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January 19, 2019
A part of the audience didn't like what they saw.
½ January 18, 2019
This movie has no Direction at all. He has a few accusations at Trump with no real proof but the intro about Gwen Stefani is pretty funny. But the rest of the movie is about non related things and Nazi propaganda from the 30s. He goes over the Michigan water supply, he blames Trump winning on Bernie Sanders being robbed by Hillary, he takes edited snippets from rallies to call Trump a racist and mostly he makes every attempt to attack the electoral college. Many of his movies have been although liberally slanted have still been good, this one seems over emotional, lacking in substance and rushed. He seems absolutely desperate to make Trump Hitler reborn.

Now Disclosure I don't agree with Trumps border policy, I think his SEC chief is a moron and much of his cabinet is a dumpsterfire but when it comes to political movies I can be more demanding than usual I thought Ben Steins movie about Creationism was utter crap, but I think this might actually be worse.
½ January 17, 2019
michael moore is a professional liar, even worse than trump. he has been caught numerous times splicing video and audio together to concoct false speeches that never existed to prop up his sensationalism and propaganda
½ January 15, 2019
alarming. scary. stuck with me for days. angered me. well done documentary (1 viewing)
January 15, 2019
What kind of stream-of-consciousness mess was this?!?! It was all over the place. The beginning was very engaging, I'll admit. But then it just wandered. It covered Flint; it bashed the DNC; it covered the school shooting in Florida; I think it circled back to Flint again; the teacher strikes... probably some other issues as well. Then it closes with comparing Trump to Hitler, which is a reach and a half, especially since none of the issues covered in this film were caused by Trump. He was just describing the environment that made Trump possible, then leaps to Trump being the next Hitler. Wow. The individual topics could have made interesting documentaries on their own. Instead, they were meshed together. It had potential, but the concept was just poor.
½ January 15, 2019
Proof that telling the same lies over and over again they still aren't true
January 14, 2019
Another brilliant documentary from the master Progressive filmmaker Michael Moore. He covers a lot of ground on varying issues, and it's not just Trump and the Republicans that he skewers, as he goes after the Democrats' power elite as well. Plenty of fascinating archival footage, much of which I've never seen before. When my "blood starts to boil" watching a movie and I get tons of anxiety, I know I'm watching something that's quite special.
January 14, 2019
I get it. Our government sucks.
½ January 11, 2019
total load of bollocks
½ January 11, 2019
Absolute asinine of a movie.
January 10, 2019
What separates this documentary from the year's best documentary (Won't You Be My Neighbor) is you leave one hopeful and optimistic about humanity while leaving the other depressed and hopeless.

If Moore's goal here was to drive home that we've gotten what we deserved, consider this film a success.
January 9, 2019
Hilarious, Terrifying, Hopeful and necessary. An absolute must see
January 5, 2019
Perhaps rotten tomatoes needs to re-evaluate how they process reviews. Top critics writing for papers with an established bias against left-leaving films are at the forefront, despite the critic review being over 80%. This on top of the fact that some reviews are marked as splats, when a thorough reading reveals that while problems in the documentary are pointed out in the beginning, the overall take away from the writer is that they would still recommend the film.
Also, Audience reviews on the first page are all positive, despite the apparent consensus that it has a 57% from audiences. A look into the reviews shows plenty of single-line, grammatically poor entries that don't state anything about the film, including at least one single star review calling it garbage that was posted before the movie was even available to watch at film festivals.
I have to also assume 'not interested' & 'interested' votes count like reviews, even though expressed interest, or a lack of, is NOT the same as seeing a film & having an opinion on the content.

Jeez, RTs... TF are you doing?

Oh, & I did actually watch the film. It isn't as tightly constructed as other documentaries I've seen on similar topics, but it is a worthwhile & moving piece that, rather than serving as propaganda, calls out the establishment across the board, taking down Republicans & Democrats alike. The research presented in the film is real & verifiable.

RT needs to get it's sh!t together & stop counting trolls & interest votes as legitimate audience scores.
½ January 4, 2019
Nice beginning of the week. I think I have a lot of things to learn after watching it... watched using boxxy software app on my android phone. For free.
January 3, 2019
What a terrific documentary. This should be a must see for students across the country.
January 3, 2019
Contrary to a number high profile bad reviews, saying the film is "too little, too late", I found it to be highly revealing of the politics behind the past few years of Trump headlines. There's a level of depth of research here that is unquestionably Moore's signature work. Even if you've watched all the news from all the networks, this one's still worth your time!
January 1, 2019
Very powerful film. I learned a lot about the Flint water issue, the election and so much more. Worth viewing!! Everyone should see this film regardless of your political preferences.
December 30, 2018
Powerful. What scared me most is that I didn't learn anything new. We already know deep down what he, and everyone in this film, is trying to tell us. Perhaps that's why some people found it "trite". It doesn't make it any less important.
December 30, 2018
Now, now Michael, it is unfair to compare number 45 to Hitler. Hitler did serve in the military after all......Reliving 11/09/2016 is heartbreaking and many points in the movie will provoke anger and maybe even despair, but I do believe that the intention of the film to incite emotions that will help us remember we must continue paying attention to what is happening and remain engaged because losing hope and checking out of the democratic process only makes things go from bad to worse.
½ December 30, 2018
A Must See.. Awesome!
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