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February 22, 2018
Compliance's underlying humanism and political conscience lift it beyond being a macho endurance test.
March 22, 2013
Well as the film is performed, particularly by Dowd as the manager attempting to make order out of chaos, you can scarcely credit what happens.
March 21, 2013
Zobel's feature film brings out the creepy, banal horror of this culminating event, and the awful contemporary insights.
February 26, 2013
A riveting, horrifying film, shot through with beautifully observed moments of unwelcome truth.
January 8, 2013
Compliance is one of the toughest sits of the movie year 2012. But it's an uncompromising and, in its way, honorable drama built upon a prank call that goes on and on, getting worse and worse for the people on the other end of the line.
September 23, 2012
The point of Compliance, which caused walkouts and shouting matches when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is how we are programmed to do things that go against our natural instincts as long as we believe we have the law on our side.
September 22, 2012
There's the adage that life is nasty, brutish and short. It's even worse when you're half-naked and locked in a supply room with your boss.
September 6, 2012
This is one insistent film, more evocative of human behavior than movies that take fewer risks ever could be.
August 31, 2012
Like a John Hughes movie hijacked by Roman Polanski, this troubling indie effort lays bare the sadomasochism of the American workplace.
August 30, 2012
A disturbing, fact-based look at the ways in which people can be bullied into bowing to the demands of authority figures.
August 30, 2012
Zobel, a second-time feature filmmaker, has put together a skillful, sympathetic but unsparing re-enactment of a small-scale atrocity, and his cast plays it out with natural, understated performances.
August 30, 2012
Zobel's masterful direction and screenplay heighten the distress of authority figures possessing unseen persuasion over naive employees, exposing a disturbing and haunting look at what some workers are willing to do in order to follow orders.
August 30, 2012
This is a well-made film, with plausible performances by all the leads, especially Ann Dowd. We feel we know people like this.
August 24, 2012
Fails its first test, which is that the audience believe every word of it.
August 23, 2012
We feel like gutless witnesses to a crime.
August 23, 2012
That the thriller is based on real incidents only magnifies its effect.
August 23, 2012
One watches in horrified fascination, and a greater horror comes when one realizes that, placed in the same kind of situation, one might react in the same way.
August 23, 2012
A harrowing, gut-wrenching fable about power and authority that shows that even the most well-adjusted, ordinary person could be tempted to degrade and dehumanize their neighbor.
August 23, 2012
Too condescending to be trusted, too manipulative to be believed, too turgid to be enjoyed, too shameless to be endured and, before and after everything else, too inept to make its misanthropic case.
August 23, 2012
There is a level of stupidity displayed by the people in this movie that beggars belief. Their behavior is to stupidity as the Death Star is to a doughnut.
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