Dead Bang Reviews

August 21, 2015
It's clear immediately that Dead Bang, written by Robert Foster and directed by John Frankenheimer, isn't looking to reinvent the wheel in terms of its narrative...
January 6, 2015
A film that maybe could only be more absurd if Woody Allen played the Don Johnson role.
March 24, 2007
February 18, 2007
March 5, 2006
John Frankenheimer was unhappy with the way the studio cut this one, but it remains a competent, watchable action-thriller. Most memorable for a scene where Don Johnson's hungover cop pukes on a suspect.
August 9, 2005
July 16, 2005
November 7, 2003
June 7, 2003
An excitable but mawkish misfire by action-oriented filmmaker Frankenheimer. A vehicle designed to capitalize on Johnson's roguish appeal simply results in a dead bang.
January 29, 2003
September 17, 2002
the lowest point in John Frankenheimer's career
July 25, 2002
Entirely standard cop fare. And Don Johson is the cop.