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½ January 5, 2017
Dark Tide is a sub par film. It is about a professional diver tutor who returns to deep waters after 1 year, following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark. Hallie Berry and Olivier Martinez give terrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. John Stockwell did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.
½ January 3, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ September 5, 2016
2016-09-05 ok, kind of predictable, stupid ego-based decisions get people killed (duh)
November 10, 2015
I must agree with some people here. The movie was not that great, its not the worst movie ever but it's not that great. It's kind of boring , not really good acting , considering the actors involved , the only good part about tbis movie was the beautiful underwater scenes with the sharks. So for this not being a good movie and was missing a few elements to it maybe thats why it felt to deliver, I give " Dark Tide " a D.
½ November 6, 2015
Expected more sharks and more scary attacks, it wasn't until the end things started to happen.
½ April 11, 2015
what a piece of crap! I H.B. how low can you go?
½ September 29, 2014
Halle Berry and Stockwell has a conversation that they will make a generic shark thriller while they're drunk.
September 20, 2014
Much better than its given credit for. The cinematography is excellent, and this is genuine great white shark diving (not CGI). Put it this way, this film has a better plot and film making than Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, and that got 60%.
½ July 25, 2014
you do not want to get in to this one.
July 19, 2014
terror runs deep when a renowned shark expert attempts to recover from a tragic diving mishap by taking a wealthy businessman swimming with the deep sea predators, only to get stranded in a dangerous feeding ground known as "Shark Alley"
June 14, 2014
It was good but boring
½ May 29, 2014
One of the good shark movies ... real shark footage is used (like in The Reef). The story itself is a bit flat and the main protagonists do not always convince ... but who cares? At least it is not another over the top, blood-thirsty stupid shark movie.
April 4, 2014
Terrible plot. Frustrating characters. Probably the worst movie I've ever seen.
½ February 17, 2014
2 1/2 stars!

It was okay! A good realistic perception of sharks!
Halle Berry is perfect as always!
February 16, 2014
I stuck with this thinking surely the excitement will arrive soon. Unfortunately the most exciting scene happens in the first 5 minutes. It's all down hill from there. You watches flashes of light, the screen goes black and you glimpse a seal. Not even Halle berry in a bikini made this exciting. That's 2 hours I'll never get back!
January 9, 2014
This movie is so so so bad!
December 26, 2013
Awful movie, boring to the death
November 17, 2013
God bless Berry she dosnt half pick them!!! This adds to her dire resume after her oscar win. Catwoman, The call etc and here is another one. This looks rather nice but its badly acted and the cast ae just a mess. Its dire.....................
½ November 4, 2013
Too confusing. Halle Berry's character not very likable. Flimsy and outrageous plot.
November 4, 2013
No Substance & Not Even A "So Bad It's Good" Factor To Laugh At..The Computer Animated Sharks & The Rickety Old Boat Were The Best Perforned Pieces..The Rest? Bin It! No Stars..Nada.
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