wich is not a part of the Prequel-trilogy.
February 26, 2017
Although it is unfortunate, this movie is awful, it diminishes how great the actual TV show is. This movie feels thrown together for money and is worse than the prequels, managing to have worse characters, and an awful story that feels like it didn't even need to be shown in a movie. Ironically, this movie is thrown together, George Lucas told the guys making the TV show to throw together two episodes and mash them together to create a movie, and it really shows.
January 28, 2017
Very poor animation and bland story telling that is on par with the prequel trilogy's problems.
January 23, 2017
This movie is terrible. There is no more to say.
½ January 21, 2017
A long time ago in a living room far, far away...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because the space between Episode II and III had interesting story potential and because George Lucas wanted more money following the prequel trilogy. We kick off the original stand-alone Star Wars movie (albeit animated) with a narration over b-roll replacing the opening crawl, and then we get (wait for it), a boring political scene that's relevant to the plot, but it doesn't bring the story to a screeching halt, and instead of long discussion, we meet up with Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) and Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter, who proves not be be robotic like Hayden Christensen, but in fact, full of character, one of the ways this is better than the whole prequel trilogy put together). They lead a battle that gets set up in two episodes of the show this movie launches, aired six months, then 19 months later. When the Separatist army falls back, Obi-Wan and Anakin get their supplies from a ship they sent off before the battle, and along with the new supplies comes Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein), who was assigned to Anakin as his padawan learner, continuing a master-apprentice line that started with Count Dooku, who taught Qui-Gon, who taught Obi-Wan, who taught Anakin as best he can. This movie alone does a better job of showing those two as friends and Anakin as the man Obi-Wan would describe to Luke in A New Hope, but that's a different discussion. The plot moves quickly (this was supposed to be four TV episodes before George Lucas decided on a theatrical release), going from Christophsis to Teth, Tatooine, and Coruscant telling the story of Jabba the Hutt's son who got taken. Jabba doesn't know who it was, he doesn't know what they want. He has a particular lack of skills, and instead of looking for them and finding them, Jabba hires bounty hunters, then the Republic. It's lower stakes than the other Star Wars movies, but again, four episodes converted to movie. They tell it great, and we get better development of Anakin in this movie alone than the prequels, and the show that followed really helps too. What they meant well in, but failed to do was animate the characters decently. The action in lightsaber duels, space battles, and ground battles were great to look at, but the characters look unforgivably stiff in close up shots. I won't dwell on that, because it was a primitive, new system of animation. What I can forgive for being different though is Kevin Kiner's soundtrack, which does its job right throughout, and is used appropriately. The humor also works well, and the way the clones and battle droids are humorous is a great contrast to humans vs. machines: the clones are funny when they're listening to Ahsoka's story and when some make good one-liners, but when droids do an action that evokes laughter, you get a sense of how bumbling and incompetent they are. It seems to undermine their legitimacy as a threat at first, but they still do plenty of damage to the clones to remind us why they're taken as a threat. Overall, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as the original stand-alone Star Wars movie (featuring Anakin Skywalker from the movies, contributing to the Skywalker saga) does its job by launching the TV show that followed and giving us a better Anakin Skywalker than any of the prequels ever did. Hayden Christensen was coarse, rough, and irritating, and he showed personality nowhere. Not Matt Lanter, he was the opposite of that: energetic, entertaining, and showing personality at every turn.
To kick off the first ever CGI Star Wars TV show, what does George Lucas do? He has what was originally planned as a story arc for the TV show released in theaters as a movie. As a Star Wars fan, I didn't see any problem with an animated film or TV show. As a fan of animation, I think that early on it may take getting used to, but looks amazingly realistic after a while. The plot centers around the kidnapping of Jabba the Hutt's son Rotta, which still makes for a nice story, even if it's a small one in a massive fictional universe of Jedi and Sith, etc (I could go on all day about things like that, but I won't here). There are rather familiar characters like Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Commander Cody, with new ones like the clone Captain Rex, and Anakin's new padawan, Ahsoka Tano (voice of Ashley Eckstein). Most of the voice acting is done by lesser known actors such as James Arnold Taylor, Matt Lanter, Dee Bradley Baker, Nika Futterman, etc (Again, I could go on all day, but won't). These are actors who provide cartoon voices. I think they're cool, but there are three well-knowns: Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, and Anthony Daniels, as Mace Windu, Count Dooku, and C-3PO, reprising prior Star wars roles (Thank the maker Hayden Christianson didn't return for Anakin). John Williams is credited for the original Star Wars themes, but Kevin Kiner did a fine job with new ones, and injecting older ones. The droids are made to be more humorous, making for humorous dialogue, but in the end, The Clone Wars is just the start of a larger series. The force wasn't that strong with the first two prequels, but certainly is stronger here.
½ January 21, 2017
Star Wars the clone wars tv show is, god awful, in my opinion it's one of the worst TV shows ever made, thank Christ this tv show is over, I hope they never continue making this because this TV show is so awful it makes me want to kill myself, all the episodes are bad and the animation Jesus Christ this is probably one of the worst animation I've ever seen in quite a while, don't watch it, it's even as awful as the Star Wars movie prequel's all three of the Star Wars prequels are awful, well except revenge of the Sith.
January 14, 2017
A great introduction to the TV Show, but lacks as a stand alone film. This could have easily been cut into seperate episodes rather than a full-length film.
January 14, 2017
Greattach movie andownload fantastic series
½ January 10, 2017
There's a lot of back story in these cartoons but that's the problem, it's a damn cartoon geared towards little freaking kids man!

Did no one at Lucasfilm mention to George that it was a freaking stupid idea to make these garbage cartoons?
December 26, 2016
Loved this series. Fun, entertaining, and did a great job of fleshing out the worlds of the galaxy. Even in some of it's campy way, I fell in love with the characters. It is my series of choice when working on my cosplay designs!
December 20, 2016
This is not the film you are looking for.
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